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Easy to pair or enjoyable on their own, the wines chosen for this curated set represent mainstays of their mother country, wines you could find while tasting your way through the French countryside. Start in the heart of southwestern France with a hand-harvested Grenache that offers a ripe and complex flavor. Next, stop in Bordeaux and try an organic blend of Merlot and Cabernet. Finally, make your way to Alsace for a glass of easy-drinking Grenache from a vineyard leading the charge in vinticulture’s biodynamic movement.

represent mainstays of their mother country

Josh Nadel
MASTER sommelier
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Clean wine is representative of a time and place, reflecting both the terroir and climate in which the grapes were grown and the meticulous care of farmers and winemakers. From grape to glass, every bottle delivers on a promise to bring members clean, delicious, and inspiring wines from makers who share our values.

Low Impact, Organic, or Biodynamic Vineyards


Expertly Curated by a Master Sommelier


From $12-18/bottle

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Winning combo

Posted   by Beverly from Sweet , Idaho
Verified Purchase
Clean for the win. Sulphates aren’t the problem, it’s the sodium benzoate and such fining agents that’ll make ya miserable.
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pleased but not amazed

Posted   by kari from UNION DALE, Pennsylvania
Verified Purchase
I enjoyed 2 of the 3 wines, however the Clos Des Roques had no body or real flavor.
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Two flowers ones are bad

Posted   by HUINI from CHICAGO, Illinois
Verified Purchase
The other four are good, but the two flowers have gone bad. Taste weird!
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Healthy wine

Posted   by Meredith from MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota
Verified Purchase
I love knowing that Thrive has vetted what is in the wine; it tastes good and you can tell it has less additives and sugar by the way I feel the next morning.
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Loved this wine!

Posted   by Leah from Santa Clarita, California
Everyone loved this wine. It’s highly likely that I will buy this again.
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Good not great

Posted   by Gina from Tappan, New York
A little thin but good taste. Not very smooth and not velvety .
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Posted   by Mona from PORT ORANGE, Florida
Verified Purchase
Good French wine! And at a decent price! Wow! Definitely will order again*
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Taste the quality!

Posted   by Cristina from LAS VEGAS, Nevada
Verified Purchase
Wow! All I can say is that after drinking these "clean" wines, it is hard to drink any regular old wines again! Even most store bought organic/biodynamic wines don't come close. Each had a full-rounded individual flavor of distinct berries and herbs unlike anything I've had before. Just a note of caution: I had the Gamay open in my fridge for two days and it went bad (something less noticeable on lower quality wines), so make sure to drink with friends!
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Thrive Market Wine is Worth It!

Posted   by Kylie from MORRISTOWN, New Jersey
Verified Purchase
I was hesitant to buy so many bottles of wine at once but it's absolutely worth it to keep these on hand! I love the variety pack so I can try new types of wine and I adore the wine guide that comes along with it!
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