Organic Black Beans (2-pack)

Two 15 oz cans

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Two 15 oz cans

Why You’ll Love It

From burritos to burgers to dips, black beans are a mainstay of cuisines around the world. Make all your favorite dishes with Eden Food Organic Black Beans. They're completely organic, GMO-free, low in sodium, and packed in BPA-free cans. They’re also an excellent source of protein, providing 30 percent of the daily recommendation in one cup.
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About This Brand

Based in the southern part of Michigan, Eden Foods is an American food producer that specializes in traditional Japanese products, such as buckwheat soba noodles and umeboshi paste. A range of traditional pantry foods, like apple butter and sauerkraut, rounds out their product selection. How Eden Foods got started Nowadays, organic foods are everywhere, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, not long ago it was fairly difficult to obtain organic products. Seeing this gap in the market, a group of young entrepreneurs were inspired to come up with a way to provide healthy organic food, and created the Eden Foods Co-op in 1968. The co-op was an instant success, finding a large following, mainly of students at the University of Michigan in the college town of Ann Arbor. These bohemian scholars (who were weary of unrefined processed foods) would stop by the co-op to pick up organic vegetables and wholesome foods. Soon, Eden Foods became a community of like-minded individuals...
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Organic Black Turtle Beans, Water, Kombu Seaweed

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Serving Size 1/2 cup (130g) Servings Per Container about 3.5

Amount Per Serving

Calories 100 Calories from Fat 0

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 1g 2%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Sodium 15mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 18g 6%
Dietary Fiber 6g 24%
Protein 7g 14%

Calcium 6%
Iron 10%

Reviews For Organic Black Beans (2-pack)

Based on 21 Reviews

makes an AWESOME brownie

I admit it--I'm addicted to vegan black bean brownies, and I made them mostly sugar free (stevia/xylitol) so they are guilt free. I've been going through these cans like hot potatoes--you must try! My son loves them, too--he says "It's the texture that does it." BlACK BEANS! Makes an amazing smooth textured brownie.

- Aura

a kitchen staple

There is almost no end of ways to enjoy these black beans. I know that I can find black beans cheaper at the grocery store - but not of this quality. I'm not about to compromise in that way - most especially when feeding them to my grandchildren.

- Betsy

Eden Organic No Salt Added Black Beans

As with all Eden Organic beans and products, these are excellent - a real staple in our house in so many different recipes! Extra good is the 15mg of sodium vs. the normal, making them even more healthy and delicious! PS - BPA-free cans too!

- Renee

Yummy beans!

Used these to make a yummy chili, didn't miss the added salt at all!

- Kristina

Eden Foods is always good

Black beans are the best bean for fiber and protein. Use these a dozen different ways. Very good.

- Wendy

Pantry Staple

These beans are one of the best things that I've gotten from Thrive; high quality organic food that I am happy to eat. I do wish that you could buy them in larger quantity; I feel like every time I go to make an order on Thrive, they are out of stock or I can only buy 2-two packs.

- Laura

Great Beans

I don't have access to organic foods where I live so I'm so glad to find them here at Thrive for a good price. There is a huge and very noticeable difference in the taste, appearance and bite between organic beans and grocery store brands and these are no exception.

- Jeanne

Mexican Night!

My wife told me to buy beans for Mexican Night- so I did. Happy wife is a happy life and these beans sure did the trick. I was at my desk working toward a deadline when I remembered that I can order from Thrive!

We were making chicken tacos and I figured that black beans would do the trick! She was excited that I bought Certified Organic and Non-GMO- she thought I didn't know about these certifications.

Crisis averted! Will buy again!

- M. Graves

Best on the market

These are really great, high quality beans. Our family uses them in salads, soups, or as a side for almost anything. They are tender, tasty, and healthy! Plus, there are no additives or preservatives , I definitely recommend!

- R. Wright

Cool Beans!

My go-to easy lunch is black beans, rice, and sour cream in a tortilla. I don't have the time or patience to make them from dry beans like my mom used to, but it's really disappointing when over half of the can is full of black bean mush!

These are packed very well, and most of the beans are still whole! They also don't taste like they came out of a can! Nothing will ever taste like Mom's, but these do taste like they've been made fresh! They also don't have lard, so my vegetarian wife can eat them too!

- Jared Grant

High in magnesium and fiber!

Black beans have become a frequent meal in my home. In addition to them being tasty, they are packed with great benefits such as magnesium and fiber.

They made a good soup but re-frying them sucked most of the moisture out. I tried refraining from adding olive oil, however, it was the only way to improve the consistency. I will stick to using in soups.

- S. Henry

Great Value

The best thing about these beans is that you're not paying for a can that is a third water and the rest beans plus no plastic in the can. I enjoy eating them the most with brown rice and meat, pretty simple. I also have these beans to thank for my cholesterol dropping.

- Brad B

Tasty Beans When Mixed

These beans are made by one of the first organic companies.

These beans are very tasty I just can't eat them by themselves because they are not seasoned. Sometimes I next them into macaroni and cheese to and a little smokey flavor but, usually eat them with Mexican food. They are a great pairing with brown rice and grass-fed meats. Most other brands are heavy on salt, this one is not.

Be advised, these are flavored with natural kombu. If you are sensitive to this, you may want look elsewhere.

- E. Watson

Perfectly Soaked!

A pantry staple!

- Carmen

Perfect, especially for busy people

I love these. They don't have any added artificial ingredients, so they're super healthy, and they require no time at all to prepare. I don't have the time right now to deal with dried beans (though I wish I did), so these are a perfect solution.

- Megan

Love these beans

I've bought Eden Foods garbanzo beans before, so I tried the black bean version. It's almost as good, filled with the pure taste of organic beans with no added salt, sugar or oils. It's really good for my nachos, and I'm telling you, beans are the key to good nachos. You need good black beans that are firm and flavorful to offset the crunchy chips and tangy cheese. These are great.

- Essie Maldonado

Great Consistency

Perfect black beans! I love that they're so simple to heat up in the microwave (if you're being lazy like I am), and they don't get mushy or anything. They have a perfect texture, and they help me stay full long after I'm done with eating them for lunch. Since they don't add any extra sodium, I also feel way less guilty about eating these instead of dried beans.

- Terri W.

Cook perfectly and taste great

I am a big black bean fan. I eat them on salads, over nachos with cheese, and also on rice-especially jasmine rice. I really enjoyed these beans they cook perfectly. They weren't too soft once cooked and they also didn't taste too "raw". Some brands don't cook thoroughly and are a bit tough to chew-but not these. These were simply perfect.

- Stacy Marie K.

I can't wait to have these beans with more of my meals!

I ate these beans along with some organic chicken the other day. They taste really good, and they're also healthy too. They are full of flavor, and they have a ton of protein in them. I can't wait to have these beans with more of my meals!

- Helen Carpenter

Great product , but I have issues with the company.

So I only gave 3 stars because I learn that Eden Foods has some Conservative views on social issues that I do not agree with. That said, I need to keep my sodium intake down and it is hard to find black beans without salt added. So I'm torn, but the beans are delicious and organic too.

- Ms. P. Carter


These are a staple in my pantry. I'd like to make dried beans from scratch at home, but these are just so easy. I like to put them over baked sweet potatoes with some guacamole and in quinoa salads. They're the most natural canned beans you can get.

- Antonia M.

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