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14 oz container

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14 oz container

Why You’ll Love It

Bon Ami’s cleanser is hypoallergenic and free of chlorine, dyes, and scents so often found in traditional products. Instead, biodegradable limestone, soda ash, and baking soda are used as the main cleaning sources that, together, have plenty of practical uses in keeping kitchens, bathrooms, and other living areas clean and fresh on a daily basis. See More
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About This Brand

Simple ingredients and simple processes for products that work well without dangerous chemicals. GREEN CHEMISTRYGreen chemistry is a design process that strives to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances. It’s the best way to describe Bon Ami’s approach to product design. We didn’t start out striving to be green. We just started out with simple ingredients and simple processes to give you products that work well without dangerous chemicals. One green chemistry tactic involves finding new uses for what was once considered waste. (An empty plastic bottle, for example, doesn’t need to be waste: It can be recycled to make something new.) This approach, too, is part of our roots. A key ingredient in our scrubbing powder, first sold in 1886, was feldspar. At the time, feldspar was a waste product at quartz mines, and was being tossed away – until someone noticed that shovels used in the tossing were always shiny. One company’s waste became another company’s key ingredient.For...
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Limestone ~ Calcium carbonateFeldsparBiodegradable cleaning agents ~ Alkyl polyglucosideSoda ash ~ Sodium carbonateBaking soda ~ Sodium bicarbonate

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Why You’ll Love Cleaning Powder

It’s time to ditch the dangerous chemicals and start cleaning the house the natural way with Bon Ami Cleaning Powder. This 14 oz. can is made of powerful but pure ingredients like feldspar and limestone, as well as corn and coconut oils. Together, they can tackle the toughest jobs in every room, but are also gentle on multiple kinds of surfaces and safe for all the inhabitants in the home, including pets.

Bon Ami’s formula is hypoallergenic and free of chlorine, dyes, and scents that are so often found in more traditional products. Instead, biodegradable limestone, soda ash, and baking soda are used as the main cleaning sources that, together, have plenty of practical uses in keeping kitchens, bathrooms, and other living areas clean and fresh on a daily basis. The container is also a fully recyclable product, made of paper and steel, that leaves a smaller footprint on the planet. That makes Bon Ami Cleaning Powder not only an effective choice, but a responsible one, too.

Why use natural cleaning products?

Many people around the world are already taking part in promoting a greener and healthier way of life, whether by buying organic foods, using recycled products, or even wearing clothing made from sustainably-sourced fabric. So what about the household cleaners that are used every day? Bon Ami Cleaning Powder is a natural product that also aligns with a healthier lifestyle and has several key benefits.

  • It uses minerals and organic compounds instead of chemicals. Traditional cleaning products do a good job of sprucing up the house and killing germs, but they rely on harsh and potentially toxic chemicals to get the job done. The benefit of Bon Ami Cleaning Powder’s natural ingredients is that they are simple and safe. Not only are they tough on stains and dirt, but they are also significantly more gentle on household surfaces and even the skin.

  • It’s allergy free. While many are familiar with food allergies, seasonal allergies, and reactions to plants or animals, there are also many unknown ingredients and chemicals found in common household cleaners that can trigger reactions in certain individuals. Because Bon Ami Cleaning Powder is hypoallergenic, it is safe for everyone in the house, including pets.

  • It’s eco-friendly. Generally speaking, after cleaning products are used up, they’re thrown out. Yet the contents of these “empty” containers can have a serious impact on the environment as they begin to take up space in landfills. Instead, Bon Ami Cleaning Powder uses a formula that is inherently biodegradable, making it much safer for the earth once discarded. Additionally, Bon Ami’s can doesn’t require a spray or aerosol to function, which also reduces pollution.

Everyday uses for natural Bon Ami Cleaning Powder

Bon Ami Cleaning Powder can be your go-to resource for keeping your entire household clean, with a safe formula that can be used day after day without worry. This natural cleaner is perfect for all areas of the home, particularly in these settings.

Clean tough stains in pots and pans

Cooking can be a very fulfilling pastime (with tasty rewards), but some foods have a notorious habit of leaving behind unwanted stains—and sometime permanent residence—in that favorite set of kitchenware. A tough cleaning job calls for a strong cleaner like Bon Ami Cleaning Powder, which can effectively and safely remove those nasty blemishes with ease and without scratching off any sensitive finish. Simply shake a bit of the powder on the surface and then use some aluminum foil like a “brush” to get rid of even the most stubborn stains.

Refresh the refrigerator

The refrigerator was specifically designed to keep food and beverages fresh for longer periods of time, but what about the quality of the appliance itself? Lingering food particles and other dirt and dust can build up inside the fridge if it’s not cleaned on a regular basis—but because it stores items that are consumed, it’s important to keep it as clean as possible. Bon Ami Cleaning Powder can do the trick with a natural formula that is much safer around food products. After cleaning, keep the fridge smelling good too with a box of baking soda, too.

Improve the air quality inside the home

Often, the air quality inside a home is worse than the outside. But natural cleaning powders like Bon Ami’s product can eliminate dirt and germs before they begin to float in the air and hide in dark corners. Other common household items like olive oil and liquid soap can also do their part in sanitizing the air as well so you can breathe free again.

Keeping kids healthy

Young children may not have mastered the art of hygiene just yet, which means the areas in which they play could be susceptible to increased amounts of dirt, germs, and other messes. Bon Ami Cleaning Powder is a great solution for cleaning toys and other kid-friendly surfaces because it’s all-natural and completely safe for the little ones. Combine with other gentle products like organic soap and invigorating tea tree oil to leave everything sanitized and smelling like new.

Bon Ami proudly takes its place among an arsenal of eco-friendly cleaners that are proven safe and effective for keeping the entire house clean without relying on harsh chemicals or abrasive ingredients. This all-natural cleaner not only improves quality around the home, but is also responsibly made to support the environment. So get out the mops, sponges, and dusters, and get ready to clean the natural way as part of a completely green lifestyle.

Reviews For Cleaning Powder

Based on 53 Reviews

Bon Ami

I always use this and LOVE how well it works!

- Deborah

Love it!

By far my favorite stainless cleaner!

- Diane

Very good cleaner, even gets old paint off of bathroom tiles!

- Leeza

Bon Ami

I use it on my glass cooktop and it does a wonderful job of cleaning it with no damage.

- Marie

Great for hard to remove stains

This is great when baking soda alone will not remove stains etc. It worked on the built up stains on our tub.

- Greencharger

Great scent

Cleans just as well as cleaners with bad ingredients. Lot the clean scent

- monkey

No scratches

Cleans great and no scratches that I can see so far.

- D. Rod

It's ok, but didn't get out the tough stuff

I was hoping this would be as good as my "Bar Keepers Friend" while being more natural or safe. It may be the latter, but it didn't get off the tough food stains in my pots from the night before's meal--and I ended up having to the the former. It might be good for some jobs, but not the stuff where I really need it. I love that it is natural as I am trying to change how I clean.

- Penney

Love this product

Bon Ami reminds me of when I was young. It does a great job, especially on stainless steel sinks. It also works well on sinks and tubs. I'm pleased with this product.

- Sharon

Excellent price for simple, nontoxic cleaning product

My parents used this plain, simple Bon Ami for cleaning almost everything except wood--in the kitchen and bathroom--stoves, sinks, tile, etc. And that was a LONG time ago. All recognizable biodegradable ingredients, around forever... Follow the label, and don't use on windows or mirrors, and we didn't use it on porous surfaces such as wood either. They're selling this now (if you can find it on the lowest shelves hidden away in the supermarkets) for $3-$4". a container (same size) This used to be 25 or 50 cents--that was a very, long time ago. Now it's still a bargain on Thrive at $1.25. Thank you!

- Carol

No more comet!!

Finally got my Mom to stop using comet with this. Plus, its cheap. It works. finally!

- Kait

Great Cleaning Power

I remember using this product in our home when I was a young girl. I purchased it because of it's natural ingredients and was amazed by its cleaning power in the kitchen and baths.

- Donna

Love this stuff!

great product, great price!

- Donna

Love it!

This is my power cleaner for bathrooms and the kitchen sink!

- Mad

Great cleaner!

Did a great job cleaning! Cleaned a fixture that had turned green from the copper turning colors!

- Sarah

Great product, small container

I love this product especially for cleaning my porcelain sinks and bathtubs. But the can is very small. I'm pretty sure you can get the really large can for close to the same price elsewhere.

- Amanda

Love it

I absolutely love this cleaner. I own a natural home cleaning company, and using Bon Ami sets us apart from the other companies. Nothing makes a kitchen sink brighter than this cleaner! I will use it forever.

- Mary

Long time user of Bon Ami

Continues to be a fantastic product. I always will buy more. Great for the hard water spots on sinks, faucets and showers.

- Mary


And it's still the same hard working scrub. I use it to clean the porcelain in my kitchen and bathroom. No toxic bleach needed. It does a great job on soap scum, stains and the bath tub ring..

- Janet

Works Great

I love this product. It works great and the price is right.

- Petara

forgot about this one

My mom use to use this when I was a child and my daughter-in-law brought it up in conversation. So I checked it out and thought I'd try it. I was amazed at how clean it got the sinks, toilets etc. without using bleach. We have hard water and it worked remarkably well. I will buy again.

- Cindy

Bon Ami Cleaning Powder

I love this stuff! I haven't been able to buy it locally for a couple of years, so I was happy to see it on Thrive when I placed my first order.

- Alison

Average Mom

I ca't believe I never used this before now, ten years and 30 years of marriage later! It works great, and this is a really great price. (Check out what it's selling for on Amazon!) I normally use SOS pads for pans, but since I was out of it I used Bon Ami and the stubborn stuff easily came off. It was nearly magical!

- Susan

No Wonder!

My husband raves about this stuff. I'd never heard of it until I met him. I got a can for each bathroom because you can't beat the price. My bathtubs have never been cleaner.

- Cheryl

Made my sink shine

This cleaner is great! I only used it once but it didn't really have a scent and made the metal faucet and drain of my sink and shower sparkle. I've been frustrated with other (not natural) cleaners leaving it dull and I found an inexpensive natural cleaner that does a better job! I'm glad I tried it!

- Jennifer

Bon Ami

I have been using this product previously
The store I purchased from stop carrying it
So I am glad I was able to find it again at a reasonable price

- GloriousSeniors


I like that it works and smells good.

- Ashley


I use this all the time and gave for years. It's a good, affordable & environmentally smart cleaning powder.

- Noel F.

Bon Ami is the best!!!!

This is by far the best cleaning powder. I am so happy with my purchase. This will definitely be a product that I get on a regular basis from Thrive Market

- Tammy


This cleaning powder was absolute perfection! I am trying to get my family to change to healthier household cleaning products and this was so cheap and SOOOO worth it!!!! I have asthma and regular chemical cleaning products like bleach really bother me! so I'm stocking up on this product!!!

- Brooke


I've been making my own scrubbing cleanser for a while and then I heard about this! It works way better than my DIY and it is under $2!!!

- Lissa

Doesn't scratch

This stuff cleans really well. I was afraid it was going to scratch my glass shower doors but it says on the package no scratching and it is true. It got rid of all the soap scum too. More importantly no scent. No eye or lung burning it's not a toxic cleaner and it gets the job done! I don't know how I have never heard of this stuff until now because it's been around a long time. Just glad I have. I will always use it.

- Lorina

Great product!

My family has been using Bon Ami for 70 years. A great chlorine free/biodegrable product that works! I have never tried any of the other "harsh" cleansers because Bon Ami works!! I high recommend!

- Healthy Mom

No harsh chemicals!

I have been using this product for several months now. I love the natural ingredients and the fact that there are no harsh chemicals or odors.

It works really well but at times I have to use twice the amount of what I would use with Ajax. In some surfaces, it also leaves a white film so I have to use a lot of water to remove it.

I rather spend a little more time cleaning with this than having to put up with the harsh smells of the commercial brands.

- Gabriel

Safe to use on pretty much anything

I can't believe I'd never heard about this cleaner before. I'll never go back to Ajax or Borax, this is great for cleaning any and every surface. It's gentle on my more delicate surfaces and effective on even the most grody of situations. Plus, it's all natural and biodegradable. I thought my boyfriend was crazy when he busted out this cleaning powder for our new apartment and I used to hate cleaning with powders. Weird smells, gets everywhere, irritates the skin, and you really have to work to make sure it's all cleaned off after you're done using it. With this, I still clean all of it off, but I can rest easy knowing that if I missed some, it'll be fine. It's hypoallergenic so no skin rashes if it makes it onto something other than my cleaning gloves, and it doesn't leave that uncomfortable chemical-y smell when you use it. SO happy with Bon Ami. Definitely a new addition to my growing arsenal of natural cleaning products.

- Marion J.

Wish I Knew About This Years Ago

I have been showing dogs for 20 years and with that comes a lot of cleaning. I am very happy when I found this being that it is more natural and I feel bad about using chemicals near my dogs. This stuff gets everything clean and doesn't have a overly strong smell. Its Chlorine free and made in the USA!

I would absolutely buy this cleaner again! I wish I could buy this in bulk so that I am not constantly reordering!

- Tracy Rhodes

Doesn't scratch!

This product is great, I use it for my non-stick cookware and everything stainless steel. I've had a few experiences where I assume it's time to get rid of a pot or pan due to a burnt meal but Bon Ami is a miracle product and cleans it completely without any scratches! Great price fir an even better product!

- E. Harvey

Works great

Works great!!!!!!

- Chanel

Have used for 20 years

I am extremely sensitive to bleach and other cleaning "chemicals". This is the only safe product I can use in my home and it works just as good-if not better in my opinion than the other harsh products out there. I have used this for over 20 years and was so glad to find it on Thrive!

- Dawn

C L E A N S W E L L!

No odor and no harsh chemicals? Yes, please! I've been looking to replace those nasty commercial cleaners to something less toxic. I cleaned the entire shower and tub with this stuff and it works great! Don't hesitate to buy some of this.

- ray

This is great if you have breathing problems

I have used this for a few decades. No harsh fumes [which will make me cough]..cleans very well and does not scratch or leave that gritty film behind.

- atlcdn

Great alternative cleaner

I LOVE bon ami. It works just as well as Comet or other (much more harmful, chemically laden) cleaners. And I love getting it on Thrive for CHEAP. This is a great staple cleaner to have around!

- Julie

Works like a charm!

I've replaced using Comet with this product. The price is right, it works excellent and it doesn't have a strong odor. I use it in my sinks, bath tubs and toilets.

- Teresa

Super cleaner

I started buying this specifically to clean my stainless steel pots, it cleans them effortlessly and leaves a beautiful shine.

- Melissa

Bon Ami

I have used this product for over 20 years and find it to be a wonderful cleaner that, in fact, does not scratch. I recommend it highly.

- Karen Alfano

No scratches

I use this to clean almost everything in my house, especially the kitchen and the bathroom. It is a gentle cleaner, but it gets up all the stains. Unlike some powder cleaners, this one is not harsh or abrasive. It hasn't scratched anything I use it on, yet. I also feel safe letting my kids clean with this!

- Mark Wester

No hives!

Every time I have to clean the house I get the hives from the cleaners I use. Itchy little red bumps all over my hands and wrists. I hate it.

With Bon Ami cleaning powder my skin is safe. It's chlorine free so it is far more gentle on my skin.

I use this all over the house and it doesn't leave any scratches!

- Justine Hig

Non-Abrasive and Effective!

I really like this cleaning powder. It removes rust stains and cleans toilets, but doesn't scratch or ruin my surfaces. I like that it is made with natural ingredients so I can use it around my cats. It gets windows, counters, my stove or tub, and toilets all clean in a cinch and it's a cleaner I can feel great about because it's super affordable and made of natural, biodegradable ingredients.

- S. Kane

Stress free cleaning

It can be hard to find a great natural cleaner. I really like this Cleaning powder. It is effective and doesn't have any harsh abrasives or chemicals. It really gets the house clean and I feel safe using it around my kids and dog.

- Sallie K.

This cleaning product is amazing!

This cleaning product is amazing! It cleans very well, removes dirt, foul odor and it disinfects! The best cleaner I have ever tried. I always get my supply of this at Thrive because they give such low prices compared to others.

- Linda Jordan

Worry-Free Cleaning

I needed something to clean the glass in our house, and as our young daughter is constantly licking it (seriously, small children do weird things), I knew it had to be natural to avoid me constantly standing watch over a window. This has been great. I wouldn't let her eat it from the container, but the ingredients don't make me too concerned when she licks the window. The cleaner does a good job of cleaning off her tongue and mouth marks, and it doesn't scratch our window at all.

- DeShaun

Great price, better product

For the price of what I'd pay for can of Comet, I get a natural cleanser that won't scratch or damage my tub and tiles.

Bon Ami powder rinses off without leaving that grit or film that I find so frustrating with regular cleansers. And it works on porcelain, vinyl and rubber surfaces as well.

- Althea

Non abrasive cleanser

I love this natural cleanser. It works beautifully on my porcelain tub, and it doesn't leave that gritty film the way Ajax does.

Best of all, no harsh chemicals or toxins to worry about. And the can is recyclable, so you feel like you're part of something sustainable.

- Alonzo Rogers

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