Lavender Dryer Sheets

80 sheets per box

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80 sheets per box

Why You’ll Love It

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets are a perfect way to add freshness and reduce static in clothes. This dryer sheet contains a vegetable-derived softening agent and essential oils on a paper sheet.
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About This Brand

What is Mrs. Meyer’s Mrs. Meyer’s specialize in aromatherapeutic hand soaps as well as air fresheners, laundry supplies, and household cleaners. All of these products are completely free of chemicals, phosphates, are biodegradable, and have not been tested on animals. In addition to being ethically made, Mrs. Meyer’s product are refreshing and come in a variety of natural scents like citrusy lemons, calming geranium, or relaxing lavender, just to name a few. The great thing about using their products is that they actually provide a deep clean without containing any harsh ingredients—which is very different than commercial brand cleaning supplies and personal care items. How Mrs. Meyer’s got started Inspired by top-shelf European cleaning products in elegant packaging, Monica Nassif launched Caldera in 2000. A line of luxurious yet healthy aromatherapeutic household cleaners, it was a minor hit right away. The main thing holding Caldrea back from being a huge sensation was...
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Dihydrogenated Palmoylethyl Hydrozyethylmonium Methosulfate, C16-18 and C18 Unsaturated Glycerides, C16-18 Fatty Acids, Fragrance, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oil.

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Reviews For Lavender Dryer Sheets

Based on 37 Reviews

Smells Amazing

Great product and half the price of anywhere I have seen. Love Thrive!

- Mia

Lavender dryer sheets

I love these dryer sheets, better than downey

- Thrive User


These sheets make your clothes smell amazing!!

- vicki

dryer sheets

this is my second order on these lavender dryer sheets! I love them and its all I use now!

- cheryl

Great product

I love these dryer sheets. The other brands always made my skin itch. And often the scents were too strong. These are perfectly scented so you do not smell like a perfume store. I recommend these for sure.

- Kathryn P


I love Mrs. Myers Lavendar Dryer Sheets! The first time I purchased them I was shocked how good my whole box of thrive products smelled, and the dryer sheets were sealed plus wrapped in a plastic bag for shipping. They prevent static and help freshen every load of laundry.

- Natalie


I really wanted to like these! None of the smell stayed with my laundry, and it did not leave my laundry soft either. I even kept the box in a sealed bag to try and prevent the fragrance from leaving, but no luck.

- Rachel

Love these dryer sheets!

Easy to use and smell great! No artificial colors and softens my laundry.

- Eva

Could not smell on clothes

Smelled great when I opened box however, after the drying ---found no trace of odor on anything. Very disappointed. Even dry rubbed my comforter to no avail. Sorry,

- Patricia

Love These Dryer Sheets

These are the best dryer sheets that give a light scent of lavender and make your clothes soft to the touch.. I bought these as an alternative to commercial dryer sheets which are loaded with chemicals and carcinogens.. I will never buy a different dryer sheet again.. Plus, they are about half of the price here on Thrive than they are in the store. Win-Win!

- William

Heaven Scent

When I got my Thrive order and opened the box, the heavenly scent of these dryer sheets filled the whole room. These smell great and do a good job of softening clothing also.

- Angela

Dryer Sheets

work great and smell wonderful

- Gloria

Fresh and nice

I used these for the first time last week. Wow! What a nice smell and soft feel to the clothes. I had stopped using commercial dryer sheets since they usually were chemicals, and often leave a residue on the clothes. Meyers seems to be a nice alternative. They are more expensive than other dryer sheets, but I figure not only do we but our clothes deserve good treatment. My hubby liked the fresh but not overpowering scent. Our towels were soft but not limp. Before this I was using a drop or two of lavender oil or citrus oil on the corner of a washcloth, just to give the laundry a nice fragrance. Meyers is definitely nice.

- C

Overpowering smell

These were so scented, they gave me a headache. As someone who has sensitive skin, migraines, and asthma, they were not good!

- Elizabeth

Love the scent

I love the way these dryer sheets smell. My laundry room smells like a lavender field.

- Deanna Hatcher

Delicious Smelling!

I LOVE these dryer sheets! I wouldn't say I'm overly picky when it comes to dryer sheets typically, but these are just awesome! They leave your clothes smelling clean, they are a thicker sheet than the typical dryer sheet and the scent is just lovely (it makes my whole laundry room smell divine!) These will be the only dryer sheets I buy from now on!

- Jenn

Wonderful dryer sheets

I love lavender smell, and these dryer sheets not only smell great they are very good for one's clothes as they do not contain harmful ingredients. I highly recommend them.

- Tanda

Works great!

Lovely scent, not overpowering. They work great and I like that they are scored along the center so I can tear one in half if I have a small load!

- Susan

Scent is too strong.

I bought this dryer sheets which were sent to me with other things, including food. These dryer sheets smelled the whole box and the food through plastic.
I do not like strong scents. I left the box in the bathroom, and the whole apartment started to smell like the sheets in 30 min.
My advice, if you decide to buy it, buy it separately from everything else.
We will try it however I will cut one sheet in four before putting it in the dryer.

- Thrive User


Love these dryer sheets! We used to use only Bounce but during my pregnancy I became sick at the smell of them. That's when we found these! Awesome natural smell, not a phony artificial smell!

- Tarah


I had never had paper dryer sheets before. These totally make scents (ha!) Eco friendly and the whole laundry room smells AMAZING. My new favorite.

- sadie

Smells amazing!

Smells amazing, but it did irritate my skin so I only used it once. My laundry room smells good at least.

- Vonna

Scent is to die for!

I never imagined lavender could smell so good! We have a lavender bush outside and even this smells better! I'd say that it does a good job eliminating static (although I've pulled out one of two towels that are still static-y). The scent on your clothes is not very powerful, but it does leave them smelling pleasant. Just for the fact that this makes my laundry room smell like heaven, I will repurchase again.

- Anna

Smells Amazing!

I can't tell you how much I love these dryer sheets...they make the laundry room smell incredible when they are in the dryer and more importantly my clothes smells wonderful! I will definitely buy again!

- Elyse

Smells great but don't like the material

The material is like paper and doesn't seem to wear off. The smell is great though.

- Alexia

Mixed thoughts

The smell of lavender radiates through my laundry room and is pleasing however it does NOT bind well to your clothes. When my clothes come out of the dryer they have no scent to them.

- shawn

soothing and refreshing

I've been meaning to try these for awhile. I love the soap and all-purpose cleaner of the same smell but the dryer sheets are so expensive everywhere else.

These are a MUST at the price and the laundry smells so nice!

- Tihomira

A great choice!

I have been using these fabric sheets for a couple months now and couldn't be any happier. Great results with a wonderful lavender smell!

- Stacey

Best Dryer Sheets EVER!!!

I am so not a fan of dryer sheets. I would make my own with Fabric Softener Concentrate, a damp face cloth and all you had to do was re-wet the cloth with each load. This lasted me several loads. These are amazing. I break them in two at the perforation and I just found out you can use 1/2 sheet for two loads. It worked fine. Of course my loads are not that big because it is just me... but LOVE THEM!

- Cynthia

Lavender Dryer Sheets

I love the way the sheets smell and they do cancel out the static when drying your laundry. I also use them in my linen closet, drawers and in my car. They're kinda costly but I find that's the case with purchasing the alternative to toxic chemicals. Chemicals are cheap!

- Dana

Amazing smell...disappears after use

I LOVE the way these smell. I'm a little disappointed because the smell seems to disappear after you use them. I don't notice the scent on my laundry at all. I do love putting them in my gym bag to de-funk it a little!

- Maranda

THE BEST Dryer Sheets EVER!!!

I really don't like using dryer sheets because of the build up on the dryer #1... second because of the residue it leaves on the clothes... I have actually burned clothing with my iron because they stick to the hot plate. My towels are fabulous to say the least... that is my litmus test. soft, absorbent... scent is not overpowering... just great! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE!!!

- Cynthia

Exactly as expected

These dryer sheets work great. They do what they are intended to do and they make my laundry and my laundry room smell fabulous. It's a true lavender scent, very fresh and floral. I don't think we should have to sacrifice great smelling laundry when switching to natural, which is why I bought these and I'm not disappointed.

- Sarah

Clean natural scent that lingers

I'm not any kind of expert, but I know what I like and these dryer sheets are cool. They don't have any dyes, perfumes or added chemicals, which is why I switched after all these years. The essential oils are smell great and they soften my clothes and leave them with a deep, natural scent that isn't very strong, but lingers kind of like if you walk through a field of fragrant flowers. Great product.

- Alejandro Perkins

Lovely Lavender

My first favorite thing about these is that the scent really lasts on my clothing after a trip through the dryer with these sheets. Most just go away by the time I get home from the laundromat.

I am also impressed with the fact that they remove static just as well as my old dryer sheets. I think my clothes love them too!

- Claudette

Better than Typical Dryer Sheets

I found these dryer sheets on Thrive and really wanted to use them and see how they work. I often am left wondering if my dryer sheets are doing anything at all.

Even after using these the first time I could tell they were doing something. My clothes were soft and fluffy and had a hint of lavender scent in them. I keep a few sheets in my dresser and my children's dressers to keep their clothes fresh smelling and I even put a couple sheets under the seats of my car for a cheap, effective air freshener. They work great and smell wonderful!

- Sonja Jane

I recommend this product for home usage.

This product is great, I like the lavender fragrance and it is a great choice for your closet to keep the clothes fresh and smelling nice too. I have noticed that it also reduces static and the clothes are more soft and easy going. Lavender scent is good for all types of laundry whether its clothes for men or women and even bed linen and I recommend this product for home usage.

- Jon Jimenez

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