One-step spice blends and pastes for authentic Indian meals. Born in India, Sukhi Singh learned the art of cooking Indian foods as a young girl from her grandmother. Sukhi soon found herself cooking for large family gatherings, and she has been an avid chef ever since.A well-known teacher among chefs, Sukhi’s first profession was, not surprisingly, teaching. She earned a Masters degree in English literature from Meerut University in India before moving to England for her husband’s Indian Air Force posting. The family then moved back to India. Along the way, Sukhi taught school, opened her own primary school, gained expertise in India’s many regional cuisines and created her one-step pastes for quick, home-cooked Indian meals for her busy family.She moved to the United States in 1985 and expanded her teaching career to the culinary arts. Hers is a classic immigration tale – her entire family pitched in, working seven days a week. The family’s first business - a neighborhood deli in Oakland, Calif - folded after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Despite facing financial ruin, Sukhi continued to follow her passion for food.In 1992, Sukhi combined her dedication to quality Indian cuisine with entrepreneurial zeal by founding Sukhi’s Authentic Indian Food, based in Hayward, CA. Sukhi launched her first Indian “deli tub” paste at the famed Berkeley Bowl in Berkeley, California. During this early phase, she and the family cooked in a rented kitchen one day a week, while Sukhi pounded the pavement in traditional Indian garb to build the business the rest of the week.It was a stroke of luck when Indian workers in Silicon Valley were in need of their mothers’ cooking. A large high-tech company wanted to convert Indian brown-baggers into regular cafeteria users for lunch. Sukhi’s products – which help non-Indian chefs easily turn out authentic, palate-pleasing Indian meals – were brought in. Soon, Sukhi was successfully placing her products in corporate dining halls nationwide and in natural food markets around the country.Sukhi continues to teach chefs across America the basics of Indian Food and how to create authentic meals using her one-step spice blends and pastes. She has brought the art of Indian cooking to culinary institutions including Judith Ets Hokins Cooking School in San Francisco, California Culinary Academy, the Culinary Institute of America and Whole Foods. As a vibrant leader who plays an active role in all aspects of her family business, Sukhi still puts a special emphasis on creating unique and authentic recipes today.OUR COMMUNITYAs a small, family-operated company, Sukhi’s believes in supporting the local community and the needy by giving something back. So Sukhi’s actively supports non-profit organizations including C.H.E.F.S. (Conquering Homelessness through Employment in Foodservice), Embrace (an organization dedicated to save vunerable babies around the world with their innovative, low cost infant warmers, La Cocina (a community kitchen in San Francisco) and Narika, an organization dedicated to ending domestic violence. Narika recently recognized Sukhi’s with the Community Business Impact of the Year award.Introduced in January 2012, Sukhi's Cooking for a Cause program offers a hands-on Indian gourmet cooking class to raise money for selected non-profit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information or if you would like to be involved in Cooking for a Cause, please contact, See More

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