Superfood Mushroom Coffee with Chaga & Cordyceps

10 powder bags box

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10 powder bags box

Why You’ll Love It

Mushrooms and coffee - Best of both worlds. Like stimulation? Here you go, without the jitters! Coffee is the world’s most widely used antioxidant-rich superfood and we wanted to give people an easy upgrade for it. You can keep enjoying coffee to crank up your productivity and to boost your metabolism without any guilt for putting strain on your body, thanks to our favourite medicinal mushrooms! We promise that this balanced mix of dual-extracted Chaga and Cordyceps mushrooms with rigorously quality tested, mycotoxin free, 100% Arabica Coffee will make a morning person out of anyone!
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About This Brand

Four Sigmatic was created by a group of friends with a passion for medicinal mushrooms. They left their well-paid jobs with companies like Google, Citibank, and Hewlett-Packard to work on their “mushroom mission.” In 2012 their journey began in the Nordic country, which they consider home. Since then, they have expanded to offer their goods to more than 25 countries in less than four years. In 2014, the co-owners relocated the Four Sigmatic headquarters to the U.S., where it was re-established in January 2015. Although it’s still a small employee-owned startup, Four Sigmatic truly believes that good things come in small packages, and that with passion and hard work, they can make a real difference in global health through the power of mushrooms. How Four Sigmatic makes their mushroom drink mixes Mushrooms in liquid form may sound like a weird concept, but indigenous people have been drinking mushrooms in the form of tea and soup for thousands of years. Although it’s not the...
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Instant coffee powder (100% Arabica), Chaga (dual-extract), Cordyceps (dual-extract).

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Reviews For Superfood Mushroom Coffee with Chaga & Cordyceps

Based on 61 Reviews

Superfood Mushroom Coffee with Chaga & Cordyceps

love this coffee just wish it came in more pkg in a box . my hubby and I drink it every day a bit pricey but its good for you

- louise

Love this coffee

The best mushroom coffee I've tried!!!

- Mary Jo

Surprisingly good

Mushroom coffee! Weird right, yeah I thought so as well. However upon first trying it, I was surprised on how much it actually tasted like regular coffee and not overpowrering mushroom; as I am not a huge fan. If you are a regular coffee drinker you might notice a slight unusual taste, not bad taste but unusual. I found it to keep me alert but some hardcore coffee drinkers might think it a little weak in the caffeine department. Overall satisfied and I will be purchasing again.

- David

So bomb

This coffee product has changed my life. Literally. Cut my caffeine consumption in half, improved my overall health & mood, has helped me elevate my workouts & therefore physique to the next it. Switching to this from my usual morning lattes pre-workout has allowed me to workout harder, sweat cleaner (it's like waterworks now, rather than that slimy hot coffee sweat), avoid jitters throughout & after my workout even when I don't refuel on calories right after. It is so clear that this product is supportive rather than depleting. Provides a grounded lift, if you get me. This is a clear staple for me now, & Thrive offers it half-price even over local discount health food stores. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

- Tobbe J

Love Mushroom Coffee!

I love this stuff, slightly addicted. Wish more than 10 came in a box. Set out to only drink 1 a day but now I drink 2. My only issue with Thrive was they sent 4 tiny boxes of my coffee in a MASSIVE box with a TON of crumpled paper in it. I complained saying they need to be more earth friendly and they said it's all recycled paper - but on my end it was too much! They're lucky that I recycle, not everyone does.

- Tiffany

Easy and Effective

Super easy to make - very good flavor for instant coffee. Even froths a little bit. Would love to see the price come down on these but totally still cheaper than Starbucks :)

- Rebecca

Delicious Coffee in a Instant

I will admit I was a little reluctant to try coffee with chaga but wow, I'm so glad I did. This mushroom coffee taste delicious and mixes extremely well with hot water. I haven't tried mixing it with other liquids, but I imagine it's generally the same.

Don't let the price hold you back either! They are certainly worth it when you compare it to stopping in your local coffee shop or Starbucks!

- Chadwick

Love it.

I've just had my first cup and, wow. I added plenty of coconut cream and have fallen in love with the flavor of this coffee. I will definitely be getting this regularly.

- Laura

Worth the extra money

I can definitely feel the effects of this coffee. I feel more energized, awake, and ready without the caffeine crash. It's slightly expensive, but honestly, compared to buying individual drinks at Starbucks, it's a steal!

- Nicole


I ordered this after reading all the great reviews. They were right, this coffee is amazing. We will be ordering this regularly.

- Monica

Don't Hate It, Don't Love It

I'd say this coffee is"okay." I don't love the flavor, but it's better with a little creamer (I use full fat coconut milk). I do notice it makes me a little more productive, without the side effects of coffee. I received the free samples with an order, and I don't think I would purchase it.

- Ashley

Cleared up my head

Talk about a wake up call... this stuff cleared my mind and helps me focus at work really well. It tastes alright for an instant coffee, as well.

- Amanda Snelson


I will only use them on occasion. A bit to pricey to use often. Great for taking on a trips

- Debora

Sounds weird but give it a chance

I was a little hesitant at first to try this because I absolutely hate mushrooms, but I was pleasantly surprised. You really can'y taste the mushrooms at all. Apart from a slight earthy taste this tastes just like coffee. It doesn't give me a huge jolt of energy, but I also drink espresso regularly so that may be why. I usually drink this as a late afternoon pick me up. Love the benefits of the mushrooms without the weird dirt taste.

- Kelly

Great Coffee

I have this coffee nearly every morning. I love the supplemental benefits I get from the dual extraction of the mushrooms and find the coffee has an awesome flavor.

- Dawn

Mushroom Coffee? It's Good!

I'm hooked on coffee once again because of this brew. The mushrooms seem to lower the acidity allowing me two cups a day.
I only wish it was organic.

- Jennifer

Awesome! From a non-coffee drinker

This is smoother and more tasty to me than most coffees I have tried. The added 'shrooms is a bonus, for sure. I make so-called "bulletproof" versions by adding either butter or MCT oil. This is my new go-to when I'm rushed in the mornings.

- Diane

Great Way to Get Your Healthy Mushrooms

I love coffee and generally prefer to brew it for taste and aroma; but I also love chaga and cordyceps mushrooms for their great health benefits. I sometimes add a packet to some already brewed coffee to get the mushrooms. I also carry some in my purse to add to weak and not so good restaurant coffee when I travel. Great product!

- Raechel

Great price

I bought this similar product on sale at an event and still paid more than I did here. I have also been trying to find this at a reasonable price and Thrive Market is the best price I could find

- Elicia


I have gone through a few boxes now. I love it with my homemade almond milk, coconut oil and maca in the morning.

- Cynthia

Superior Coffee

This is by far the best coffee I ever had! They need to sell it in larger quantities~ Love it!

- Pamela

Mushroom Coffee

It taste like coffee and keeps me awake without the jitters!

- Sharon

not sure what you want here

I love this coffee. It is still on the expensive side even with Thrive. I love it and will treat myself to it occasionally. Thanks for having it.

- Bonnie

It's okay

I don't really enjoy the flavor of this. It's more earthy, which I guess is to be expected, but I was hoping for more of a coffee flavor. It's probably an acquired taste. I have not noticed feeling any different with this than with regular coffee, so I'll be sticking with my normal stuff. Not a product for me, will not buy again.

- Stacy


Tastes just like good instant coffee, no mushroom flavor.

- Amada

Love This Stuff

This tatses great and not really very shroomy! Tastes much better than instant coffe usually does....It has a pick me up effect but much milder than regular coffee. Doesnt upset my stomach as much as reg coffee eother.

- Heather

I can drink coffee!!!!

Absolutely addicted to this stuff! Love coffee but my adrenals do not! Problem solved! Delish with just a splash of coconut milk and gives me sustained energy with zero jitters or crash. I agree with another reviewer.....need bigger box!

- Georgianna

It was good!

I give it a 4 stars because of the price, I like it but its too expensive for me, other than that it's a good coffee and addicting.

- Venice

Yumm! and delightfully awake

It tastes delicious. I'm not sure what the mushrooms taste like, they don't stand out. If anything, it's slightly more savory coffee. It doesn't bother my stomach like regular black coffee and the "lift" is much more subtle than more caffeine. I feel awake without jitters.

- Alaina

love this coffee

This mushroom coffee is so good you don't miss the regular coffee

- virnalisa


Great taste

- J


Already ordered two more boxes. Received free one and I love the taste. It is deep flavored but not bitter I also add to coffee for an extra punch. Will be ordering again. Wish they made bigger boxes

- Angela

Best Instant Coffee

Not kidding, this is a must. I absolutely love this product and will definitely be buying more. Can't start my day without coffee so I might as well get some nutrients in there.

- Aislinn


Love the idea of instant coffee to expedite my morning, and this stuff tastes great and makes me feel great! I wish it was more affordable.

- Madeleine

Pleasantly Surprised

I'm normally not an instant coffee drinker, but I decided to give this a try as a personal experiment. I was not disappointed! From the rich taste to the energy I had, I was hooked. This will have to be an "emergency" boost, as the cost is a bit high for every-day consumption, but it doesn't make me ill like energy drinks/shots do, and it's far more effective.

- Lindsey

Superfood Mushroom Coffee with Chaga & Cordyceps

we have not drank it yet but will soon , looks like itsgoing to be great for our bodys.

- louise

Best product of 2016

By far this is my favorite company on Thrive Market. I travel with these everywhere. Please add all the flavors! Instant Mushroom powders, yes please!

- Katelyn

Very Good!

Surprisingly this is quite good. I didn't think I would like an instant coffee as I'm a self-proclaimed coffee snob, however there's something earthy (the mushroom) with a deep roasted flavor that is just right. I enjoy this to have it be my go-to coffee and I feel like it's healthier. In any case, I'm highly enjoying this!

- Shanna

I like it

I would say it's an acquired taste, but I truly like it. It's easy to fix and since it's made with real arabica coffee it definitely satisfies the coffee craving. Plus I feel good about drinking it.

- Paul

Best Coffee

What a magical power combo in a super convenient packaging!

- Palma

Tastes surprisingly good

I didn't drink coffee at all for half a decade because of the nasty jitters I used to get. But now that I found the concept of mushroom coffee I'm back to enjoying the power of coffee. This product tastes like a very smooth black coffee and I love it the most with almond milk or blended with butter & MCT oil

- John

Mushroom Coffee

I absolutely loved everything about the Four sigmatic coffee . The taste is perfect no sugar needed. The benefits and the price is affordable.

- Helen H

Good Cup of Coffee

I love the taste and the convenience. It is not acidic like most coffee, so it is more gentle on my stomach. A little spendy, but a nice treat once in awhile.

- Regan


I have to say, I was skeptical being somewhat of a coffee snob, but after reading a review by another coffee lover about the flavor, I decided to try it. I love it - best black actually. Great flavor, and have been recommending it and giving packets away to introduce friends & family to it. On my 3rd box! Love the convenience of rushed mornings when I don't have time to make coffee & it's easy to travel with or stick in my purse. I thing a long thin more tube like packing would make it easier to use and reduce the mess but not anything that would stop me from buying it. Highly recommend!

- Kimberly


Love it, doesn't give you a crash

- Meredith

I like this coffee!

This is one of my favorite coffees! It still makes me jittery, but I love the flavor. Delicious!

- Lacey

Best coffee ever

Keeps me energetic without crazy caffein jitters! Good for the stomach, too. Good value for money.

- Jay

So awesome

I'm obsessed with this coffee. It's just straight up fantastic coffee, I enjoy it with a touch of half and half and nothing more. Hope they start producing larger boxes and/or canisters of loose coffee...until then I'll keep ordering several boxes at a time!

- Sara

Had better.

I love coffee, I love mushrooms... but the mix is just not that great. I couldn't get the cup down due to the old mushroom taste and smell. Would not recommend. :/

- Abbi

Most delicious powder coffee

My favorite powder coffee. I absolutely love the mushroom coffee.

- Margaux

Love it

This coffee has replaced my morning coffee because it gives me energy with no jitters. It does not trigger anxiety for me, which makes it a winner!!

- Meghen Sanders

Even better than I thought it would be

I'm a coffee snob. Having said that, I had to try this stuff, even if it was an instant powder. I was surprised how good it tasted, and thanks to having about a 1/4 of the amount of caffeine a cup of coffee has, I was able to enjoy later in the day without any guilt of the impact on my sleep. Packets are convenient to travel with as well.

- Tyler

Great morning boost

Love starting my day with this. I travel a lot for work and this instant combo of coffee and mushrooms is not always in my travel bag.

- Kier


I put a little collagen powder in this coffe and feel the best nutrient boost. It is so smooth and delicious! I love it!

- Erin

Great Stuff

Tastes great. Mixes well in hot or cold water and it gives you energy without the jitters plain coffee can give you

- Kenneth

Smooth & Tasty

Let me start by saying, I take my coffee with full fat, Organic, cream and no sugar. I almost instinctively added the cream to this without tasting first, fearing a bitter taste on my tongue...... Instead, I went for it. Black...... That is how I finished it too! It was smooth and not bitter at all. Don't fret. It tastes GREAT!

- Angela

Totally wonderful....

I am already back buying more.


smooth till the last drop

I love this coffee. I don't miss regular coffee blend it with some almond creamer and Oh My Gosh! delicious.

- Virnalisa

Delicious focus in a cup!

Mixed in a pinch of organic stevia and it was perfect! At least to me, that pinch makes a huge difference in flavor! This coffee is delicious in flavor without being bitter like most coffee. Keeps me focused without the jitters or crash. Now one of my favorite drinks!

- Sara


I love this mushroom coffee. it doesn't upset my stomach and it has a great taste. Especially when I put in a little So Delicious french vanilla creamer.

- Virnalisa

Great Stuff!

I was first exposed to four sigma via a quarterly box. It was cordyceps, which I found to be great. This combines two mushrooms with some good quality coffee. This product is great for convenience and works great as a pre workout drink. I recommend this product.

- Joshua

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