Pure7 is founded on the idea that we really ARE what we eat. Our passion is hand crafting the most nutritious, delicious chocolate that is good for your health, good for the planet and good for people. All of our ingredients are Organic, Kosher, Paleo certified and also non GMO/gluten/soy/dairy free with no fillers or additives of any kid. PURE! After years of active thought and careful experimentation and observation we came to the conclusion that not only is chocolate important, but that it has to be made the right way to be enjoyed the right way. Where we depart from virtually every other chocolate maker is with the use of HONEY as our one and only sweetener. We actually love making our chocolate and that love is unmistakably obvious in every bar. So, if you are like us, and want to enjoy chocolate that you KNOW is actually good for you, the planet and people, then Pure7 Chocolate is hand made by us, with love, for you. Feed your body real food!

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