Cashew Cheesy Sauce, Rich and SmokyCashew Cheesy Sauce, Rich and Smoky860001150629Core and Rind created deliciously creamy and dairy free Cashew Cheesy Sauces. They have whole, real, plant-based ingredients, all of which you can pronounce. Create creamy macaroni & cheese, smothered veggies, gooey nachos or any of your favorite cheesy meals. All of their sauces are clean label, shelf-stable, paleo, vegan and keto friendly. The founders, Candi and Rita, spent years developing these sauces to make your journey to health easier and tastier. They are proudly women-owned.11 oz jar
Tammy - by The flavor of this a nice and smoky taste. the texture is different than cheese but it is very good on tacos or chips if you are not eating dairy. I would buy this again
Wow - by Gotta try. Wow
Strong vinegar taste - by The vinegar taste is so strong that I couldn't eat this. I want to add that I'm a super taster so maybe that has something to do with it.
Nope - by Maybe for someone who never ate real cheese this would be good but as a cheese lover I have to say this stuff is gross. I’ll pretty much each anything but this went straight to the trash.
My new favorite - by I have tried a lot of different cashew sauces and this has been my favorite one so far

Cashew Cheesy Sauce, Rich and Smoky

11 oz jar$0.86/oz