Mediterranean Organic

Organic specialty fruit and vegetable products grown on Mediterranean farms. Gourmets have always known that the best flavored fruits and vegetables come from the Mediterranean. This is true, in part, to the high mineral content of the volcanic soils, the sunny climate and the water from deep wells. It is also true, we believe, because this produce has always been grown organically with natural compost rather than chemicals. The dry weather contributes to low insect populations during the growing season so the farmers produce without chemical pesticides. The specialty fruit and vegetable products that Mediterranean Organic offers are made by artisans in small batches with the objective of producing the finest taste. We are proud to bring them to you and your family to enjoy.Eating Mediterranean Organic's flavorful foods is like eating sunshine! All of our products are grown on Mediterranean farms, orchards, and groves in a climate that is hot, dry, and sunny, and the soils are fertile - rich with volcanic minerals. Our sundried tomatoes are naturally dried in the hot sun, our capers are harvested naturally, our peppers are roasted over a sweet wood fire, the fruits in our preserves absorb the sweetness of the sun and our oh-so-aromatic olives come from groves, some of which, have been producing for centuries!

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