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This Gluten-Free Fish Taco Recipe Uses an Affordable Pantry Staple

Spice up taco night with… canned tuna? You bet! This pantry staple sizzles with vibrant flavor like chili powder, garlic powder, and paprika. A zesty avocado crema cools things down, and sweet mango on top adds a touch of sweetness. Plus, this crowd-pleasing recipe is ready in 30 minutes.

2 Paleo Recipes That Bring Out the Best in Our Thrive Market Avocado Honey

Thrive Market Avocado Honey is as delicious as it is versatile. Its molasses-like richness and notes of natural avocado flavor pair perfectly with everything—from a bowl of yogurt to a homemade batch of granola bars. Try these sweet and savory recipes to take full advantage of this distinctive sweetener’s complex flavor! Plus, they’re paleo, gluten-free, ...

Avocado Nutrition Facts

It’s safe to say that avocado love is here to stay. Here’s some anecdotal evidence, if you need it: Head to any hip restaurant nowadays and you’re likely to find a version of avocado toast on the menu. (Or avocado tacos, avocado smoothies, avocado mousse … you get the idea.) Often for a nominal fee, ...

Avocado N’Ice Cream 2 Ways

This isn’t any old ice cream recipe, but a lighter and more wholesome option that’s made with a coconut cream base, avocados, and natural sweeteners. And we’ve got two ways to try this luscious treat—Paleo and keto—to slot right into the sweet endings section of any diet.

20 Ways to Use Avocado

We’re hooked on this buttery green fruit that’s the perfect addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even baked goods. Every avocado offers vitamins and minerals—like potassium, folate, and vitamin K, to name a few—plus monounsaturated fats that’ll help you feel full. We’ve got all the details on what to look for, how to ripen avocados ...

Salmon Burger With Avocado Salsa

[schema description]It’s burger night, with a twist! Our ocean-inspired patty is filled with chunks of non-GMO salmon meat and spiced with paprika, cumin, and just a touch of cayenne. And since every burger can use a creamy condiment to go alongside, we’ve stirred up a fresh summer salsa with avocado, green onion, and lime. For ...

Banana Chocolate-Covered Cake Pops With Avocado Buttercream Frosting Recipe

[schema description]What’s not to love about cake pops? Perfectly portioned and fun to eat, they’re just right for those times when you want a sweet bite without overindulging. Plus, our dairy-free frosting relies on the healthy unsaturated fats from an avocado to whip up a silky buttercream. But the true icing on the cake (pun ...

Creamy Hummus With Avocado Oil Recipe

[schema description]When afternoon cravings hit, it’s easy to reach for chips, candy, or anything that’s bagged and ready to go. The problem with such quick-fix snacks is that they relieve hunger only temporarily; they’re not usually filled with enough good stuff to keep you full until dinner. This hummus is made with garbanzo beans (for ...

Never Eat a Plain Rice Cake Again—Here Are 4 Satisfying Ways to Transform Them

Rice cakes—usually made with just rice and perhaps a touch of salt—sometimes get misconstrued as bland. But we see their simplicity as an opportunity, because when it comes to toppings, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Vegan Chocolate Cake With Avocado Frosting Recipe

[schema description]It looks and tastes like any birthday cake you’d pick up from your local bakery: thick swirls of chocolate buttercream enveloping layers of fluffy cake. The recipe, however, is anything but typical. That buttercream? It gets its silky texture from fresh avocados, not butter. The cake is also completely vegan, relying on apple cider ...

What’s the Difference Between Avocado Oil vs Olive Oil?

For as long as we’ve been told, staying healthy is achieved by eating well, getting enough exercise and sleep, and drinking plenty of water. But in recent years, more focus has been paid not just on our lifestyle behaviors and what we eat, but also our behaviors in the kitchen and how we cook what ...

Japanese-Inspired Avocado Toast Recipe

[schema description]Satisfying and creamy with just enough crunch, avocado toast has become a favorite breakfast of Instagram foodies and healthy eaters alike. Here’s how to spice up the basic recipe with traditional Japanese flavors—coconut aminos, sesame seeds, and toasted nori. [/schema]

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