Sugar Swap: 5 Healthy Dessert Recipes

May 3, 2019
by Lily Comba for Thrive Market
Sugar Swap: 5 Healthy Dessert Recipes

Desserts come in all shapes and sizes. You can enjoy them as the final way to end the day or a treat in the afternoon—maybe even breakfast. (We don’t judge!) But the one common ingredient found in the most traditional treats? Cane sugar. If you’ve noticed that your body reacts poorly to sugar—maybe the all-too-familiar crash around 3:00 pm, or a surprise breakout—it may be time to upgrade your dessert. By swapping your typical cane sugar for alternatives like coconut sugar and honey, you can satisfy that sweet tooth without the drawbacks.

Let’s explore the top five dessert recipes that swap cane sugar for a more natural alternative.

Keto Collagen Brownie Bombs Recipe

Sweetened with Thrive Market Switch and thickened with Creamy Almond Butter, these brownie bombs curb any (and all) cravings for chocolate. Plus, they’re loaded with collagen, which provides high levels of protein to keep you full, and coconut oil, which is a healthy fat that supports the digestive system. Whether you’re keto or not, this dessert is sure to appease your sweet tooth—and with the added healthy fats, it also makes for a great afternoon snack.

Paleo Banoffee Tart Recipe

Let’s start by explaining what a Banoffee Tart is: an English dessert that brings together bananas, cream, and toffee, all layered on a buttery biscuit base. It’s not traditionally gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free—until now. This recipe is like a banana shake baked into a deceptively simple DIY crust. Combine Purely Elizabeth Banana Nut Butter Grain-Free Granola and Medjool dates, and you’ve never met a crust that was this easy to make. And the filling is made with cashews, which are powerhouses for protein and essential minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. What about sweeteners, you ask? It’s either maple syrup or honey in this recipe, so you’re avoiding refined sugars but still retain all the flavor.

Sea Salt Caramel Brittle

Making brittle of any kind can be very difficult—but not with this recipe for Sea Salt Caramel Brittle that uses crackers (yes, crackers!) and maple syrup. It’s sweet, salty, and gluten-free. Even better? It takes only 30 minutes to make. This dessert will quickly become a staple for those who also love peanut brittle or chocolate brittle.

Collagen Lavender and Lemon Sorbet Recipe

We see it in the movies all the time—a celebratory cone after the Big Game, a coping mechanism for a broken heart, or a way to bond with that long-lost love at your local diner. Ice cream is everywhere, but many of us are often sensitive to its high levels of dairy and sugar. Collagen Lavender and Lemon Sorbet, to the rescue! Sweetened with Swerve granular sugar, fortified with Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein (Sleep + Beauty), and flavored with a touch of dried lavender, this sorbet is basically a day at the spa. You’ll feel nourished, refreshed, and proud that you’ve made a healthier choice for dessert.

Granita Affogato

Granita Affogato … what does it mean? If these terms are new to you, let’s start with some definitions. An affogato is an Italian coffee-based dessert that combines a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream with a shot of hot espresso. Granita, on the other hand, is a Sicilian semi-frozen dessert . Thus, a Granita Affogato is a luxurious blend of coffee, ice, and a little bit of sweetness. You start by whisking together Califia Farms Cold Brew Concentrate and honey in a baking dish, then sliding it into your freezer for two to three hours until it becomes slushy-like. Then flake the ice using a fork, and repeat every couple hours. If you start this in the morning, the ice will be ready for your evening dessert! To serve, scoop the homemade granita into a glass, sprinkle with cinnamon, and top with Califia Farms Better Half Creamer, Unsweetened for the added creaminess that makes affogatos famous.

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