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41.8 oz bag

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41.8 oz bag

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Comprised of only five earth-derived ingredients and formulated especially for sensitive skin, Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder is safe and ideal for your clothes AND your family. The super-concentrated powder is long-lasting and affordable, with just one tablespoon required per load. Just as effective as conventional brands and more effective than natural brands, without the use of harsh chemicals, toxins, fillers, carcinogens, preservatives or GMO ingredients. Works great in all water temperatures and hard water, and is septic- and High Efficiency (HE) washer-safe. 70 Loads
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About This Brand

Molly’s Suds makes laundry products that are safe for humans and the planet. With a strict focus on ingredient integrity, the company was founded in 2008 by Monica Leonard. Although, the story began a few years earlier after the loss of Leonard’s daughter, Molly, who was stillborn. After this traumatic event, Leonard wanted to learn as much as she possibly could about stillborns and what could be done to prevent it from happening to other parents. In the process, she discovered some eye-opening facts about chemicals put into foods and other consumer products. Such as, out of 84,000 chemicals approved by the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), only 1 percent has been tested for human safety. Studies also show that mothers pass chemicals to their babies via pregnancy and breast milk, which is why traces of multiple non-natural toxins have been detected in stillborns. As consumers, people often think about what they eat, but not as often about what they allow to touch their...
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Sodium carbonate sourced from the Green River Basin in Wyoming, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate (heptahydrate), unrefined sea salt, and organic peppermint (mentha piperita) oil.

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Reviews For Laundry Powder

Based on 67 Reviews

Cleans well but....

I love how this smells and I find that it cleans my clothes well but I have noticed some little balls of the detergent on some clothes once the wash cycle finished. It's seems it may have some trouble fully devolving in cold water.

- Neece

Love this!

I use the powder and liquid. It's the best detergent I found. Very economical,since it takes just a tablespoon per load.

- Jennifer Wittmann

Very Clean Clothes

I love using this soap. It makes my clothes very clean . I only need to use 1 tablespoon for a regular load! If it is super dirty or smelly I used 2 tablespoons and they smell great.

- Mak N

I really wanted to like this

I really wanted to like this laundry powder. It sounded great for sensitive skin. However, it was disastrous on many levels. 1) Large clumps of powder that I couldn't break apart, and I noted didn't dissolve even on hot water setting in a long cycle. I had to pull the big clumps out of the bag and throw them out. 2) Fine powder didn't dissolve even on warm water and hot water settings. I used only the amount recommended, one scoopful. Powder remained in the wash tub at the end of the washing cycle. I had to rewash my clothes, as my skin reacted to the powder residue left behind. 3) Not skin friendly. Not wallet friendly when you have to throw away large clumps of powder. Not environmentally friendly when you have to rewash the clothes. I returned to using my usual brand, All Free & Clear. No more skin issues. No residue in the tub. I had high hopes for this laundry powder, but I will never purchase again.

- Michelle

Great Product

I have tried several laundry products and have found Molly's Suds to be excellent in cleaning. Nice clean smell-not overpowering. Plus the reasoning behind this product is heartfelt.

- Susie

This is a 5 star product

Love this soap, it takes a little amount to do a big job. Cleans great and I like the soft scent. I plan to always use this brand. Nice that the measuring scoop is always included in the bag.

- Dee Hatcher

Love it!

Just bought this a week or so ago and love it! Seems to be working really well, and I'm much more comfortable knowing it's safe versus conventional detergents!

- Tamara

Finally found my holy grail laundry soap!

Love this stuff. Get's our clothes clean w/o all the ickies. Smells great when it's washing, but doesn't leave a strong scent on our clothing. Hasn't irritated my eczema-prone fam.

Only downside is that the bag is difficult to seal. Would love it if Molly Suds fixed that.

Also, what happened to the cloth diaper detergent?! That's what got me started with this brand and I miss that stuff. P.S. Dryer balls are the bomb too!

- Dana

Best detergent

Smells great, awesome cleaning product....way better at cleaning than conventional detergents and healthier for you and your family

- Jennifer

Smells Great!

We've been using soapnuts/soap berries for the last few months but my husband was never thoroughly convinced that they were effective. Mainly due to the fact that there's no "clean laundry scent". Rather than submitting and letting him pick up his go-to Tide at Target, I ordered Molly's Suds to see if that'd do the trick -- it worked!

Our clothes are still clean. We're still free of harmful toxins. Everything smells fresh and minty. No complaints here!

- Taylor

Love it, even on delicates and black!

This laundry soap is quite possibly the best I've ever used! I have sensitive skin and this does not irritate my skin at all. I love that it doesn't leave a scent on my laundry, but it removes body odors. I use this in the gentle cycle when I "hand wash" my black sweaters, and am delighted my black sweaters have not faded AT ALL.

- Lindsey

Great product.

My friend recommended this product and she was right. Works great without the harmful chemicals. And you can't find it cheaper than Thrive.

- Amy Kopp

The Best!

Chemical Free, Super Effective - I'll never go back!

- Wendy

Love it

I recently received this when I ordered my son's diapers and this product is amazing! I never thought to use peppermint in laundry soap, but my family loves it! I've tried every laundry soap, even made my own and this is by far the best. The price is great too! I'm also super sensitive and this soap has been very gentle on my skin. I'm very pleased!

- Stephanie K Baker

Goes far

I have been using this bag for a few months and am just finishing up the bag, it seems to last forever as you only need a small scoop per load. The scent was strong for me when I first started using it, but it does not stay on the clothes once washed. Overall I really like it, and have just ordered another bag.

- elizabeth nentwich

Great Product

It works well and it lasts forever! It's a great value.

- Lynn

Molly's suds

This is the best laundry soap I have ever used.
I an 77 yrs. old so I have used a few.

- Daniel


This is my second purchase of this product and I really like that its environment friendly. I don't like harsh chemicals for my family and my daughter is allergic to everything it seems. This cleans my clothes and I don't have to use a lot of powder! It comes with a scoop so I use just the right amount. I'm not crazy about the minty scent but my clothes don't smell minty so it's ok!

- Dani Robinson

Good for the environment

Easy to use. Cleans well.

- Crista

Very pleased with the switch

Changing over the house to more ecofriendly and less toxic cleaners, personal products...enjoy the scent and seems to clean well...does it come in a bigger bag?

- Shelly

Love this detergent!

I used to order directly from Molly's but now it's on Thrive...I couldn't be happier!

- Nell V.

Simply wonderful

I buy multiple bags of this and pour them into a larger bucket with lid to avoid some of the powdery mess. It smells wonderfully of mint...but not artificial or strong. I have four active teenage and older men in my house, along with an active horse riding tween...and all the smells and dirt come out!

- Claudine

This is the best!

Love this soap, one scoop is all you need and the clothes are clean and fresh. From now on this is going to be my only laundry soap. One bag does lots of loads.

- Deanna


This is the only stuff I use to wash my laundry. But I've noticed you've been raising prices. I've bought this on here for $9.95 before now it's $10.45. I found it at tj maxx for $9.99. I still love shopping Thrive Market!

- Jenny Stevens

Natural alternative

Just started using Molly's Suds Laundry Powder in my HE washer. So far I am pleased. Love the light essential oil scent! It is good to know there are healthy, natural alternatives to laundry soap without making it myself.

- Kj

The best

This works so much better than I thought it would. The scent lingers on the clothes and leaves them smelling great. I haven't used it as a stain fighter yet, but otherwise everything comes out clean. This is so much cheaper than the detergent pods and better for the environment as well.

- Katrina Studnicka


The only other detergent comparable is Norwex detergent. Norwex and this awesome Molly Suds are the top ever. I cannot tell you how many earthy, dye free, sulphate free detergents I have tried. AND no build up and gross feel like Tide and commercial brands.

- Katie

Molly to the Rescue!

In an attempt to get free chocolate bars (healthy ones), I ordered Molly's Suds Laundry Detergent. I had been making my own and was out, and not able to get supplies to make more, the day I found the choco bar offer on facebook. While shopping, I realized I could get Molly's Suds, at a discount, before I could make my own. Yea!! It has worked well! Gets the job done, and I like the ziploc bag and enough detergent for 70 lds for my he washer.

- Charla

Works Great!

I am allergic to many different laundry detergents so I decided to give Molly's a try. WOW is all I can say, the powder itself smells amazing, like peppermint. My clothes come out clean and stink free and best of all I do not break out from putting them on. I also have a 4 year old son who has some skin irritation from many different detergents and this one doesn't cause him any issues either. I normally am not fond of powdered detergents, but this one cleans well and dissolves well, and doesn't leave any residue behind like some other brands I've tried.

- Tracy

Best laundry detergent

Love this product! Cleans great!! Fresh and clean smelling clothes

- Jennifer

Molly Suds

Molly Suds works great and has left my clothes smelling fresher and cleaner than any detergent I have used.

- Sheila

Awesome Product!

I got this product free from Thrive for my order, and I am so glad I did. It was just in time because I was out of free and clear laundry detergent. I used it and it has a very nice peppermint smell to it. It seems to work very well. I would have never chose this on my own to try, so I am glad it was one of Thrive's special freebies! One small bag is 70 loads! One Tablespoon is all you need. Oh- and it seems like it actually produces less grime inside the washer machine.

- Katia


I really like this detergent. I've been using it for over a year now and very happy with the results. The smell is so invigorating...especially first thing in the morning. I do suggest that you dissolve the powder in hot water prior to adding to laundry or laundry tub because it will leave white speckles on your darker items. ;)

- sabrina

Works and smells good!

This is my go-to laundry detergent. I love it. The smell of it is so refreshing, my clothes are clean, no bad chemicals and environmentally safe. Win-win-win-win!

- Shelley

Molly's Suds

This is the second bag of Molly's Suds that I have used. It has none of the harsh chemicals, endocrine interrupters and other ingredients and is good for sensitive skin. I find that it cleans my clothes and meets the needs of my family. Plus, it lasts longer than conventional chemically ladened laundry products.

- Barbara Milloy

Molly's Suds

Loved it. I wasn't sure how it would clean but it did a wonderful job. Plus the smell is light which is an added bonus.

- Lou Ann

Works and smells great

With as little as instructed to use, I didn't think it would work well. I have 4 very fit guys in my house, which I'm thankful for, but not always when I do Molly's works spite of the stinky workouts.

- Ironforehead


I like the consistency of this powder there is a subtle hint of the peppermint and seems to clean clothes fine.

- laura

Laundry Powder

I was very pleased with the fresh smell and how clean my clothes have been since using this product. Knowing it is safe for my septic system is also a plus.

- Carol

Good 4 U

I used this product for the first time recently. What I wasn't prepared for was the instant filth that rose up in the tub of water as the washer filled. I let the washer slosh around the whites for a few minutes then let some of the water drain out. The water was dark gray. Ew! Yuck! I filled up the tub again adding half of the scoop with more Molly's. I let the washer do its cycle again, this time the water was less dirty, and let it finish. When I pulled out the wash it was soft and had a fresh clean smell. I dropped it in the dryer with a Meyers Lavender dryer paper. The laundry was very white, clean and fresh smelling. I have used Amway for years, and then Melaleuca products, always hoping they were better for the environment and our laundry. Molly's seems to be better. I like it so far. My hubby seemed to like the softness of his underwear.

- C


This is a wonderful product. The fragrance has a little peppermint to it and my laundry comes out nice and fresh. I sprinkled a little on a stain on the carpet and washed with a mild water & vinegar solution. Worked!

- Kathleen Miller

Clean and Safe

This laundry soap gets our clothes clean! I have two young children, so we have an abundance of dirty clothes from food, grass, markers, and more. Molly's Suds gets our clothes perfectly clean, they are soft, and I know they are safe for my kids. This is the only laundry soap we use.

- Karen W


I love the smel, and it leaves my laundry without a weird smell like others have. I have very, very sensitive skin, and this does not bother my skin. However, it didn't really remove the dirt from the clothes, especially work clothes.

- Morgan

Love it!

It is a very fine laundry powder rather then clumpy like Tide, etc. It smells great too!

- Nikoo

Excellent Detergent!

Works well on everything from my kids grass stained clothes to my husbands dirty work clothes. Everything looks, feels and smells clean, and it doesn't leave any powder residue.

- Renee

Best Detergent Ever!

I have been looking for something to help with "teen" odors--this is it!! Clothes are clean, not covered in chemical fragrance, and the teen smell is noticably reduced. Will stock up!

- Lori

Great Product ~ BUT

Was introduced to this product as a free add on a couple of months ago. Cleans well + has a nice peppermint scent. Ordered two more for my girlfriend + I along with some probiotics but never received my Molly's. Spoke to a rep a week ago who was going to research + get back to me ~ have yet to hear ?

- Robert

cleans well

cleans most clothes well unless they are super stinky (think sports fabrics). Dissolves well in cold water washes (unlike other powders I've tried). I like the peppermint scent (doesn't transfer to clothes tho).

- Tracy

Awesome laundry soap!

I love this laundry powder. It smells like an aroma therapeutic spa experience, but does not leave clothes and sheets heavily perfumed, just clean smelling. It brightens and softens fabrics. I love Molly's Suds!

- Maureen

Molly suds

Love this laundry powder. Works well. Just enough scent. Earth friendly is a HUGE plus!

- Karen

A Must-Have

I LOVE this laundry powder. It works really well and lasts a long time. We used to have a problem with our laundry smelling moldy sometimes, but not anymore with this product. It cleans very well. Plus, it's cruelty-free and doesn't use harsh chemicals, carcinogens and stuff. It's awesome!!!

- Heather

I'd buy this again

This was a free item from my last order. I really like this powder! It really gets my clothes clean and there isn't any strong scents either.

- Lorraine

Leaves residue on my clothes.

I've used this on 3 loads of laundry and 2 of them had residue left behind in the creases of clothing. Two loads were darks and one load was whites and I noticed on both of the dark loads and not the white (but it could have been on the whites as well). After noticing it on the first load of darks I did the next load with hot water to see if it just didn't dissolve well in the cold water and sure enough it was on the second load as well. I even tried to break up the pieces that were clumped together in the package before putting it in the water and I only used the recommended 1 Tbsp. This is why most laundry detergents are liquid now. I used to make my own laundry detergent that was powder and never had this problem. If this keeps happening I will not buy this brand anymore and will go back to my All Free and Clear detergent. I hope they can resolve this issue or come out with a liquid version.

- Cara

Excellent product!

I love this laundry powder. I use it mixed with all purpose bleach alternative and my clothes came out looking so clean and bright. I noticed whites were whiter and colors more vibrant. The clothes smell crisp and clean but not overly perfume-y. I used this for my sheets and towels as well and it made them so clean and soft! I love this and can't wait to try the other products from Molly's Suds.

- Maureen

Good stuff!

This laundry powder cleans as well as any chemical laden soap I used to use, is safe and doesn't lose its lovely peppermint scent but doesn't make the clothes smell minty!

- Susan

Cold water clean clothes

I usually don't like powdered detergent but I make an exception for this stuff. It cleans well, even with cold water. It gets stinky gym clothes clean. I'm converted.

- Tracy


Love this!! Most amazing smell!!

- Cindy

Love this product!

Won't use any other laundry soap again!

- Anna

Works great!

I received this with my last order for a free promotion and I will be ordering it again! Smells like peppermint and really works.

- Brenda

Not as Exptected

I have been making my own laundry detergent for about a year and I found that my white clothes became gray and there was a residue left in my dark clothes. So I decided to give Molly Suds a chance since it rates well with EWG. Well, I got the same results with Molly Suds that I did with my homemade version. Very disappointing! I even found a little of Tide from years ago and used it just to my whites white. I will start looking for a better alternative.

- Valorie

Love it!

I got to try this laundry powder for free and I LOVED it! I had my mom try it too and she likes it also. Clothes come out fresh and it even got rid of stubborn spots that my other detergent wouldn't get rid of. :)

- Melanie

Love it!

Make our clothes feel softer. Smells great and doesn't require a lot.

- Cate

great product

I love this product, it works great and clothes smell clean. Love less toxins :)

- Pam

Wow!! Amazing difference from my old detergent!

I have been very loyal to my previous detergent, as it was safe and i thought it did a good job. When I received my Molly's Suds, I tried it out on the toughest thing I could think of, my teenaged son's sheets. There has been a giant grease stain on them for a year. I am not kidding, after one wash, it was nearly gone! After the second wash, it was completely gone!

I also tested it on my workout clothes, as they just were not smelling fresh. They have no odor at all now!

I have a new favorite laundry detergent that I never would have tried if Robb Wolf hadn't recommended it!

- Kristin

Great Suds

I've been using this laundry detergent for about 3 years, I love it for my kids laundry (an A , EWG rating)! I stopped using it on my clothes about a year ago as it was not leaving my clothes clean smelling. For my kids I use 2 scoops and I add vinegar as well to the wash, their clothes come out clean! I do pre-soak stained clothes but i did as well with regular detergent.

- Elizabeth


Used one scoop on a load of towels and they are clean smelling and super clean.

- nancy

great product

cleans clothes well.

- Hydster

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