Convenient, gluten free all natural food products that are ready to eat in minutes.We know you’re busy. We know there are times you just can’t spend hours in the kitchen preparing a meal. We also know you don’t want to compromise on nutrition or great taste, and you don’t have to. Glutenfreeda offers convenient, amazingly authentic tasting all natural food products that are ready to eat in minutes for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner… for the way you live.In an era of heightened awareness for the gluten-free diet it has become increasingly more difficult to decipher the manufacturing practices of gluten-free manufacturers. The market space is no longer dominated by pioneers in gluten-free food manufacturing; it is populated by companies who make gluten and gluten-free products in the same facility, by large manufacturers who have changed their ingredient statements to fit a gluten-free profile and by companies who’s intent never was to produce gluten-free products, but who are now badging their products ‘gluten-free’ because the market is lucrative. Add to the confusion gluten-free organizations, who offer gluten-free certifications with very little oversight, little or no follow-up testing and who fail to investigate or acknowledge sub standard test results for ‘certified’ companies who repeatedly test over 20ppm by 3rd party labs.It is a glorious and dangerous new world for people with Celiac disease. Glorious because of all the new and better tasting products now available; dangerous because where once we could be assured of safety by diligently reading labels or calling the company; now so many products carry an organization certification badge adopted to alleviate our fears and concerns, but do they? - Not if the standards and protocols for the certification are not stringent and diligent.At Glutenfreeda Foods, we have built our business and our future on providing the safest gluten-free products available. The aforementioned era of heightened awareness has translated into an explosion of people now on gluten-free diets. These people include Celiacs, people with gluten sensitivity, people who believe a gluten-free diet is healthy and people who believe a gluten-free diet is the answer to weight loss. We welcome anyone who chooses to live on a gluten-free diet, but we’ve built our business for people with Celiac disease who have zero tolerance. We have developed a program of stringent standards, protocols and procedures to assure the utmost safety of our products.

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