Organic Simply Stock, Chicken Unsalted, 2-pack

Two 8 oz cartons

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Two 8 oz cartons

Why You’ll Love It

Pacific Foods sells their organic chicken stock in a convenient two-pack, and since most recipes only call for a small amount, you’ll have plenty on hand the next time inspiration strikes in the kitchen. Because it’s certified organic and made only from free-range chickens, this stock adds pure, high-quality flavor to every dish. See More
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About This Brand

Fresh farm thinking, Pacific Foods believes in foods that are clean and simple, using only natural and organic grains, meats, and veggies. Knowing where our food comes from is important to us. The way plants are grown and how animals are treated affects the quality of the ingredients we use. By sourcing all our ingredients from farms we respect, we know we’re getting the best quality possible. Making food taste good is only half the equation. We’re here to make food we feel good about bringing into the world.
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Organic Water, Chicken, Carrots, Celery, Onion.

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Serving Size 1 cup (8 fl oz) (240 mL) Servings Per Container 1

Amount Per Serving

Calories 20 Calories from Fat 0

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 100mg 4%
Total Carbohydrate 0g 0%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Sugars 0g
Protein 4g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 2%

Why You’ll Love Organic Simply Stock, Chicken Unsalted, 2-pack

What’s for dinner? With Pacific Foods Organic Simply Chicken Stock, it’s anything you can dream up. Chicken stock is a staple in most kitchens and pantries, and for good reason. It can be used to make soups, of course, but also to cook meats, simmer grains, and make dips that pack extra flavor, too (see our recipes below).

While some prefer to make stock from scratch, Pacific Foods variety is every bit as good as making it at home—but without the extra hassle. Because it’s a certified organic product (made only from free-range chickens), it provides pure, high quality flavor to every dish.

Pacific Foods packages their eight ounce organic chicken stock in a convenient two-pack, and since most recipes only call for a small amount of the liquid, you’ll have plenty on hand the next time inspiration hits in the kitchen. With a resealable spout lid, you’ll also get the perfect pour and a more precise measurement than a canned product.

Nutritional value of Pacific Foods Organic Simply Chicken Stock

This product contains just a handful of organic ingredients, and all of them play a part in providing a rich taste:

  • Free-range chicken and chicken bones
  • Water
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Onions

Instead of using a lot of additives or sodium, Pacific Foods finds the perfect balance of flavors by simply simmering chicken with mirepoix (celery, carrots, and onions). In addition to being certified organic, the stock’s all-natural makeup makes it adhere to a number of other dietary guidelines, including:

Differences between chicken stock and broth

While chicken stock and chicken broth may sound like the same thing, they are in fact quite different. Both are used to flavor recipes that call for a liquid base, but as a general rule, broths do not use meat in the cooking process while stocks use bones, which can result in a thicker, more flavorful product. Here are other key differences:

Chicken broth

By definition, a broth is simply a liquid in which meat has been cooked. There are many different types of broth, but each is generally referred to by the kind of meat cooked in it (i.e. chicken broth, beef broth, or even vegetable broth that is free of animal products). Bone broths are also quite popular, but these do in fact use bones in addition to meat.

Chicken stock

Stock differs from broth by adding bones into the pot. Boiling the bones helps to break down the nutrients usually hidden within them (particularly gelatin) and helps produce a thicker product. Stocks are cooked for extended periods of time at lower temperatures to extract the most flavor possible from the ingredients.

Cooking with Pacific Foods unsalted chicken stock

Soups and gravies are probably among the first things that come to mind for the best ways to use chicken stock. But, there are also many other ways it can be incorporated as well.

Garlic-Roasted Chicken

Naturally, chicken stock is a great tool for cooking chicken entrees. When paired with white wine, as in this recipe, it keeps the meat from getting too dry. Added lemon, rosemary, thyme, and garlic also pump up the flavor. Pair with quinoa or a colorful bowl of salad for a weeknight (or weekend) dinner everyone at the table will love.

Lemon-Ginger Chicken Zucchini Noodle Soup

Soup’s on! This lemon-ginger chicken recipe is a great twist on an old classic that will nourish the soul and body. Grab some of the vegetables from your garden or the farmer’s market, and stir into a pot with Pacific Foods chicken stock. Then, add a bit of coconut oil and a light sprinkling of salt to really bring out the taste.

Chile-Ginger Chicken and Rice

If you don’t have a ton of time to make a pot of soup or cook a whole roasted chicken (and you want to avoid washing all the dishes), this one-pot meal is the way to go. It allows you to make a complete home-cooked dinner in minimal time and with minimal cleanup. The garlic, chile, ginger, and cilantro really give it some punch while fresh jasmine rice evens out the palate. The amount of heat can also be adjusted depending on your taste preference.

More uses for chicken stock

Beyond just pairing up with chicken dishes, stock is a rich flavor enhancer for most foods that normally require boiled water. Just swap in stock the next time you are cooking pasta to create a tastier dish. Rice and other grains like couscous also pair well with chicken stock—the combination can turn an otherwise bland dish into something that is bursting with complexity and flavor. Using stock in sauces is another great way to add a little extra pizzazz and will also help to thin and smooth out the sauce’s texture.

More about Pacific Foods

When Pacific Foods began in Oregon 28 years ago, they had a mission to “grow better, farm friendlier, and act kinder.” The idea was to make healthier and better tasting foods that always kept in mind the planet from which they are sourced and the people who would eventually be eating them.

Ever since, Pacific Foods has tracked all their ingredients, ensuring that all animals are treated kindly and that the footprint used to make them is as small as it can be, like using packaging that doesn’t require refrigeration. In 2010, the company received recognition as one of Portland’s best sustainable leaders by the Sustainability At Work program. Today, the Pacific Foods product line includes wholesome stocks and soups, purees, sauces, and meat and dairy alternatives that all aim to make a world of difference.

Reviews For Organic Simply Stock, Chicken Unsalted, 2-pack

Based on 23 Reviews

Pacific unsalted chicken broth

Best unsalted chicken stock I can get for small batches of soup. Very flavorful and easy to open. Buying again.

- Nancy

Tastes great

Good for soups and marinades love it

- Megan

Organic Simply Stock, Chicken Unsalted, 2-pack

Excellent. Healthy and no salt added! Perfect!

- HappyHorse

Great taste and no additives

I love to cook and often times chicken stock is full of salt and additives. This is great tasting and easy to use!!! I'll buy it again!

- Shay

Serves its Purpose

I drink this stock as is, and agree with the another reviewer in that the flavor is very subtle HOWEVER, on the plus size, you are getting a stock that is unsalted which adds to the health benefits. I have enjoyed it so far. For soups, you may have to flavor it up a little or more depending on your preference, but you have the freedom to fine tune this stock as you please. I definitely recommend this!

- Sam


I am on a salt=free diet, and this is a small and convenient item for cooking, although on its own it has very little flavor/

- Gale

Convenient and healthful

Although I also make my own stock and freeze it, it's way easier to use these 8-oz quantities for the dishes that aren't big pots of soup. So convenient, tasty and healthy! At a great price, too!

- Susan

Chicken Stock

Made some chicken soup with it...Great!

- Cyndi

Something new

I was surprised at the size of these stock containers. I guess I didn't put much thought into the size of them until I got them. Using them is great, though. They are tasty and infinitely better than others I've tried.

- Patricia

just the right amount

I use them to make my sauces for pretty much anything. The container is just the right amount. If I do have some left overs I store them in the fridge. The taste is wonderful and blends well with all meats and soups.

- Frauke

Like water...

Tasted like water. Wanted to use for a soup stock but no flavor at all.

- Thomas

Love it!

Great tasting. Love the 8oz size.

- Nana

Simply stock unsalted

Good for us who prefer low salt everything. Tasty and convenient in 8 OZ. size.

- Hillary

Great Product

I love this chicken stock. It's conveniently packaged which I adore and it's just enough for what I need when I cook. The flavor is good and I spice it how I like it. I would definitely recommend this product.

- Christina

Instant Favorite!

I'd often heard about the cooking trick of using chicken stock in place of water to add extra flavor to pasta and rice. Unfortunately, most chicken stock is WAY too salty for my taste, and some even have MSG! (Seriously, who still eats that?)

This is by far my favorite! It gives lots of good chicken umami flavor to my rice, but doesn't make it so salty that I can't eat it. This was also the perfect thing to have on hand when I had surgery recently and couldn't eat solid food for 24 hours. It kept me from starving!

- Dom Myers

Not what I was looking for.

While this might be one of the healthiest choices for stock due to low sodium and cholesterol free, I was looking for a little more flavor. It was pretty difficult seasoning the broth to a point where it was more enjoyable.

If you are used to seasoned meals, this may not be a suitable choice. Recommended for those that are used to low sodium intake.

- I. Potter

Great product

These are perfect. They are small but they are great for cooking because I can just pour the whole thing in and not worry about it. I always struggle with storing the leftover stock when cooking and worrying about the expiration date but that isn't a problem with this size. Easy, organic, and taste good. Recommended!

- Mike

Restaurant Approved!

Coming from the restaurant industry, I am always looking for a way to prep quicker. When I am making any soap, if I have to make the stock myself- it's time. if I am cooking for my family during that week- making stock takes time. This is the next best thing. I use it for Chicken Matzo ball soup mostly which reminds me of wintertime with my family.

What I was not happy about, was the size of the packaging. I have had to use two of these 8oz packages from time to time.

Would buy again!

- Andrea Boone

Look at package size

I did not realize prior to purchasing that these were only 8oz. I have never seen a box of chicken stock so small. It doesn't seem to be concentrated either. I suppose this is fine for people that may want a single serving as a drinking broth, but I was expecting to make dinner with it. Still a great chicken stock, and in the end it was up to me to pay attention.

- Stephanie

Great size and flavor!

These are so convenient! Great to have on hand for grains and other quick stock uses

- Kelly

Like mom used to make

I grow up in an Italian family, where everything my mom did had to be made from scratch. She made the best chicken soup, but honestly, who has the time to make stock today?

So I cheat and use this unsalted stock, that really does taste as good as hers did. It has no artificial anything, so you don't lose the taste with chemicals and stuff that isn't necessary. Just water, chicken bones, carrots and a hint of onion. The stock is flavorful, and I don't miss the salt because I make up for it by adding other food that is naturally salted. This is really good stock.

- Martia Cantonese

Love the low sodium

I use a lot of chicken stock for my cooking, but I started realizing that most brands I was using had too much salt and I needed to cut as much of that as possible.

So I was happy to try Pacific Foods' stock, and it's wonderful. It's made from organic chicken bones, carrots, celery and onion, that's it. No artificial sodium, no added fat or preservatives, just chicken stock as good as the one I make when I have hours to simmer the carcass of a chicken. It's great for chicken soup and stews, and if I need to add any salt at all, I use a pinch of organic sea salt, and I'm all set.

- Mable Clark

You Have It!

A bunch of my favorite organic cooking blogs have recommended this, and as hard as I try, I can't find it near here. I started my membership to Thrive, and I can't tell you how thankful I am that you carry this. I've been looking everywhere! Now I can have it delivered to my door and never have to worry about it again. Thank you so much!

- Darryl

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