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Jelly vs. Jam: Preserves, Conserves & More

Get ready for the culinary timeline you never knew you needed, our favorite recipes, and best jars to stock your pantry.

Sweeten to Taste: A Guide to Sugars and Alternative Sweeteners

There are lots of different types of sugars out there, and just as many sugar alternatives waiting to replace them. Whether you’re looking to cut out sugar entirely, scale back your sugar intake, or even to replace your tried-and-true sugar with a different type of sweetener (monkfruit, anyone?), we’ve assembled a handy guide to help ...

We Put This Small-Batch Raw Honey on Everything and Here’s Why

We’re committed to raising the bar for your favorite pantry essentials—and that includes the irresistible golden superfood, honey. We’ve added three small-batch raw honeys to our Thrive Market branded products line: Non-GMO Avocado Honey, Organic Wildflower Honey, and Organic Creamy Highland Honey.

Paleo Snack Solve: Gluten-Free Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins

Good luck keeping your hands off this batch of gluten-free treats. Each muffin is packed with shredded zucchini, a handful of chocolate chips, and a trio of GF flours (almond, coconut, and cassava). It’s the perfect paleo-friendly snack, quick breakfast, or even post-dinner nibble. These muffins freeze well, but we don’t think you’ll have a ...

Keto Vanilla Pudding Recipe

Think you can’t indulge a sweet tooth while going keto? Think again. Just follow our recipe for a creamy, make-ahead pudding infused with unsweetened almond milk, rich vanilla bean seeds, gelatin, and one of our favorite alternative sweeteners. Aside from tempering the eggs to avoid curdling (a simple process involving a whisk and a steady ...

Stevia vs. Sugar: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts

Life is always a little bit sweeter when sugar is involved. Mary Poppins used sugar to make the medicine go down well. But would a modern Ms. Poppins use stevia? What’s the difference between sugar vs stevia? Gone are the days when white sugar is the only pick—alternative sweeteners have become increasingly accessible in recent ...

Video: What Is Swerve?

Alternative sweeteners are having a moment, and Swerve is one of the rising stars. This brand is popular with diabetics, keto enthusiasts, and anyone looking to indulge without overdoing it.

Maple Syrup vs. Honey

When you think about maple syrup and honey, two naturally derived, naturally sugary foods, you can’t help but wonder if Mother Nature might have a sweet tooth. While one is an essential for just about any brunch food, the other is downright decadent when drizzled over both sweet and savory dishes (or enjoyed all on ...

Molasses vs. Maple Syrup

There’s a lot to love about molasses and maple syrup (like the fact that they’re top-notch natural sweetener options) but what’s really the difference between these deeply hued nectars? Deciding between these two ingredients doesn’t have to become sticky situation—here’s our side-by-side comparison of the difference between molasses and maple syrup.

What Is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey goes mainstream! At least, that’s the mission behind Wedderspoon, a New Zealand-based company that heads straight to the source to fill every jar with its golden nectar. It all started in 2005, when Sébastien Martin and Catherine Wedderspoon-Martin realized Manuka honey—one of the world’s most highly sought-after holistic ingredients—was relatively unknown in North ...

Is Monk Fruit the Best Natural Sweetener?

The world of alternative sweeteners is so vast you might feel like you need a tour guide when you start exploring. There are some popular options you’ve probably heard of, like stevia and honey, but today we’re digging into a lesser known pick that’s quickly becoming a sugar-swap darling: monk fruit.

Recipes With Honey

What’s all the buzz about? Well, honey is about to become your go-to sweetener (if it isn’t already). From overnight oats to baked brie, this nectar is perfect for meals from breakfast to dinner, and we’ve got all the deets on swapping honey into baked goods and making it the star of your next dish.

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