Road Trip Snacks For Every Diet

May 15, 2018
by Jillian Gordon for Thrive Market
Road Trip Snacks For Every Diet

Bags are packed, the gas tank is full, you’ve set your navigation, and you’re ready to hit the open road. But wait! Have you loaded up on diet-friendly fuel for this epic road trip? Since travel and snacking go hand-in-hand regardless of your dietary needs, we’ve compiled the ultimate itinerary for on-the-road munchies.

Road Trip Snack Tips

Road trips don’t have to mean loading up on junk food at the next gas station. There are tons of healthy (and tasty) snacks you can pack if you plan ahead. Here are a few go-to tips for snacking happy when you’re on the road.

A Family That Snacks Together…

Let everyone in the family select one snack to bring on the trip so there’s plenty to look forward to.

Pack Smart

Limit excess waste and keep snacks packed for freshness with reusable snack bags. These PVC-free, lead-free, and BPA-free wonders will keep your on-the-go eats safe and sound and can be washed and reused along the way.

Keep Your Cool

Temperatures set to rise while you’re on the road? Put your snacks—especially chocolatey ones—on ice in a cooler to prevent melting.

Shop By Your Diet

Paleo? Vegan? Gluten-free? Stick to your diet when you’re traveling by loading up on the foods that work for you ahead of time. Thrive Market makes it easy to shop by your diet, even when it comes to snacks.

Serve Up a Surprise

Traveling with kids? Pack a special “surprise snack” to be eaten when you hit the halfway point to your destination. The anticipation might ward off some “are we there yet?” pestering.

Paleo Road Trip Snacks

These caveman-approved snacks will keep you full, even on long drives.

Mavuno Harvest Mango

Completely organic, this 100% mango, non-GMO snack comes from a rural African farming community, and makes for a tasty, naturally sweet treat. The company is also doing good in some of the poorest communities where it sources its fruit—learn all about it here.

The Real Coconut Golden Curry

You can still enjoy that satisfying crunch of a tortilla chip even if you’re sticking to Paleo diet snacks thanks to this genius brand that uses coconut flour and cassava starch. Best of all, these tasty chips are topped with a sweet and savory blend of exotic spices.

Purely Elizabeth Banana Nut Butter Grain-Free Granola

You better nut leave home without this addictive grain-free, oat-free blend of cashew butter, organic fruit puree, superfood seeds, vanilla, and a sprinkling of salt.

EPIC Bison Bacon Chia Bites

Calling all meat lovers! Jerky gets a major upgrade as natural bison combines with salty bacon, crunchy chia seeds, and sweet raisins for a hearty and healthy low-carb road trip snack.

Thrive Market Organic Turkey Jerky

You’ll want to gobble up our free-range, organic turkey strips, which are marinated in apple cider vinegar, honey, and a blend of spices (and totally free of artificial ingredients).

Vegetarian Road Trip Snacks

Embrace your love of veggies any time of day with these favorite snacks.

Thrive Market Sea Salt Seaweed Snacks

Want a salty, crunchy bite to curb midday hunger? This dry-pressed, nori-based snack checks all the boxes, plus it’s sustainably farmed and only 50 calories per serving.

Back to Nature Fudge Mint Cookies

Cookie craving? You won’t feel guilty about indulging in this chocolatey-mint treat made without additives.

Thrive Market Organic Raw Cashews

A handful of these nutrient-rich, sustainably farmed nuts will deliver a dose of protein, magnesium, and antioxidants.

Newman’s Own Spelt Pretzels

Put a new twist on pretzels with spelt rather than wheat. Not only is the nutty flavor ideal for snacking, but it’s a great choice for those with gluten sensitivities.

Black Sesame Brown Rice Snaps

Oh snap! These vegan crackers pack a punch with organic brown and white rice flour along with crunchy black sesame seeds.

Road Trip Snacks for Vegans

Power your drive, vegan style, with these top picks.

Thrive Market Organic Chocolate Covered Almonds

You might think you’re indulging in a chocolate-coated snack, but these sweet treats also deliver iron, calcium, and fiber.

Good Bites Coconut Brownie Bites

Load up on superfoods with these raw, naturally sweet morsels that combine coconut flakes, maple syrup, cacao powder, and coconut oil.

Maple Bacon Vegan Jerky

Vegans can enjoy jerky, too—especially when it’s made from textured soy protein, spicy paprika, sweet maple syrup, and natural smoke flavor.

Vegan Rob’s Turmeric Supergrain Chips

With pumpkin, algae protein, sprouted brown rice flour, flaxseeds, and turmeric, these chips are supercharged with superfoods.

Natierra Organic Freeze Dried Beets

Nothing “beets” these gluten-free, one-ingredient chips that are perfect for kiddos or adults.

Gluten-Free Road Trip Snacks

Staying gluten-free is easy (yes, even on the road) when your car is stocked with approved bites.

Late July Jalapeno Lime Tortilla Chips

Spice up your grain-free road trip snack with a little jalapeno and zesty lime over organic whole ground corn chips.

Mary’s Organic Super Seed Crackers

You might think we’ve gone crackers, but these gluten-free snacks are packed with good-for-you ingredients like whole grain brown rice, whole grain quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and flaxseeds, and still manage to be totally delicious.

Thrive Market Organic Berry Burst Granola

Go against the grain with a handful of grain-free granola, made with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried berries, sprouted almonds, and sweetened with maple syrup.

Purely Elizabeth Superfood Granola Bar

Raise the bar on your gluten-free road trip snacking with dark chocolate, cashews, sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds, cashew butter, coconut oil, hemp seeds, and coconut sugar all rolled into one rad bar.

Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Cookies

Road trips basically require cookies, and these gluten-free sweet treats, made with rice-buckwheat-millet flour mix, all-natural chocolate chips, and brown cane sugar, will nix your cravings stat!

Road Trip Snacks for Kids

You keep the kiddos entertained, and we’ll take care of the food. Fuel the fun with snacks they’ll love!

Thrive Market Whole Grain Rice Cakes

Let them eat cake (rice cakes, that is)! These wholesome, organic brown rice cakes are the perfect platform for your little one’s’ favorite spreadable treat or to just munch on plain when you’re hitting the road.

Justin’s Almond Butter Squeeze Packs

We’re nuts about portable nut butter snacks, and these squeeze packs serve up just the right amount of creamy almond butter without the mess.

Mamma Chia Cherry Beet Chia Squeeze

Meet your new main squeeze! Kids will love these fun-size pouches of sweet cherry filling. You’ll love the added nutrients of chia seeds and beets.

Clif Bar Kid ZFruit Strawberry Snack

Looking for a healthy alternative to candy for your next family road trip? These organic fruit snacks deliver the same chewy sweetness without refined sugar.

Forager Organic Vegetable Chips

Salty, crunchy, and made with healthy ingredients like kale and fresh pressed greens? We won’t tell your kids they’re eating veggies with these snackable chips if you won’t.

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