Applewood BBQ Mushroom JerkyApplewood BBQ Mushroom Jerky891742002069During their flavor development, Pan's thought they’d stay away from BBQ flavors and release only interesting unique flavors. After they tried this bbq, they quickly changed their mind! Applewood BBQ is sweet, smoky, and has that nice bbq flavor all can enjoy.2.2 oz pouch
Gross - by It did not taste like meat and not like a mushroom, yuck!!
Best Vegan Jerky out there! - by Not only does this jerky have really clean ingredients it’s hands down the best vegan Jerky I’ve ever tasted.
Nice flavor not nice texture - by Just not a fan of mushroom jerky, unfortunatly. I love mushrooms, but when I am eating jerky, I don't want to think I am eating mushrooms.
Smokey Flavor - by Love the smokey flavor
My favorite jerky - by Love them I wish there were more
Pan's Mushroom Jerky
Pan's Mushroom Jerky

Applewood BBQ Mushroom Jerky

2.2 oz pouch$2.55/oz
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