In 2004, a girl named Heli ordered a menstrual cup from an online shop. She encountered some problems using it, but was thrilled about the freedom, flexibility, and product possibilities. Heli had big ideas. We’ve all heard the saying necessity is the mother of invention, and in this case, Heli Kurjanen, became the mother of Lunette, and now serves as the companies’ founder and owner. With laser vision and improved design, rooted in safety, ease, and comfort, (and compatible for women of every age, shape, size and childbearing stage) — Heli led the charge to create the world’s top menstrual cup. In 2005, Lunette was brought to market in Finland, where it achieved strong sales, and by the end of that year, Lunette went online and international. In record time, Heli’s life was transformed: from housewife to successful, international femme-trepreneur, and market disruptor, bringing education, sunlight, and intelligent feminine protection solutions where few existed before. Heli changed everything about feminine protection — one cup at a time. Today Lunette is sold in over 40 countries, and there are plans to expand further. One thing Heli (and Team Lunette) is sure of: …as long as there are people menstruating, Lunette will offer safe, and efficient and eco-logical period protection — no strings attached.

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