Natural Force: 100% BS-Free Sports Supplements

March 6, 2015
by Ashley Miyasaki for Thrive Market
Natural Force: 100% BS-Free Sports Supplements

The folks at Natural Force sure don't mess around — they've roundhouse kicked all the chemical and artificial junk to the side to bring you pure, organic, and Paleo-approved sports supplements that really work, with ingredients that you don't need a degree in chemistry to understand.

Natural Force supplement History

“Proven To Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels By Up To 800 Percent”

“Shocks Muscles to Mind-Blowing Growth”

“Causes Explosive Gains in Strength — Fast”

Tired of hearing outlandish supplement claims? Looking for something that seems a little more genuine? Justin Quinn and Joseph Rakoski — the founders of Natural Force — were, too. They wondered why sports supplement companies didn’t carry over nutritional values from healthy eating and instill them into their products. And from this sentiment, Natural Force was born: the first line of sports supplements made from naturally powerful, whole foods.

Philosophy of Natural Force

1. Drive change and be different

The folks at Natural Force are iconoclasts of the supplement industry — they make it a point to not just use the same old conventional ingredients as their would-be competitors, but instead, take an entirely new approach to supplement formulation — no vitamin or isolated supplement powders for them.

2.  Keep it simple and raw

Natural Force follows the way of the caveman — adhering to Paleo-friendly principles. What’s more, they keep things simple. You won’t find any fillers, artificial ingredients, or fancy flavorings here. They’re the Hebrew National of sports supplements.

3. Loyalty and Trust

They value customer loyalty above all else — developing a slew of faithful customers by offering a 100-percent money back satisfaction guarantee on all products, with a slogan of “BS FREE”—no bullshit, no marketing hype. Just a great product that works.

4. Never compromise on quality

Sourcing organic, primo-quality ingredients for all products is a top priority for Natural Force. They’ve got a hawks-eye on every step in the ingredient selection and manufacturing processes.

Their Hercules Product: Raw Tea

Raw Tea emerged from a simple desire: Create a clean, natural, pre-workout, free of fancy flavorings, fillers, or chemicals. Since its inception, it has become beloved by hordes of loyal Natural Force customers, for good reason — it’s got a laundry list of benefits that almost seem mythical.

Raw Tea is designed to increase:

  • Energy
  • Muscular endurance
  • Mental focus
  • Vascularity
  • Fat utilization

Do you sometimes feel like you want to pass out in the middle of your workout? Too tired to even contemplate dragging yourself off the couch and to the gym? Maybe some Raw Tea is just what you need! Check out any of Natural Force’s other superfood products, like their Iskiate Endurance or Recovery Nectar.

Photo credit: Paul Delmont

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