Organic Lavender Liquid Castile Soap

32 oz bottle

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32 oz bottle

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Dr. Bronner's Organic Lavender Castile Liquid Soap is the best of both worlds: strong enough to do the serious household cleaning, but gentle enough for sensitive skin. With a blend of organic coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil, and lavender oil, this soap works as everything from facial cleanser to laundry detergent. Talk about a multitasker!
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About This Brand

What is put on the outside of our bodies is just as important as what is put inside of them. Many personal care items such as soaps, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners, are made with harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens that can be absorbed through the skin and cause endocrine disruption. Luckily, Dr. Bronner’s is a safe, organic brand that provides a number of quality personal care products, all without those harsh chemicals. Dr. Bronner’s legacy Dr. Bronner’s has a long history dating all the way back to 1858 when a German-Jewish family began mastering the craft of soap making. It wasn’t until 1908, however, that they began formally selling their soaps in small batches. Fast forward 20 years later to 1928, and Emmanuel Bronner (third generation master soapmaker) brought his family’s soap recipes to the United States where he launched Dr. Bronner’s. He began by making his soaps at home and packaging them with positive messages to promote inclusion and happiness. By...
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Water, Organic Coconut Oil*, Potassium Hydroxide**, Lavandin Extract, Organic Olive Oil*, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Lavender Extract, Citric Acid, Tocopherol

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Reviews For Organic Lavender Liquid Castile Soap

Based on 69 Reviews

Wonderful for laundry

I use this for my bedding, and I love it. When I crawl in to bed and get that gentle waft of lavender, there's nothing more soothing and relaxing after a long day! Heavenly!

- Melody Ghostley

Favorite Household Item

I use this for my hair, my body, and heck! I even use to was my bath tub! I love Dr. Bronners, especially the lavender because it smells amazinggggggg! Thank you Thrive for making it so affordable and easy to have.

- Maly Mann

Great product

A pleasant Lavender scent! Excited to try this product out

- Erica Jones

Have loved Dr Bonner's soap for years tried this scent 1st time

My New Fav Scent Loved It!!

- katie

Cleans very well.

I just love the smell of this Dr. Bronner's soap. It cleans very well. Anyone else notice it leaves a residue on your hands and sink? It's not too bad and I wouldn't stop purchasing because of it. May be the nature castile soap.

I've been making foam soap out if it and it works wonderfully for that. It makes a thick foam that doesn't ruin the dispenser.

- Anita

Lovely smelling soap

This soap works so much better if you have a bath loofah....a little is all you need and it's priced better than Whole Foods was only 1 scent on sale for this price there but Thrive had the lavender scent too(which smells better) for a lower price

- Diana Carol Yarbrough

Loved it

A very small amount of this soap lathers up a lot. I love it, this will last me a long time. <333 Love it. The smell too.

- Dana

A little goes a long way.

A bottle of this soap lasts a long time when properly diluted. I use foam type pump, as it works best with this product. Smells wonderful!

- Deborah

Good hand/body soap.

Use this as hand soap mostly. Accidentally ordered the Lavender scent instead of original, and I don't really care for it that much. It's not a bad smell, but not something I prefer. I'll keep using the original after this one runs out. Good soap regardless.

- Cory

Best Cleanser Ever

I use this as my shower cleanser and hand soap. This lathers up really well and washes super clean. I always feel squeaky clean afterward but never dry. I've used this as a face wash in a pinch and it did great as well. I love the subtle lavender scent and how amazingly it cleans.

- Colleen


Best soap I've ever used!

- Bex

Best price around!

I will never use another soap again. This stuff is the best! Thrive also sells it for the lowest price I have seen around. Love :)

- Emma

Love this soap - very versatile!

This soap has a variety of uses. It works well and smells great! I am so pleased to be able to save money on this product by purchasing it online at Thrive Market.


Too oily

It was my first time buying this soap and I didn't like it. I felt it was to oily and left a film on my dishes. It had a great scent though.

- Lisa

Goes a long way

The smell is very relaxing and a little goes a long way. I wish I had a bathtub and not just a shower, I think it would be perfect for a bubble bath!

- Natalie

Nice scent, watery texture without pump

Just like their mint liquid soap, The scent is very nice but the liquid is so watery and doesn't come with the pump so when you use it the liquid drips on the side of the bottle

- Jeanette

Great value

Many uses

- Rhonda

Dr Bronners Lavender Castile Liquid Soap

This soap became my laundry soap by accident....I used it when I ran out of my laundry soap (my Dr. Bronner's is my only cleaning product )
After substituting it, I fell in love with the smell of my laundry and the brightness! No more fabric softener even! Just Dr Bronners Lavender Castile Soap.

- Janene

Lavender is my favorite

This one is my favorite of the Dr. Bronner's castile soaps. The peppermint makes sensitive areas tingle and uncomfortable - this lavender one doesn't! It's gentle and smells amazing. It's great for using in foam pumps with some water for our own "homemade" hand soap.

- Leslie

Washed my face Immediately!

Been using my Peppermint Dr. Bronner's all spring/summer here in FL. As soon as my Lavender arrived I washed my face Immediately! I ♡ Dr Bronner's!!

- Wendy

Love it!

Love this product- cleans well, so many uses, smells great, and has no scary chemicals in it

- Eleanor


My favorite soap! It's very gentle and great for my eczema prone skin

- Lisa

It's a WINNER!!!

I love all of the Dr. Bonner liquid soaps! They smell great and have a hundred different uses! Extremely excellent at getting my laundry cleaner when I presoak with it or use it straight up! Perfect for my expensive athletic clothing!


2nd Favorite Dr. Bronner's soap

Lavender Dr. Bronner's is Heavenly. Will gladly keep purchasing this and Peppermint from Thrive Market!

- Wendy

Lavender is my favorite Dr. Bronner's soap

Love, love love this soap. Use it to clean the house, do laundry, make shampoo etc. Will buy again and a bottle lasts me 2 months or so

- Shelly

Amazing versatile soap!

This soap is amazing! It cuts thru grease like butter yet smells good and is easy on your hands and washes off very easily. It leaves no residues on your hands and is made from Non toxic ingredients. It's great for everyday use without drying out your skin. Great pricing on Thrive Market too!

- dan arnold

Best Castile Liquid Soap

I love the multi purpose use for this castile soap. I can use it for just about anything. I really like the smell of this soap. The lavender has a very relaxing affect whether I use it to clean around the house or use it as a body soap (diluted of course).

- Olga

Love lavender

My favorite essential oil is lavender so this soap is perfect for cleaning and adding to my laundry detergent. Great product.

- Belina


I have occasionally used this product in the shower or at the sink. But I tried it in my washing machine and WOW, it made my whole house smell good! What happiness:)

- Lorrie

Dr. Bronner's Organic Lavender Castile Liquid Soap

I love this. A bath after gardening and planting a pear tree was soothing for my insect bites and cleaned my dirty feet and the rest of my body and hair without drying my skin.


Organic Lavender Castile Liquid Soap

I love this. A bath after playing in the garden and yard most of the day cleans my dirty feet and the rest of my body without drying my skin and soothes the many mosquito and gnat bites I receive too.

- Vicki Martin

love love love lavender.

this is my favorite dr. bronner's scent. it smells just lovely! i use it mostly for laundry. i use peppermint for my husband's gym clothes, but this lavender is perfect for everything else. it is gentle yet strong.

- Jade


I love this soap and scent so does my 5 year old.

- Laura

Love it!

I love all of Dr. Bronner's soaps. Lavender is a wonderful scent. Leaves you squeaky clean.

- Kim

Dr. Bronnwe's Lavender Castile Liquid Soap

Excellent product. Top of the line liquid soap. Thrive has the BEST prices on this product.



I love this soap! I'm a fan for life!

- Lisa

Great product

Love this totally non toxic product. I use it for hand soap at the skin, shaving creme and body wash, insect spray. So many uses and safe!

- Maxine

Love this soap!

I use it mostly for hand soap in the bathroom & kitchen. I dilute it with purified spring water & refill my foaming pump dispensers. Soft hands & lovely aroma! I have also used the soap in other aromas for many years for showers & baths. Now I need to branch out & try it for home cleaning purposes.

- Barbara

Dr. Bronner's Lavender Castile Soap

Love it! I began using Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap when that was the only kind. I have loved it ever since, and also recommend the Tea Tree, Baby, and of course the Peppermint. They are all good, and can be used for just about anything!

- Keileidh

Good stuff

Dr. Bronners is an awesome company with awesome products and this soap is no different.

- Mark

Great Buy!

I made foaming handwash with this. It's high quality, cheap and home made.. I would definitely recommend.

- Youneverknow


This was my first time trying this soap and I love it! It's super gentle on my eczema prone skin.

- Lisa

Castile Soap

Did not know that Castile Soap could be used for SOOO many things!! Loved it as a body wash/ shampoo. Felt okay about it as dishwashing detergent, but it surprised me when I used it to mop and deodorize the washing machine with how well it worked!!



i only use bronners soap. my skin is hyper sensitive. love dr. bronners soap, braggs and apple cider vinegar. they rock.

- Kay

LOVE this stuff!

Dr. Broner's is a great brand, and the lavender castile liquid soap is my go-to and very favorite. A quick squeeze on my puff and it scrubs my whole body and I shave my legs with the lather as well. I step out of the shower to the divine lavender smell and feeling soft and energized. I have a travel size for trips and the gym and it can wash out your clothes, dishes, pretty much everything in one product.

- Sheri

Bonner Bros Soap

Great stuff

- Deborah

Dr. Bronner's Rocks

I use this for shower gel, laundry soap, and kitty flea baths! It's the only thing my cats will put up with (lavender is calming), and I know they won't be ingesting any toxins when they groom afterwards --- also soothes any irritated flea itches.

- Jennifer

Workhorse of a soap

I use this soap for everything; bathtime, homemade wipes, dishes, as my own shampoo, a laundry booster, household cleaner, etc. The possibilities are endless and you are supposed to use it diluted so even using it everywhere, the 32oz size lasts a long time (maybe one a month for our family of four- we all use it). Thrive Market strikes again with the best price anywhere.

- Stefanie

Great soap

Excellent soap at a great price. The fragrance of this soap lasts throughout the day and it leaves you feeling refreshed after using it.

- Shannon

to good to be true hair shampoo

yes i saw this on wellness mama too i use this in my hair instead of that bad nerve damage shampoos from the stores thanks thrive and dr bonner.

- Alison

love this stuff

Love this stuff! I use it to make my hand soap...goes a long way!

- Rachel

Great Scent

Good body or face wash. I love their products.

- Chris Wiegand

We love

We love this product. We've switched from using products with chemicals to this. We love it. I've tried to uae it on my face and body but it dried my skin really bad. We do use it in a foaming soap pump for handwashing. Be sure to get or have a FOAMING soap pump for the hand soap. All in all you will not be disappointed!!

- The Anthony's

What a great soap !

I just put my free bonus bottle of lavender Dr Bronner's liquid soap in the kitchen after getting my Thrive shipment yesterday. Well I painted a cabinet and needed to wash out the paint brush. I just put only 4 drops of soap in the brush and it cleaned all the paint out completely! Plus my sink was clean. It smells so wonderful and my hands were soft after using it. I usually use a super concentrate dish soap named after the morning sunrise ; ) This worked better. Another "new" brand product from thrive that I really like and will buy again.

- Cathy


PERFECT! Shampoo, hand soap, face wash, & body wash all in one.

- Hello

This stuff is fantastic!

This soap can replace your chemical-filled hand soap, face and body wash, fruit and vegetable wash, household cleaners and much more. Leaves you feeling squeaky clean without drying or chemicals.

- Judi

Can use it for just about anything

I like all of Doctor Bronner's liquid Castile soaps, but lavender is one of my favorites. I use it for general cleaning, and making homemade body wash, shampoos, and dish soap, and it does a great job for all these applications. The lavender scent is not too overwhelming.

- Christine

Fresh lavender

I love Dr. Bronner's products. I love that they are full of great, natural ingredients. I love that they are so very multi-functional.

The lavender works great when diluted for cleaning, but I can't use this one for anything on my skin. The lavender is just too strong a scent and after prolonged exposure my allergies start to act up.

- Justine H.

Great scent

I really love the lavender Dr. Bronner's. It smells as though you are standing in a field of fresh lavender. It's amazingly beautiful. I use it for cleaning my house and myself.

Dr. Bronner's has so many uses which makes it a must have in anyone's home!

- Marcy West

Smells A-Mazing!

I really love this soap. I use it at night before bed after a hard day at work and it also makes a great dish soap. It gets them squeaky clean and a little goes a long way. It is really wonderful for washing laundry too. I love the calming scent left on my clothing. This is a really great soap!

- Samantha A.

Great All Purpose Liquid Soap

I use this liquid soap for a multitude of jobs around the house. I personally like it best at night before bed because it leaves me relaxed and ready to sleep. I also like to wash my laundry in it and also add it to my mop water to freshen the kitchen and bathrooms. It really smells nice. My kids even like it, and so do I, before they go to bed because it calms them and really readies them for bed. I love that it is so multi-purpose, I can use it for so much that it is very much worth any investment made.

- S. Raven

Dishwashing Use

Decided to try this as an alternative to my current shampoo. I can't say that I'm particularly impressed. It doesn't seem to work out the tangles in my hair, and I'm spending way longer trying to brush them out than I used to.

I really loved the smell, though, so I tried it as a dish soap, and it works much better there. It ends up getting the dirt and grime off of my plates as long as I don't let it cake or burn onto the dishes. I'll be keeping this one in the kitchen and out of my shower.

- Diamond

Thrive does it again

I've been a Thrive member for a few months, and I've seen tons of discounts.

I wanted to try this soap, but I also wanted a great price, and I got it. First, the soap is wonderful. It's not just ideal for my body, but I use it as a leave in conditioner for my hair as well.

But the other thing is the price like I mentioned. Amazon has it for $16 and change. Thrive's just under 11 bucks. Wow. I don't think too many people will argue that Thrive's coming up fast and it's worth every penny to join.

- B. Trunson

One hundred percent pure soap

It's hard to find soap that's made as naturally as possible, with no detergents or lathering chemicals.

Dr. Bronner's line of liquid soaps meets my need for pure soap. It's vegan, fair trade and biodegradable. It smells wonderful and it cleans smooth without leaving a film or drying my skin out.

- Bonnie Tate

Smells really great

I love this liquid soap for having a refreshing aroma without any infused chemicals.The smell is really great and it leaves me feeling squeaky clean.

- Gordon Rice

Smells so good and it's cruelty-free!!!

Like all Dr. Bronner's products this soap is super high quality! The lavender smells so good and it's not tested on animals! Win Win!

- O. Lawrence

Pretty miraculous!

This stuff is great for cleaning just about anything, and it has a fabulous lavender smell. I use it for my daily body/face wash and even a shampoo. I have friends who use it as a toothpaste, but I haven't tried that yet. I also love how it makes my laundry smell. I feel really good about using a one size fits all natural product for pretty much everything. All those chemicals are what make products specialized for this or that. I feel like a tried and true natural product should be multi-purpose, and this one certainly is.

- Amber Tate

Relaxing and refreshing

Lavendar is my favorite Dr. Bronner's scent. It smells so fresh and leaves me feeling relaxed as I start my day. Would definitely recommend!

- Alison


If you haven't tried Dr. Bronner's lavender to do you're laundry, then you're missing out! Love that it's organic and non-toxic, and the smell is divine.

- Sarah

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