Pit Balm Fair Trade Coconut Oil Deodorant

2 oz jar

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2 oz jar

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Use Simply Fair deodorant balm on your underarms for long-lasting protection. Stay fresh and feel confident with certified Fair Trade, non-aluminum, all-natural ingredients.
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We work diligently to ensure all our products are 100% natural, consciously sourced and highly effective. Keep your practice & your skin naturally pure!
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"Non-Aluminum Baking Soda, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea)* Leaf Extract, Arrowroot powder. *Certified Fair Trade for Life - Social and Fair Trade by IMO"

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Reviews For Pit Balm Fair Trade Coconut Oil Deodorant

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This product is EXACTLY what I had been missing! Sweat = gone! This is the first unscented product I've used, so it's odd to have the perfume aroma missing, but I don't have body odor either! I will definitely continue to use and recommend this product!

- Sara Thompson

Not working so far

Have been using this product for several days now with no success (still sweating/odor). Disappointed, since it has so many positive reviews.

- Katie

Lasts a long time

I have been using balm/paste deodorant for a year or so now , no objection to applying with my fingers (or use a popsicle stick). One that works better for me I seem to go through faster. I never had irritation as some do at first; I understand that is only till your body accepts the change. SO MUCH HEALTHIER not to be applying toxic ingredients right above all those lymph glands!!

- Mary


This is the best deodorant I've EVER used. It keeps me fresh and non-smelly for nearly 48 hrs. I used it in crazy heat, over 95 degrees, walking, running, dancing - and it kept me fresh and absolutely perfect, no sweaty, disgusting smell whatsoever. My brother's wedding was in the wilderness, up in a forest, no shower or any civilisation in sight - so this little balm was a real saviour. When I got it first I thought it's a real hassle to apply it every time, being such a greasy, creamy thing - but now I'm so used to it and it's really, REALLY worth it. Also, you just have to apply it once in the morning, and that's it! No need to carry it with you all around. Just a note - it took a few days for my skin to adjust to it in the beginning. I almost thought it's not working. So, don't give up! Just give it a little time.

- Ivanka

It really works! LOVE!

I was skeptical-never heard of a deodorant "balm." But I was desperate because all the drug store and health food store alternatives didn't work for me any longer.
From the first day I used this I almost didn't believe my nose...my armpits didn't smell--at all! Second, third, fourth, day---hot, humid, gross summer days in NYC--and no smell! I am obsessed...and thankful I found something natural that works!

- Risa


Oh my goodness! I felt and smelled the difference after the first time. It is weird using my fingers, but at least I don't leave any debris in the deodorant. The smell is not pleasant BUT don't let that worry you! I hate sweating because I stink, well for the first time, I didn't mind sweating because I didn't smell anything! not even the smell of the deodorant, which I found myself overly excited about. I even thought of the timing of it all and normally I would smell immediately, I sweat and stink easily and all the time. I could never find the right smelling deodorant before, but this was perfect and soo happy I can finally stop searching. I don't believe it will last all day, but at least it got me through most of my day, without needing to worry, plus no problem in reapplying, nothing is perfect, but this did a great job being close to it. Im considering of getting an essential oil and mixing for a pretty fragrance or just a body mist spray.

- Donna

Does the job

I've tried a few natural deodorant but none of them really did the job. This keeps you smelling fresh for up to 8 hours in the hot summer time. And the balm isn't sticky or messy. I really love it

- Venessa


It works, but doesn't really smell good. I asked my husband to smell me and he said I was stinky. I had just showered and applied. Also, the baking soda burns if you just shaved. I use it before bed so I don't have chemicals sinking in all night. But I apply regular deodorant during the day to cover the smell.

- Stacey


First natural deodorant I have tried that keeps me b.o. free all day!!! Even after a long gym session my pits are dry and still smelling good! Customer for life!


It works!

I wasn't too sure about using a balm, but decided to try it out. I wish there was an easier way to put it on, but the product works. I know it's just a deodorant, but it seems to keep me drier as well!

- Donna

So disappointed...

I really wanted to love this product but it does not love me. I gave up traditional antiperspirants years ago. The one that I used and loved for years is no longer available. I have been searching for an acceptable substitute for about 2 years now. Initially this was great. It helped with perspiration and at the end of the day, no odor. However, after using for a couple months, my underarms are red with an uncomfortable rash with large itchy bumps. This is the same response I received from another natural product that I purchased on Amazon. Through research, I have found out that the baking soda causes this. Try this with caution.

- Pha

I really wanted to like this...

I sure had high hopes for this product. I love the natural ingredients: simple and straight forward.

Unfortunately, I had to take off a star because the product works just fine on days I go straight to work and back with few errands; however, on my longer days when I have class at night after work (think 25 minute train ride downtown followed by 90 minutes of math) I was straight up funky by the time I got home late at night.

I took off another star because I believe the lavender in this particular product irritates my skin. Maybe the non-scented version does not cause any irritation.

In the end, I'm not even half way through the product, in fact I'm just barely passed the rim of it and have not made much of a dent, and I have had to stop using it. I can not use it because the product caused me skin irritation and a slight rash.

- Gina

Works GREAT!

I really love this deodorant! This is the second natural deodorant brand I have tried and it is the only one that works for me! I'm really happy with it! I only need to apply it once, unlike the other natural deodorant brand I have tried. It actually keeps me fresh throughout the day, which I love. It is easy to apply. You do not need much, only a dime size amount will be enough coverage for your armpits. When I do sweat, there is no smell.

- Jennifer


I have tried several natural deodorants and this Is the only one that doesn't make me smell worse.

- Kathy

Had high hopes

I had hope that this was gonna work. It smells like bacon grease to me. It's supposed to be unscented.



I have tried so many different items trying to deal with the ever so frustrating sweat battle since leaving the traditional antiperspirant years ago. This item works. Plain and simple. I am shocked at how well it works and I can only hope they keep it in stock b/c I will be reordering. So happy with this.

- Lisa

Awesome Stuff!

My husband and I decided to try a natural aluminum and chemical free deodorant. I had tried years ago with no success. I typically have to reapply regular antiperspirant 2-3 times a day. We went with this because of the great reviews and the good ingredients. Wow have we been impressed. I have been using it a little over a week. I've read there is a "detox" period when coming off antiperspirant. So I take this to work and wipe and reapply if needed. The first couple of days, I did it at midday and then in the evening. Now, just a week later, I only have to do it once a day. At night, I just wipe and apply a mix of coconut oil and tea tree oil to give my skin a break from the baking soda. My skin is definitely adjusting. And I'm not wet! Added bonus...we will be able to say goodbye to those yellow underarms. Highly recommend this and really give it a try.

- Christy

Very Refreshing Feeling!

This is a great product and I highly recommend it, especially if you want to live and feel better by living organically!

- Spencer

First times a charm

This is the first natural deodorant I've tried and it worked for me! I use about a dime size amount for each under arm and it gets me through the day. I add my own essential oils to give it a scent. Getting ready to purchase my second jar.

- Thrive User

Simple, and simply amazing!

I have been looking for a better alternative for store-bought deodorant that never seemed to work, and have taken chances on 'organic' ones before with no luck. This balm, however, is incredible, and I live in Arizona, which is saying something! This is working wonders for me as far as staying sweat-free goes, I just may find a perfume or oil to add scent when I need it. This product is definitely a new favourite, and I'm so happy I found it!

- Melissa

It really works!

This really nips odor in the butt! I have tried all the natural deodorants and they were so-so. But this keeps me nice and fresh all day; even after a workout, just like the other reviewer said.

- Rosana

excellent product

extremely effective and scentless deodorant. I am very impressed by this product

- Elizabeth

Great Natural Deodorant!

I am so pleased with this product. I was using Tom's... not anymore... this works so much better!

- Debra


I bought this because it has the same ingredients as a homemade deodorant recipe I had been wanting to try, and I thought it would be a good way to test it out before investing in all the supplies. Most natural deodorants don't work well, however this works as well or better than conventional options. The smell isn't great, but after applying with a makeup sponge, I spritz my pits with the fragrance of my choice and I am good to go. The extra hassle is worth it to me to keep BO at bay for 24hours :) I still might try making my own, however I have barely made a dent in the jar after months of use. It might not be for everyone, but at least it works!

- C

This stuff works. I am shocked!

Honestly, I have tried every natural deodorant there is and never had a single one work until this one.

Yoga is my daily workout and after I practice...Well, I do not smell great. Yes, I admit it. But I put this stuff on and it kills all of the odor for over 24 hours. It is crazy how good this stuff works. I am actually SHOCKED.

- YogaLuvr1979

Pretty good product

This product works well as an antiperspirant, but not so much as a 'deodorant', for me anyway. After a hot day in Alabama, I was getting a little fragrant. I modified it with a bit of Thieves oil (only a few drops) and it works much better now.

- Eric

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