Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini ChipsSemi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Chips853522000306These chocolate chips are not only allergen-free, but a healthy alternative to many of the sugar-laden products on supermarket shelves. Enjoy Life makes its version solely with evaporated cane juice, natural (and non-alcoholic) chocolate liquor, and non-dairy cocoa butter. The chips are also free of trans fats, cholesterol, and sodium10 oz Bag
Yum! - by These mini chocolate chips go well in a peanut butter ball keto friendly recipe that is part of my daily snacking routine. Thank you!
Safe and healthy - by My favorite baking chips.
Can’t tell the difference - by We can’t tell the difference between these and regular chips
pretty good deal - by these are by far my favorite allergen friendly chocolate chips and are around the same price as they are in store, so it's very convenient to get them on here
Mini Chips - by We used these up so quick for all kinds of baked good. Doesn't take coconutty which is nice for a change.
Enjoy Life
Enjoy Life

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Chips

10 oz Bag
Minimum 2 units per purchase
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