Natural Seal Invisible BandageNatural Seal Invisible Bandage858071004034Created by Dr.Kerriann Greenhalgh, a PhD Organic Chemist, wife and mom, Natural Seal is the first non-toxic, safe and effective liquid bandage that provides exceptional protection against dirt and germs when your family encounters life's little mishaps. KeriCure's exclusive technology combines the natural( Healing powers of water with an organic polymer that provides a comfortable, invisible barrier against dirt & gems. It also soothes burns, itching and eliminates rashes & irritations (including diaper rash!). Our products provide a convenient and safe alternative to traditional bandages, antibiotic creams, and diaper rash remedies with an effective, sting free spray.1 oz bottle
Invisible bandage - by Works great! Have used for many first aid events. My grandkids think it’s magic :)
Great to have on hand - by Happy to have a more natural option for first aid kit.
It's ok - by Have to say I wasn't very impressed with these. It didn't want to seal off the wound like it's supposed to.
Works great! - by I keep several of these on hand for my kids. We have used multiple times! Dries quickly.
Easy wound care - by I love this in place of a normal bandage, lightweight and clean

Natural Seal Invisible Bandage

1 oz bottle$8.99/oz