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Trade the New Year’s Diet for These 3 Healthy Tips

Eating healthier is a popular New Year’s resolution, but “healthier” leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Does it mean low-carb, high fat? Eating nothing but plants? Or nothing but meat?

Dietician vs. Nutritionist

Dieticians and nutritionists both use food to help make a difference in people’s lives, but their titles aren’t entirely interchangeable. From certification requirements to unique specialties, we’re looking at the nuances that differentiate these two roles and sharing tips for deciding when and why to work with one.

Keto for Women: 14 Tips and Recipes to Help You Get Results

Diets are never a one-size-fits-all endeavor, and keto is no exception. Many turn to ketogenic meal plans for potential benefits like weight loss, but if you’re a woman who hasn’t found success riding the low-carb, high-protein train yet, you’re not alone. Most of keto’s guidelines are based on research studying only small groups of people ...

Vegan Diet for Beginners: Your Complete Guide

Whether you’re vegan-curious for the first time or freshly embracing this lifestyle with open arms, our complete guide has all the resources you need to get started, maintain your diet, and thrive as a plant-based eater.

11 High Blood Sugar Symptoms, Plus Tips for Boosting Metabolic Health

If the mention of blood sugar makes you think of an elderly relative pricking their finger with a glucose monitor, it’s a common connection to make. (In 2020, 26% of adults over 65 had diabetes.) But high blood sugar isn’t just a concern for diabetics. This wellness marker is important to monitor at every age, ...

Keto vs. Whole30®

In the world of diet trends, keto and Whole30® are often compared. While both programs encourage adopting new eating habits, there are some big differences worth noting before you dive in. If you’re considering either one, read our guide to get helpful tips—and our must-try keto and Whole30® recipes.

7 Spices With Hidden Health Benefits

If you need some extra inspiration to try out new flavors in the kitchen, look no further! Along with adding plenty of delicious flavor, many common spices have incredible health benefits. Read on to learn more about a few spices that will elevate your meals and well-being. 1. Chili pepper If you dig food with ...

Paleo on a Budget: Top Products for Saving Money and Eating Healthy

If you’re excited to embrace your inner caveman—but wondering how it’ll impact your monthly food budget—we’re here to help. Paleo diet rules keep you focused on eating whole foods, less sugar, low carbs, and the right amount of protein. We have a few rules of our own to add—specifically when it comes to shopping. With ...

Keto vs. Atkins

Need to know the difference between keto and Atkins diets? You’re in the right place. These two diets both emphasize a low-carb approach to eating, but they’re not one in the same. Today’s post looks at some nuances between keto vs. Atkins which are worth noting before jumping in.

Keto Shopping List: Groceries, Products & More

Pop quiz: What’s on your keto diet menu plan? If you can’t rattle off all the specifics yet (besides basic categories like healthy fat and lean protein), stick with us. We know you’re pumped to get started with a keto diet—so we’ve got your keto shopping list, plus seven all-star recipes that’ll put your must-have ...

Food Freedom On Whole30®? Melissa Hartwig-Urban Shares How It’s Done

A Whole30® confession: Even when it’s temporary, giving up favorite foods is hard. If you’re struggling your way through the program (and missing bean and cheese burritos), we’re here to help! According to co-founder Melissa Hartwig-Urban, the secret to a successful program is all in your mindset, and here’s her take. “The way I think ...

Dr. David Perlmutter Helps Detox Your Mind in “Brain Wash”

Have you given much thought to brain health? Dr. Perlmutter is the author of Brain Wash: Detox Your Mind for Clearer Thinking, Deeper Relationships, and Lasting Happiness, which offers science-backed strategies to support your brain. “Your lifestyle choices are fundamentally important to determining the destiny of your brain,” he says. If you’re struggling to get ...

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