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We Put This Small-Batch Raw Honey on Everything and Here’s Why

We’re committed to raising the bar for your favorite pantry essentials—and that includes the irresistible golden superfood, honey. We’ve added three small-batch raw honeys to our Thrive Market branded products line: Non-GMO Avocado Honey, Organic Wildflower Honey, and Organic Creamy Highland Honey.

Raw Probiotic Chocolate Bar Recipe

[schema description]We’re raising the bar. This energizing (and raw!) snack will help you refuel thanks to pantry all-stars like cacao powder, almond butter, maple syrup, plus raw probiotic powder for extra digestive support. Our favorite feature? You can whip up the mix in five minutes flat—just freeze and enjoy!To enjoy the full daily probiotic serving ...

You Won’t Believe What Raw Eating Did for One Woman

Angelica Xavier hadn’t been to the doctor in 10 years. Vegan, active, an avid yogi and runner, Xavier was the picture of clean living—she barely even caught a cold.

Matcha Energy Bites Recipe

[schema description]Hot matcha green tea is one of our favorite pick-me-ups—if you’re a fan, too, you’ll love these flavorful energy bites. They get their emerald color, earthy flavor, and caffeine content from matcha, natural sugars from dates, and healthy fats and protein from almonds and cashews. The combination is sure to put some pep in your step.[/schema]

24 Healthy Raw Food Recipes

According to a New York Times survey, 71 percent of Americans think granola bars are healthy—but only 28 percent of nutrition experts agree.

Neapolitan Smoothie Recipe

[schema description]Why pick one flavor when you can have three? That’s the rationale for many lovers of Neapolitan ice cream—a combination of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors that originated in Italy, likely as an homage to the country’s tricolored flag and famous spumoni dessert. This layered smoothie has the same look, feel, and taste of ...

Peach-Thyme Spa Water Recipe

[schema description]It’s undeniable: sparkling water is just a little fancier than flat. And when it’s infused with juicy peach, tart lemon, and slightly piney thyme, it’s unexpectedly refreshing. You’ll want to kick back with a glass of this spritzer on hot days all summer long.[/schema]

Benefits of Chia Seeds

Tapioca. Boba. Jello. Rice pudding. Mochi.

Raw Paleo Samoas Recipe

Diehard fans of caramel-y, coconutty Samoas eagerly await the day Girl Scout cookies go on sale every spring. While we wouldn’t want to dissuade you from supporting your local troop, these healthier versions area ideal when a craving strikes during the off-season.

15 Different Ways to Use Thrive Market Nuts

There are a handful of universal traits that make certain foods feel extra-special: flavor (obviously), texture, sweetness, and crunch rank high.

Drop Pounds and Fight Inflammation With One Powerful Ingredient

Blueberries can protect against Alzheimer’s disease. Carrots can give you 20:20 eyesight. Fermented foods can calm anxiety. And coconut oil can … do anything.

The Ultimate Recipe for Sweet Toasted Coconut Bars

In my kitchen, it’s all about efficiency. I know the location of every pan, knife, and cutting board, and I often have a couple different dishes going at once.

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