Cold Brew Concentrate

32 oz container

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32 oz container

Why You’ll Love It

Makes 8 strong cups that will help you rise, shine, and conquer your day. Califia Farms’ concentrated cold coffee is slow-brewed in low-temp water to extract the natural flavors from sustainably grown beans. Unlike hot brewing, the result is a smoother coffee experience, that's less acidic (better for sensitive tummies!) and tastier than your average cuppa joe. Mix with equal parts water or almond milk, and enjoy it cool, warm, or even hot.
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About This Brand

We’re Califia Farms (Califia, pronounced like California), and our mission is to innovate delicious plant-powered foods for mindful nourishment through California-grown fruits and nuts. We're led by beverage visionary Greg Steltenpohl, bringing you beautifully bottled goodness from the San Joaquin Valley. Our name comes from the Spanish legend of warrior queen Califia who ruled over the mythical island of California. Spanish conquistadors believed they had discovered Califia’s bountiful island when they first explored California.
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Coffee* (Water, Cold Brew Coffee Extract).

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Reviews For Cold Brew Concentrate

Based on 47 Reviews

On the bitter side

Perhaps because it is a concentrate, it needs to be diluted more. But the taste is on the bitter side.

- Linda

This coffee changed everything for me!

Prior to this concentrate I had a love-hate relationship with coffee...I liked the smell, the social aspect...but coffee too often tastes bitter, burnt, acidic, and/or smothered in too much sugar to mask the flavor. On top of that, the quality of many coffees available left me with a slightly upset tummy & a jittery, anxious feeling. I finally gave up coffee thinking I'd never find anything that tastes as good as it smells & it wasn't worth the jitters/upset tummy. I tried Bulletproof coffee---it was better. But THIS COFFEE CHANGED EVERYTHING! Finally! A coffee with a taste as smooth and rich as a coffee bean smells! I mixed with some almond milk and when it hit my tongue it was like all these years of wishing coffee tasted a certain way came true. I have never tasted a coffee this good & I go to great lengths to find this coffee in stock, nothing else will do. You won't want to cover up the flavor of this coffee with sugars and syrups...I drink mine with a little caramel at the bottom but for the first time ever I actually enjoy the taste of the coffee itself. Equally awesome part? Because it is a cold brew it has very low acidity and therefore doesn't upset my tummy or make me jittery/anxious. WIN-WIN. It's the best coffee I've ever had, and with the concentrate I don't even have to bother with brewing my coffee or messing it up. Just pour and enjoy. Boom.

- Heather

Iffy at 1st, now im obsessed!

1st of all people:
Try this on ice with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk!! You will thank me later.
I advise against drinking this alone - it's quite bitter & a bit strange. But it's Amazing with almond milk.

- Asiya Frolova

great cold brew!

i love this stuff! i save time and money by having this at work with some coconut milk creamer or the almond milk creamer and it's the perfect morning drink for my office!

- Tawny

Best Cold Bew Ever!

I received this as a free gift with order and it's amazing! Such a great price compared to other stores. I'm hooked!

- Rebecca Tucker

So good!

Got this as a free gift along with their almond milk and it is amazing!

- Caroline Lalonde-Hanna


So I normally just brew my own hot coffee, but I bought this to get me through finals week and the week prior. Anyway, the first day I drank this, I didn't even finish my half cup (I diluted it of course) before I was WIRED. Didn't have this same effect on me the other days but it's definitely some strong stuff. Surprised to say that the flavor is a bit too strong for me too, getting near the end of the carton, it's becoming a little bit hard to drink even though I dilute it. Good choice for finals week but maybe not my everyday life.

- Lauren

Easy cold brew

I ordered this on a whim. My husband loves it. I half it with coconut or almond milk. It is best when halved with Califia's refrigerated milk, but that stuff is so expensive that I rarely buy it. I've also added this into a banana smoothie in the morning, and it is fantastic. I don't think it's bitter in the least! I've tasted many other coffee concentrates, and this is my fave (slightly edging out my second fave -- Trader Joe's coffee concentrate).

- Katie

Pure Coffee Without the Bitterness

Pure coffee taste without the added bitterness. This is surprisingly smooth and I've made some amazing mochas with it.

- Cory

Not pleasant

I can't even get through a cup of this. I tried it with the same brand creamer and I wanted to love it but to me it has a strong unpleasant flavor. I normally love cold brew coffee but the taste in this brand is way too strong for me, and not in a good strong coffee way.

- Heidi Spielman

Just Great!

We use it as a base for our morning hot coffee and it makes it richer.

- Gale


Slightly bitter but luscious when paired with the califia unsweetened creamer

- Lacey Raschke

My go to morning brew

Forget about spending $6 a day at Bucky's or Coffee Bean. This is perfect for your everyday cup of joe. I mix it with ice and coconut milk, my Hubbs takes it straight up with a little vanilla. So smooth and bold, it's perfect served any which way.

- Amethyst


I am ordering my second one! I drink this in the morning with some warm Fairlife milk. It's got such that rich, textured, coffee taste that pairs so well with foamy milk. Even better if you can find some cookies or sweet rolls to go with it! Yum!

- Anna

Cold brew is the bomb

I ordered this not knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised. I love the flavor its strong but not bitter..... Add a little sweetener or cream or not. I like straight up as well

- Lori

So good!

This is the best cold brew I've tried. So smooth it tastes delicious even black, hot or cold.

- Katie

Morning Starter

Love this coffee, pour a little, add water, a little milk and heat up and go (or add ice). Doesn't upset my stomach because of the way it's brewed as advertised Also, not running to the loo quite as much as regular brewed coffee.

- Farah

The best ever!!!

I have tried my fair share of cold brew coffee! This is right at the top!! It's also great for making coffee ice cube!

- Christi Barnard


My husband drinks iced coffee and has tried many different varieties. He LOVES this and asked me to re-order SOON!

- Katharine McPherson

So good!

I love coffee. I mean, I really LOVE coffee! This cold brew concentrate is really, really good.

- Sharon

Probably worth

It is expensive for sure, but it is a really good tasting coffee. I like tea. I don't like coffee. However, there are no burnt flavors here. Smooth and chocolaty. It tastes even better with unsweetened soy milk instead of water. I just bought a second one, because I can't imagine life without it now. Going to try it with the almond milk barista blend instead of the soy milk next.

- Haley

Stupid Good

I LOVE coffee. And not just any coffee...good coffee. I'll admit I'm a bit of a snob and was skeptical about trying this stuff. But, it seemed to be popular so I bought it. Once you figure out the ratio of this with milk, you'll have a hard time going back to regular brewed coffee. I only had this hot and omg, amazing! Seriously. Buy it. You'll be upset you did because now its all you want to drink in the mornings. Its stupid good. Watch out with the ratio though...first day I poured too much and I was bouncing off the walls until lunch time.

- Katie


Got this for free with an order. It was really tasty and strong. Low acidity, so it didn't bother my stomach. I mixed it with Almond milk. I found it very convenient to have this in my fridge. I only wish Califia had an organic line, as I'd be much more likely to buy their products regularly if they did.

- Gabby


We love our coffee and use it as a starter for brewing our hot morning coffee. It improves it greatly!

- Gale

So good

I love coffee, but only drink it once or twice a week because it tends to give me acid reflux/indigestion. I have had this two mornings in a row with no problem at all. Also, it tastes amazing. If it were cheaper I would order enough to have it every day.

- Tara

Califa Cold Brew

This cold brew coffee is so smooth and very low acid. I don't have any jitters or low blood sugar after drinking it. I'm very impressed with the flavor as well. I would buy this again.

- sherri

A favorite for sure!

Confession: I am a cold brew addict. I have tried so many different concentrates and this is definitely one of my favorites. It's plenty strong, and without a hint of bitterness. I'll definitely buy again.

- KA

Strong and Smooth

I got this free with a large order. They mean it when they say 'concentrate'. I've never had cold coffee concentrate before - it is very thick, smooth, and intense. It's delicious and mixes well with all sorts of milks (cow, flax, almond, coconut) and multiple sweeteners, if you want it, but it doesn't need it; it isn't bitter. Very nice to have it sitting in the fridge waiting for me!

- Felicia

Excellent flavor

I was not expecting to like it so much. I had sweetener in one hand and decided to take a sip before adding it. I LOVED it just as it was! Poured it over ice, and decided to add only Better Half, Unsweetened. A delicious decision!

- Keri

So delicious!

I love coffee. I love cold coffee. This stuff is really good! I add my milk and yum...gone! No bitter taste...just smooth and rich! Love it!

- Joan

Smooth and Delicious

This coffee cold brew is so smooth and delicious! Easy to make in a pinch for an afternoon drink and mix with coconut milk and ice. Does not need creamer since it is so smooth and not bitter. Also organic!

- Karen


I received some of this as a freebie from Thrive and am ordering some more. I mixed with equal parts hemp milk and added a tiny splash of dark maple syrup. I doubt it will last long in the fridge!

- Anne

Dr. Queen

I love cold brew, and this concentrate makes a smooth, almost nutty, caramel coffee. I used cream but no sweetener. I give five out of five cups score!

- Michelle Queen


Mix this with some coconut milk and you've got an at-home cold press coffee experience that rivals that of coffee shops.

- Brandon

Not bad...

But not great either. It was more acidic than I was expecting.

- Ashley

For all coffee lovers

So great on a summer day when a warm cup of coffee just won't do the trick. Naturally sweet. I recommend mixing with a little hemp milk over ice. Always keep one handy in the fridge. Enjoy!

- Abigail

Good, and easy to make!

I haven't tried this hot, but iced it is good! And really easy to make straight from the fridge in the morning just adding a little water and half & half (my preference). I've been skipping the coffee shops all week since this is so easy for my morning routine!

- Jana

Awesome Cold Brew!

This cold brew concentrate is delicious! Great, strong taste without any bitter acidity! Nice and smooth! Perfect for hot summer days!

- Sara

Best Cold Brew

This is the best cold brew coffee I have tried. It has a rich, nutty flavor to it that doesn't taste old or weak. I'll be purchasing again.

- devon


Tastes great!! Not too strong. Convenient to have because the local coffee shops keep running out of cold brew!

- JR

LOVE this coffee!!

I love iced coffee in the summer but don't love it when it's made by my big, fancy coffee machine at home. This is the perfect alternative!! It is delicious - super smooth, not bitter at all!

- Kellie

Much lazy, best coffee.

I moved from the west coast to the mountains, this is always in my fridge.

- Nicole

Start your day right!

Not acidic and delicious with my protein powder and saigon cinnamon! Perfect breakfast every morning!

- Karen


I actually just bought this to bring order up to free shipping...just ordered three more!

- Bernadette

Iced coffee

It's amazing and quick for on the go people.

- Melina

No sugar needed

This cold brew is so smooth and tasty that I don't even have to add any sugar.
Still kinda pricey, but much more cost effective than buying a cold brew from a coffee shop.

- Lisa

Pretty good!

This has got a good taste to it, like I brewed it up at home. I got the Califia barista style almond milk to go with this, and it's good, too. I've just drank it cold and put sugar and vanilla in with it, but I plan on getting some organic coffee syrups to go in it (like gingerbread, pumpkin spice, and a mocha syrup).

- Evie

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