12 Creative Ways to Use Avocado in Almost Everything

September 11, 2015
by Dana Poblete for Thrive Market
12 Creative Ways to Use Avocado in Almost Everything

If you're already a little obsessed with avocados, get ready to fall head-over-heels in love. We've taken the fruit to new heights with delicious, nutritious, and beautifying uses you've never seen before. (Three words: avocado chocolate truffles. Swoon!)

Avocados aren't just for spreading on toast or sprucing up a taco salad—although those will never get old. The beloved fruit can also blend a smoother margarita, add shine to your locks, and make one heck of a dessert.

Besides their abundance of nutrients—including fiber, vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, vitamin E, B vitamins, and more potassium than bananas—they’re also relatively low in calories for a healthy fat. This superfood can also boost health in other ways, like keeping hair and skin hydrated and looking vibrant.

Here are 12 creative uses for avocados that will rock your world—or at least tonight's dinner.

Chocolate truffles

Who would have thought avocado could make a rich, indulgent piece of chocolate? Melt 1 ½ cups semisweet or dark chocolate in a double boiler. In a food processor, blend the chocolate with one small avocado until completely smooth. Chill in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, then spoon out portions to roll into balls. Dust each with cacao powder.


Ditch the toast and opt for an avocado egg-in-the-hole for a gluten-free and Paleo-friendly breakfast. Slice the avocado in half, remove the pit, and carefully crack an egg into the holes of each of the avocado halves. Bake in the oven at 425 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.

Paleo and vegan chocolate frosting

Avocado is a game changer for vegan or Paleo layer cake. In a food processor, blend two ripe avocados, one cup cacao powder, and one cup maple syrup—done! Sweet, creamy frosting without refined confectioner’s sugar or dairy.

For healthier baking

Swap out butter when baking for avocado. Even though both foods are mostly fat, avocado is substantially lower in calories. (A quarter cup of butter has 406 calories, while the same amount of avocado has 92.) To achieve similar baking results, use half the amount of avocado for the recipe’s amount of butter.

Hydrating hair mask

The vitamin E in avocado can repair damage to the scalp and follicles, and vitamin B promotes hair growth. Puree one ripe avocado and mix in one tablespoon of melted coconut oil to rejuvenate dehydrated locks.

All-natural face mask

Avocado can do as much good for the skin as for hair. For a soothing face mask, puree one half ripe avocado and one quarter cup raw honey, which is naturally antibacterial. Apply all over your face for a relaxing beauty treatment to moisturize and purify skin.

In risotto

Add pureed avocado into your favorite risotto recipe to add even more creaminess—plus extra nutrients and healthy fats.

In a margarita

When making a frozen margarita, blend in one quarter of an avocado per glass for a refreshingly smooth cocktail.

Vegan ice cream

Spoon up a dairy-free ice cream that's lower in sugar than most store-bought brands. Blend two avocados, 1/2 cup coconut milk, 4 tablespoons maple syrup, ⅛ teaspoon sea salt, and a 1-inch piece of vanilla bean. This ice cream tastes best if you can churn the mixture, but you can also just stick it in the freezer for a few hours.

Tangy avocado dip

Everyone loves guac, but why not add some variety to your spread with a different kind of avocado dip? This sweet and tart recipe combines avocado with Greek yogurt, olive oil, and basil for a satisfying snack full of heart-healthy fats.

Vegan mayo

Hold the mayo—make your own vegan version instead. This recipe calls for olive oil, which has more heart-healthy monounsaturated fats than the soybean oil used in most store-bought spreads. Puree two ripe avocados; blend in two tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, two teaspoons fresh lemon or lime juice, one peeled garlic clove, and sea salt.


Move over, spuds: We've discovered avocado French fries and we're never going back. Cut avocado meat lengthwise into ¼-inch thick slices, dip into a whisked egg, and coat with a mixture of panko breadcrumbs, chili powder, and sea salt. Fry in coconut oil or bake. Really crazy for avocado? Dunk them in the tangy avocado dip or vegan mayo. Now that’s double dipping we can get behind.

Photo credit: Stephen Morris via Stocksy

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