Quite Cheezy Kale Krunch

2.2 oz bag

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2.2 oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

Alive & Radiant created one of the first mass-produced kale chips in 2004. Today, Quite Cheezy Kale Krunch has become its best-selling flavor, and is a gluten-free, vegan, and Paleo-approved snack that is never cooked or fried. Instead, organic kale is dehydrated to produce a crunchy texture while also sealing in all the heart-healthy nutrients.
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About This Brand

Our story is a story about YOU. It's about your quest for an insanely delicious and healthy snack. It's about your desire for clean food and a brand you can trust. It's about your support of organic agriculture and a company that cares about its customers, its employees, and its community. In short, it's about your dream to make the world a little bit more Alive & Radiant. We sprout, mix and dehydrate our ingredients at low temperatures so that they remain ‘raw’. Since we never bake or fry, you can rest assured that the fat in our products comes from heart-healthy nuts and seeds.
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Kale* red bell peppers, cashews*, sunflower seeds*, nutritional yeast, sea salt, chia seeds*, lemon juice* (*Organic)

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size 1 oz Servings Per Container 2.2

Amount Per Serving

Calories 100 Calories from Fat 60

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 7g 11%
Saturated Fat 1.5g 8%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 260mg 8%
Total Carbohydrate 9g 3%
Dietary Fiber 2g 8%
Sugars 1g
Protein 4g

Vitamin A 50%
Vitamin C 20%
Calcium 6%
Iron 10%

Reviews For Quite Cheezy Kale Krunch

Based on 117 Reviews


These are one of the best kinds of kale chips ive ever had.

- Nicky

Love the Kale

If you like kale chips you will love this. Perfect blending of crunchy kale and cheese coating. Bet you can't eat just one.

- Darla

Great snack

These have a very cheesy flavor, and my six year old loves to eat these. They are quite good, for our first time trying a non-dairy kale snack.

- Cali

Not my fav

I LOVE kale chips and almost anything w/ cheese, but these are def not my favorites. It is very heavy w/ oil and cheese, and just too much for a nice snack. Not my taste anyway, but they are def good ingredients and if you love kale and love lots of cheese these might be for you!

- juli

Kale Krunch

This snack is excellent if you don't have time to do your own crunchy kale. If you have salt restrictions, this would probably not be a good choice but otherwise it has great flavor (cheesy if you like cheese) and great ingredients (red bells, cashews, sunflower seeds, chia seed and lemon juice). No cheese however which puzzles me about the cheese taste. I am on a low carb high fat diet so I usually will only eat 1/2 a serving for a snack which comes out to be about 5 carbs.

- Karen

Not a favorite

I have wanted to try this so some time now and would like to try other flavors. This one however wasn't my cup a tea.

- Debora

must be good

my son loves these. no one else gets a nibble. better get two next time.

- Tye

Different yet addicting

I make my own kale chips (just with salt) which are easy to do but it does take time. These are not as crispy as homemade but tasty all the same and more convenient. The "cheese" is super cheesy and I really wasn't all that impressed upon eating the first piece. But after taking a few more pieces the taste changes and it suddenly becomes super yummy and addicting! I could easily eat the whole bag without much effort.

- Dawn


Delicious !!!

- Chantelle


Delicious Kale snack at a good price

- Keren

Good dairy free alternative

These don't quite taste like real cheese, but they're perfect if you can't do dairy. Small package - good to taste and see if you like 'em!

- Christina


I can't keep this in the house. Husband munches on it before I get a chance. Super crunchy and tasty, all flavors are yummy.

- Elizabeth

Crispy Tasty Cheesey Snack

Another similar product didn't stand up to this one; it 'crumbled' under the pressure! ☺

- Holly


I'd never had kale chips before and bought these on a whim. They were fantastic E. Unbelievable how good they were. Very cheesy. I am hooked.

- Maria


This was amazing! Feels so decadent eating this yet it's so healthy. Had to stop myself from devouring the whole bag in one sitting ;)

- Valerie

Kale Krunch

I could not stop eating these chips (more like crumples). I have had good and bad kale chips - there were outstanding. I wanted and still want MORE so I am ordering MORE.

- Joan

Cheezy Kale

Although healthy, the taste takes some getting use to.

- Joe

Cheesy Kale Krunch

My husband and I love these. I doubled my order this time.

- Sandra

Love these chips.

I love these chips. It is hard for me not to eat the whole bag. Taste is great. Kale chips in tact so I'm not eating just a bag of crumbs. Healthy ingredients which I like. All flavors are equally good. Just wish bag was bigger.

- Mary


Can make with my own spices (which I like hot & spicey!) for less money.

- Bonnie

The best

The best the best the best the best. These are the best. I am addicted.

- Kate

Not a fan

I tried this one and the Southwest Ranch flavor. I didn't like either unfortunately.

- Kat

Fantastic Snack

I only bought 2 packs, figuring if I did not like them, I only lost $8.50! But I got to tell you, this is really great stuff. So now I just ordered 10!!! How can anything that tastes so good be good for you, right? Wrong! Try it, you will really like this!

- Cecelia

Definitely different

wholesome, nutritious, and taste good.....can't go wrong with this different spin on kale.

- Charlotte


I like the "cheez" w/o the dairy. Whey to go!

- Dvora

Quite Cheezy Kale Krunch

A great, crunchy snack. We like all the varieties.

- Sharon


A tasty snack but serving size is an ounce so I have to be careful about that.

- Jillian

Didn't like it!

It's probably me but I did not care for this product. Smelled and tasted fishy!

- Wilson

Great Snack

Thi s Cheezy Kale Krunch was absolutely delicious and I can't wait to order more. I love Kale & this is the best way I have ever eaten it.

- Victoria

Quite Cheezy Kale Krunch

I'm not a big fan of Kale, not even this one. But if I eat it (and I know I should) this is the only way I can do it. So thank you for making it available.

- Sharon

Love the cheesy flavor, but wish it wasn't so over done

This is supposed to be Kale flavored with non-dairy cheese flavor. It seems like there is more 'cheese' than there is Kale. I wish they had more leafy pieces of Kale and less crunchy topping. The 'cheese' flavor really tastes like cheese even though it isn't.

- Lisa

Kale Crunch-Yum!

Loved these. will definitly buy them again. i ate the whole bag, would not share. lol

- Wendy

I'm crazy for Cheezy Kale Krunch!

As a new Paleo fan, I was looking for a snack to replace the foods I can no longer eat due to my health. When I found Thrive and all your delicious Paleo treats I am feeling full and happy to snack. Thank you, THRIVE!

- Franchon

For the reformed Doritos lover

I love to have these on hand when I'm with my family, who always has Doritos around... Which I don't eat but are honestly a little tempting!

- Evie

Cheesy Kale chips

Did not like them till I put them into a soup.

- Teresa

Mild kale flavor with cheesy aftertaste

QCKK is a tasty snack, combining a mild kale flavor and cheesy taste, similar to the taste I get from Nutritional Yeast Flakes. It has a nice lingering cheese flavor!

- Bridget

Quite kale cheesy crunch

Flavor very bland. Not my favorite.

- Donald

Fresh and clean snack

Quite good, with crispy crunch and light, clean taste, well done!

- William





these were super good. i'm glad i found them.

- Sheree

Quite Cheezy Kale Crunch

I strongly disliked this, it actually sent shivers down my spine when I tasted it.

- Joanne

Good stuff

Really does taste cheesy! Crunchy too

- Heather

Delicious Krunch

Would definitely order again.

- Joann


Loved it, need more!

- Gale

Quite Cheezy Kale Krunch

The kale didn't have a fresh taste. They taste stale upon opening. I have had this product from my local store but was not please with order shipment.

- Lottie McClorin

Cheezy Kale Crunch

Enjoyed them, but probably won't order again.

- Jeri Greenwold

Delicious snack

I've bought this multiple times. Very good, healthy, fulfilling snack that solves my junk food cravings.

- Alyssa


These are delightfully addictive.

- Connie

Not what I expected

This was not what I expected it was way better.

- Tangela


Crunchy, "cheesy," flavorful, satisfying. Best of all? There are no indigestible sticks/stems to ruin the experience! Love them.

- Dianne


I was pleasantly surprised at how good this was. Will become a regular snack purchase.

- Ron


Soooooooooooooooo goooooood!!!

- Angie

Cheezy Kale Krunch

great taste enjoyed them will buy more thanks

- victor

Better than my homemade!

These kale chips are so good! I was surprised to read there wasn't any cheese in them because of the title. Delicious but I have to put them away because I can eat the whole package in one sitting if I'm not careful!

- Terri

Yummy... not cheezy

Great crunch, tastes great but not cheezy, more peanut buttery than cheese.

- Cindy

Cheezy kale crunch

I thought the cheezy kale crunch was delicious and a great healthy snack!!!!

- Dan Shepardson

Cheesy and Crunchy

Nice crunch and flavor

- Tracey

Cheezy Kale Krunch

A great, tasty product for when you aren't in the mood for making your own.

- Renee

Kale Krunch


- Chris


I love these, I admit that I wish that I would have gotten more than just 1 package of these. They're addictive, I couldn't put 'em down.

- Jodi

Kale krunch

I love it! Need to order more next time. I had a friend taste it cuz she's into drying her own kale..she said she wants some. She actually identified the cheesy flavor in the mix!!

- Malou

My other favorite..

I really, really like these. Crunchy, cheesy, yum.

- Anthony

Tasty and satisfying

The only problem is keeping myself from eating them all at once.

- Maihifer

Favorite One

This is my favorite out of the ones I have tried (cheesy chipotle and ranch).

- Brandi

Yummy Snack

I love these. Healthy, decently low in calories, low carb. Cheesy, healthy, delicious.

- Alyssa

Awesome Snack

Awesome way to curve the Krave for junk food. Krave Krunch taste fabulous n cures the cravings with amazing flavors n Krunch (C).


Outstanding Product

This has become a top pick for me! The taste is great. The texture and crunch make it fun to eat (at least for me). It's so good!

- Daniel


Best ever!!!!

- Patricia

Quite Cheezy Kale Crunch

There's not a lot in the package, but what's there is quite good. The perfect amount of "cheese" for me. Good crunch.

- Carole

Tasty but pricey

Tiny bag for high price. Better to make your own. Also, higher in fat & calories than I would like.

- melis


I've tried quite a few brands of kale chips but these are the only ones i keep coming back to. Wish there were more whole chips/leaves in there, but I just grab a spoon for the crumbs.

- Shannon

Nice and crunchy

I'm always looking for a healthy alternative to chips. Kale crunch satisfied my craving.

- Margaret

Too Crumbly

I didn't care for these for two reasons:
1) They crumble so badly that it's hard to even pick them up out of the bag.
2) Too much cheese stuck on there.

- Joanne

A little too "cheesy."

The "cheesy" flavor is too heavy. I love kale chips but not this flavor.

- CJ McNair


I'm afraid that no matter how hard I try I can't make Kale chips this good.

- Linda

burst of cheese

Tastes like there is real cheese in it. A bit over powering and too salty. It can satisfy that cheese craving.

- laura


These are super yummy and, as advertised, quite cheesy.

- Dawn

too cheesy

I do not like the extremely cheesy topping on top of these kale chips. It is way too cheesy for me. If you love that flavor then you will like these but it is too much for me. I should not have purchased because I didn't like cheese even when I ate real cheese!

- Brandy


I cant tell its fake cheese, these are a perfect snack.

- Julia


Delicious! Nutritious! Tasty! And equally impressive: it arrives without being crushed! I LOVE this product!

- Donna

Crunchy Goodness

I gave up chips (mostly) and these are a great replacement!

- Amanda


These are the best kale chips I've ever had. The only danger with opening a package is that you may not be able to put them down without eating the entire thing! But that's okay, actually; they're good for you.

- KarenM

Kale Chips

Delicious snack!! I really love this product!

- Donna

Quite Cheesy Kale Krunch

A nice alternative to potato chips and much better for you. Loved all the flavors.

- Sharon

Great snack

This brand and variety are my favorite of the kale chips I've tried. I use to buy these when I lived in California, but they're not as easily available where I live now. This is the best price I've seen on them. I like to have these in hand if I get a snack or chip craving, this fills it for me and is a much better option.

- Jill

Cheese Lover Approved!

As a former cheese-aholic, now vegan, this is a great snack to satisfy that cheese craving. I was surprised by the rich and savory flavor. Of course, if you eat processed food on a regular basis, you will probably say this isn't cheesy.

- Brooke

Perfect Guilt-free Snack!

I know that I should eat Kale because it's good for me, but I'm really not a fan (kind of inconvenient, as kale is ubiquitous these days.) So I bought these in hopes that the "cheese" would help cover up the Kale-ness.

These are addictive! I ate the whole bag in one sitting when I first got them! But it's OK, because it's essentially salad! These are the best guilt-free snack, and normally I'd feel bad about the cheese, but they're Vegan! There is no actual cheese in here, but it tastes great!

- Dex Q.

Perfect for kicking that "Cheetos" habit

As someone who went from having Cheetos as a staple snack in my apartment to making my own kale chips instead, I can definitely say that these kale chips are the perfect mix of crunchy, cheesy, and healthy. I've tried other kale chips but was never satisfied--they were always too salty or too chewy or too bland so I resorted to making my own exactly the way I like them. I saw this new brand while browsing on Thrive and decided to give them a try. My order got here quickly and everything was packed great and I was happy to have all my chips intact instead of all crumbled. I only ordered one to try, but I quickly regretted not adding more to my cart, as I went through the whole bag that day! I was so surprised by how flavorful they were, especially considering that they're raw. They didn't have that overly plant-y flavor that normally happens with raw kale (it's good for some, I just don't really like it), and I was impressed that the cheese flavor actually tasted like cheese and not a pasty, salty cheese attempt. I'm in the middle of adding more to my order now, but I just had to leave a rating for these. Great kale chips!

- Erick

Combination of kale and cheese was interesting.

I love kale chips and was intrigued to try this interesting combination with cheese.

I appreciate that they are organic and raw but not sure if the cheese addition was great or even if it tasted "quite cheezy" as the bag entails. It did create an interesting flavor, however, that lingered and was less satisfying than I imagined.

- Dennis M.

The BEST kale chips

I was very hesitant to try Kale chips but I went ahead and gave them a chance. They are delicious and very addicting. The combination of pureed red bell peppers, cashews and cheesy flavor makes for an awesome taste. These have hooked me on Kale chips and I'm getting all my friends to try them.

- Arturo Morrison

Cheese with a Z!

I do not love kale but, I love these chips. Usually I stay to the traditional snack foods, potato chips, jerky and the like. When I found these online I figured I would give them a try.

A lot of other brands cost more and have more wild flavors, but these have just enough crunch and cheese for me. What I was not happy with, was the quantity. I wish I could have bought larger amounts or bunk bags. I would buy these again anytime!

- Bernie Crawford

Kale crunchy so yummy

Best snacks ever

- Brenda Seymore

Ok. Not very cheesy.

These are ok. I don't love them, but I can eat them. They don't really taste like cheese though!

- Maranda

I wouldn't recommend

Maybe I just got a bad bag, but I found the texture to be way too soft and the flavor to be very artificial. Couldn't eat them.

- Kelly

Love kale, didn't love this

The bag I got was not very crisp, and the flavor had a very fake aftertaste. Not worth it.

- Kelly

My New Favorite Go-to Snack!

Wow these kale chips are amazing- you have to try them for yourself! Totally worth the price too! I've checked out multiple vendors and Thrive always has the best prices!

- Ally

Really Good

My first snack kale experience and I'm about to reorder. several.

- Mary


I love Kale Krunch. The only down side is when shipped it is so hard for it not to get smooshed a bit. Fix that and it is perfect.

- Tamara

Loved it!

Wonderful sauce - highly recommend!

- Mat

Not cheesy

I like the crunch and might get used to the flavor in time but I'm severely disappointed. I ordered them because all the great reviews saying how awesomely cheesy they are but all I can taste is the red bell pepper in it.

- Hannah


These are a great snack, quite filling with the nut mixture on the chips, and they have good flavor. I prefer the Southwest Ranch flavor but eat these occasionally for variety.

- Alison

Crunchy Kale

I love kale chips. I didn't really like the cheese flavor on these though. Being made from nuts, it really just tasted like nuts to me. However, the chips are still good. I just don't buy into them being cheesy.

Kale is a super food and I feel super when I eat them!

- Virge Delatre

Did someone say cheese?

It's not even real cheese, but it will have you fooled. It has my kids fooled. I've never told them that it's not real cheese and they never bother to read ingredients.

I love being able to buy my kids such a great snack, and I am happy I can buy it from a great online marketplace like Thrive Market.

- Gretchen Hodel

More cheese than you can handle

This stuff is so cheesy good that you will fall in love at first bite. Kale chips are such a healthy snack craze, and they taste good (so that's a bonus). I eat them anytime I need a quick, healthy snack.

These cheese even tastes great on them, and I love the amount of crisp.

- Pamala T.

Super Crunchy and Cheesey

After moving to a more organic lifestyle, I was still finding it hard to give up some of my favorites in the potato chips aisle. Someone pretty much forced these down my throat in an attempt to get me to find an alternative, and surprise - they're super tasty! They don't taste quite as cheesy as other potato chip alternatives, but they have a really delicious cheese taste that partners really well with the crunchy bite of the kale. Thrive offers these so much cheaper than my local supermarket, and I'm sure I'm going to make up the cost of my membership in my saving from these chips alone!

- Elizabeth P.

Cheezy goodness

I recently went vegan and have been trying to find snacks that actually still taste like real cheese without the dairy. Kale Krunch wins, for making a great snack with real cheese flavor.

If it weren't for this great snack I would still be addicted to Cheetos and finding it difficult to stick to this healthier lifestyle. Kale chips have been a beloved snack since even before I went vegan. I love these,

- Cristal Hix

Not that cheesy

I absolutely love kale chips. But I'm not vegan. I wasn't impressed with the cheesy flavor. Don't get me wrong, they still tasted good, I just would prefer some real cheese on it.

While these weren't my favorite, I still love many Alive & Radiant items. I might not buy these "cheezy" snacks for myself again, but I have friends that love them and I will be buying the other flavors still!

- Chester

Great Kale Cheesy Chips!

I like kale chips, but haven't found the best tasting ones. Until now! These actually taste like cheese chips, but they are made of red bell peppers and pureed cashews. They taste similar to traditional cheesy chips, but are vegan. I love that.
The container size is pretty small, but that's actually a good thing because they taste so good, I would eat an entire large bag in one sitting.
I will definitely purchase more, and more!

- Courtney Wong

Mmm mmm good

My brother sent these as a holiday gift, and I'm over the moon. I'm into healthy eating, work out a lot, and I'm always looking for something organic and tasty to snack on during my down time. I was wary of the cheese, but figured it couldn't be too bad since everything else was healthy.

Only to find out that there's no 'real cheese' in the chips at all. The cheese taste comes from the yeast, something I learned when I went online to learn more about the product. I need a lot of protein for my workouts, and this is packed with protein. The only hesitation I have is the price. The first batch were a gift, and I'm almost out. I'm going to need to factor in my budget to see if this works, or try to find a place that has them on discount.

- Brandon Garth

Delicious but costs too much

These are great kale chips, and I would eat them all day. Except I can't pay these prices for 2.20 ounces, it just doesn't add up. If they scaled up the size and made it more affordable in a bulk load, I would be all over it.

Even my local health market doesn't help as they come in at about $5.99 there. But the chips are so good, I've even started Googling home-made recipes to save money. I think the company which makes these, I think it's Alive and Radiant, has to take a look at bumping down the price by a couple of bucks. I bet they'd see sales go up in a flash.

- Billy G.

Awesome Taste But Pricey

Let's get the good stuff out of the way. These are fantastic kale chips that are as addictive as potato chips. They are crunchy, cheesy and an awesome, healthy treat.

But...they are really pricey for my book. I love these as snacks, but I'm paying almost triple what I would for a snack at the grocery store. I would give these 5 stars on taste alone, but the price brings it down a star.

- Belinda Gaston

Crackling Good Chips!

So when the worst thing you can say about kale chips is that the bags available aren't big enough, you know you're into something good. Hard to believe you can create a cheesy flavor with cashews and veggies, but they pull it off.

I treat these as my potato chips substitute, whenever I need a quick snack, or as a side for a sandwich. If you say kale chips to most people, they make a funny face. But just have them try one, and they'll believe!

- Bonnie G

Tasty Chips

I've never been into kale, though I know it's super healthy. But after I had health issues, my doctor put me on a diet of natural food. I had to cut out all processed food, which pretty much got rid of all my snacks.

My wife bought these on a whim and I tasted the first chip with a sour face. But it was really good, and the 'cheese' is a tasty blend of cashews and yeast, so if you're on a vegan diet, this is perfect for you. They're also really low in fat, calories and pack a lot of protein. I'm a huge convert!

- Bradford Green

Better than any other kale chips I have tried.

I was hesitant to try these cheesy kale chips due to past vegan cheese products I have tried, but I was pleasantly surprised. The flavor is rich but not over powering, leaving a satisfying flavor. I will continue to buy these kale chips from now on.

- Garry Baldwin

Way better than potato chips!

These kale chips are the best ones I've tried yet. Really cheesy tasting and vegan too! I'm completely addicted to kale chips and will definitely be buying this brand again!

- Natalie

addictive healthy crunchiness

I love kale chips, and I really love not having to make them myself at home, lol! These are the best I've tried. Kale chips are awesome by themselves, but the cashew powder adds a great flavor. They're cheesy-tasting, minus the cheese, which keeps them healthy, and makes them great snacks for vegans like me. They're a bit pricey, but I'm glad to have found a less expensive option here.

- Adrienne S.

The Best Kale Chips!

These are my FAVORITE Kale chips. They have a great, cheesy taste despite being vegan and a great texture. I stopped buying them for a while because they were too expensive, but I'm happy that Thrive is selling them at a more reasonable rate.

- A. Sanders

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