We Love Coconut Oil So Much We Decided to Make Our Own

November 4th, 2015

At Thrive Market, we take our coconut oil seriously. From oil pulling to DIY body scrubs to cooking, we know it’s the ultimate, all-natural go-to, both in and out of the kitchen.

And when you love something this much, it’s natural to look for the best-quality stuff. We searched the globe to find the elusive prize: sustainably produced, high-end virgin coconut oil—at an extremely affordable price. After months of research, we’re proud to announce Thrive Market’s private label coconut oil.

“We tried dozens of coconut oil products,” says VP of Merchandising, Jeremiah McElwee, “but when we found this gem, we knew it was worthy of the Thrive Market label.”

Here, ethical sourcing is at the heart of everything we do. “It’s not just something we market,'” says McElwee. “It is a lifestyle we live.” This means third-party verification and audit results from suppliers to “verify their commitment to sustainability and ethical working conditions.”

After an extended search, our buying team found a small group of family-owned, organic farms in the Philippines. The coconut oil here is produced by workers protected by fair trade principles and guidelines.

The families behind these farms are generally husband and wife teams, with aspirations of a better future for their children. Of course, it’s not that easy—there are often also numerous challenges  standing in their way. From lack of transportation and infrastructure to limited insight into the competitive landscape, our coconut oil suppliers persevere, never surrendering to the luring promises and unethical practices of giant, profit-hungry corporations.

You can taste the fruit of their labor in each spoonful of Thrive Market’s new coconut oil. Organic, cold-pressed, and never refined, this rich, creamy oil is just the way nature intended it to be—pure, nutritious goodness, from an ethically sourced supply chain, at a fraction of the usual price tag.

Quite simply: It’s superfood perfection in a jar.

Photo credit: Alicia Cho

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