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A Natural Foods Expert on Thrive Market’s High Ingredient Standards

You can browse 5,000 innovative, health-conscious products on Thrive Market’s digital shelves. There are decadent chocolate bars with no added sugar, mac and cheese made from plants instead of dairy, and clean drinking water that comes from rain clouds.

Organic vs. Non-Organic: What’s the Difference?

Ask three people why they bought organic groceries, and you’re likely to get three different answers. One person might want to shrink their carbon footprint, while another insists that organic baby food offers the best nutrition for little ones. The perceived benefits of organic food are pretty much endless, making it harder to separate what’s ...

Why You’ll Love Thrive Market Grain-Free Tortilla Chips

This one’s for you, grain-free dieters: Chips and dip are back on the menu! Thrive Market Non-GMO Grain-Free Tortilla Chips are gluten-free, packed with superfoods, and they don’t crumble in the face of a hearty guacamole or extra-chunky salsa.

Single-Source. Superior Quality. Meet Thrive Market Fish Oil

Meet our superior supplement from the sea: Thrive Market Fish Oil! Here, we take a deep dive to show you how it’s made, the benefits, and why it deserves a spot in your pantry.

Why Ancient Wheat Might Be the Newest Trendy Grain

Move over Triticum aestivum—einkorn and emmer want their moment in the limelight. After all, typical bread wheat has hogged the scene for too many millennia.

Why You Should Always, Always, Always Buy Organic Strawberries

Perhaps no food embodies the warm days of late spring and early summer like the perfectly sweet and juicy red strawberry. Sliced over cereal, in yogurt, or just popped straight from the container, a fresh strawberry reminds us just how good seasonal food can be.

Wanna Know Where Your Maca, Cacao, and Chia Seeds Come From?

For most who have ever sprinkled maca into a blender, the Junín Valley might as well be in outer space. But at the end of a treacherous, winding road 14,000 feet high up in the Andes, there’s this place, where maca survives harsh conditions.

Organic Agriculture Is Booming. Here’s How You Can Help Keep Up the Momentum

It’s easy to get down about the state of American agriculture, what with all the factory farming, foodborne illness, and corn syrup–fueled diseases ravaging our populace. Amid these very real concerns, though, it’s easy to forget about the victories good food advocates have won along the way: greater transparency in food labeling, more nutritious options, ...

Gaia Herbs: Herbology Is Not Just for Wizards

For all of you who have always wished that the fantasy of the Potterverse  transcended into reality, who dream of conjuring potions and creating the Elixir of Life, here’s a real-life answer to your quest: Gaia Herbs.

These Sprouted Chips Can Help You Eat Your Veggies

Eat your veggies: three words every person has heard at least a dozen times in their lives. While there’s no doubt that consuming a plate of steamed greens is always a good idea, let’s be honest here—it’s not always the most fun.

New Report Confirms: Organic Agriculture Is Worth the High Cost

You’ve probably heard the most common critique about organic agriculture: “It’s great, but it can’t feed the world.”

How to Be Sure You’re Not Getting Scammed by ‘Organic’ Labels

This week, Consumer Reports continued its crusade against the use of the term “natural” on food labels. The website and magazine has for several years correctly asserted that “natural” is one of the most misleading and meaningless food labels out there—and yet it’s used on product after product after product.

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