Vmagic Intimate Wellness Cream

1 2 oz Jar

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1 2 oz Jar

Why You’ll Love It

Vmagic is the nations top selling choice of Organic vulva care and intimate skin cream. Vmagic is recommended and sold by women’s health specialists to soothe and moisturize safely. Vmagic is the only feminine care cream that is 100% natural, free of all dyes, fragrances, soy, hormones, steroids, synthetic preservatives, petroleum or parabens. Lab tested and proven to be zero irritant. Pure, where it matters most.
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About This Brand

Medicine Mama’s Apothecary believes that nature has the answer to restoring and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. Products for the skin should be pure and free of synthetic chemicals that frequently irritate the skin and exacerbate the very problems that they are intended to solve. We are passionate about making the highest quality natural skincare possible, which is why we manufacture all of our organic creams with the most medicinally active raw materials from around the world, in small batches at our own boutique apothecary, under the meticulous care of our artisan masters.
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Vmagic is powered by our miracle Melexylem™ (Propolis & Honey Blend). Medicine Mama’s founder discovered and perfected a breakthrough 28 day flavonoid compounding process that binds medicinal honey with rare ancient forest propolis. The defensive proteins in the propolis, harvested by honeybees from the resin of ancient trees, bind with the unique sugars found in our medicinal honey to dramatically increase their potency and bioavailability. The result is a perfect solution to calm, protect and moisturize the most sensitive skin.

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Reviews For Vmagic Intimate Wellness Cream

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I'm so glad I tried this answer to prayer

After the first application I felt relief!

I've had female dryness for a couple of years. It started out being a minor nuisance. Now, it's to the point where it can be painful to walk. THAT dry.

Having sensitive skin that reacts to medicines and topicals has made my search for an answer challenging. After going through a number of creams/lotions/gels, the doctor, pharmacist, and I had finally found a solution.

Then came the insurance change. UGH! The solution that took us 2 years to figure out was no longer covered by insurance. I went through the appeals process without success.

With a family of 6, I can't afford $50/month for 1 prescription. I read the reviews for V-Magic. I talked to my gynecologist's nurse. She had never heard of it, but said it sounded worth a try. She assured me the ingredients were safe for application "down there".

I'm a skeptic by nature, but desperation will make you try things you might otherwise forego. I'm so glad I tried this!!

I've been using this for about two weeks, twice a day. I've had no negative interactions. There is no smell. I haven't had any residue on my panties.

Two suggestions for most efficient use:

1) The first time I used it, I must have used too much, because when I bathed it took going over the area a few times before I felt clean. Even at that, it still felt like the pubic hair was repelling water. I'm figuring out how little I actually need, so I don't have that problem anymore. You really don't need much. After 2 weeks, you can't even tell I've used any. My guess is this small jar will last at least 6 months.

Note: Even with using too much initially, I have never had any show up on my underwear.

2) If you are familiar with coconut oil and how it is solid at room temperature, this V-Magic is similar. It doesn't get that hard, but it does spread easier once it's on your skin just a moment. So let your finger rest against your skin for just a moment before you start to spread.

I'm not one to gush over a product, but this has been a game changer. If you are of the age where menopause symptoms are an issue for you, I highly suggest this natural alternative to pharmaceutical hormone vaginal creams. Oh the money, time, frustration, and discomfort I would have saved if I'd found this a few years ago!

- Janey Goude

amazing stuff!

Not knowing the cause of my irritated skin, I have tried everything. This is the only thing that works. I am buying a back up jar. The only downside is that it is messy (oily) to apply, but that is minor compared to the benefits.

- Jennifer

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