Gaia Herbs: Herbology Is Not Just for Wizards

March 13, 2016
by Ashley Miyasaki for Thrive Market
Gaia Herbs: Herbology Is Not Just for Wizards

For all of you who have always wished that the fantasy of the Potterverse  transcended into reality, who dream of conjuring potions and creating the Elixir of Life, here’s a real-life answer to your quest: Gaia Herbs.

History of Gaia Herbs

There may be no Philosopher’s Stone here, but herbalist founder Ric Scalzo created something even more compelling:  a line of “Elixirs of Life” created from herbs that are all grown in-house.

The "Elixirs of Life" line skyrocketed in popularity since its launch, which has allowed Gaia Herbs to expand into different product lines and target a broader range of health concerns.

What makes Gaia Herbs unique?

  • They are vertically integrated: they control every step in the seed to shelf process, ensuring only the highest levels of quality.
  • Their beautiful farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina is actually one of the largest medicinal herb farms in the U.S.!
  • Close to 85 percent of all plant species in the U.S. can be found at their organic farm.
  • Employees enjoy a gorgeous organic garden which provides them with organic fruits and veggies 6 months out of the year (the average employee takes home 325 pounds of veggies a year!).

Gaia's elixir of choice:  Adrenal Health

This fan favorite delivers a sucker punch to stress (a.k.a. the “silent killer," contributing to insomnia, depression, cardiac issues, and a host of other health concerns) with a blend of herbs that support both sustained endurance and a sense of calm.

It’s made with an interesting, little-known ingredient: Wild Oats Milky Seed. Though in ancient times, it was used as a mild sedative, these days, it won’t knock you out like a Tylenol PM. It does, however, help to calm anxiety and support overall nervous system health. As an added bonus, it’s also often used to combat digestive problems and support heart health.

Whatever it is, something seems to be working — Adrenal Health’s immense popularity is completely attributed to consumer word-of-mouth and continues to be one of Gaia’s top sellers.

Adrenal Health is perfect for on-the-go moms, workaholics, and anyone feeling overwhelmed by the micro-stressors of everyday life.

So ... are you feeling a little stressed? Is a deep breath and listening to calming music not quite doing it for you?

Find out what the hype about Gaia is all about and give Adrenal Health a try today.

Photo credit: Gaia Herbs

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Adrenal Health
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Oil Of Oregano
120 capsules per bottle

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Turmeric Supreme: Extra Strength
120 capsules per bottle

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Kava Kava Root
60 capsules per bottle

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