Disinfectant Wipes

70 count per package

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70 count per package

Why You’ll Love It

Keep your home and your family safe from germs with Seventh Generation Multi-Surface Disinfecting Wipes. This non-toxic product is great to use on any surface and also won’t remove color from your furniture. Best of all, these wipes are made with natural cleaning agents that are proven to be effective, killing 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria.
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About This Brand

If we’re truly focused on caring for seven generations of tomorrows, how do we care for what you need today? It’s really quite simple. In caring for the future, we believe we are creating brighter solutions for right now. Solutions for your home, your family, and your environment that protect and nurture your well-being today, open the door to a more sustainable world for generations yet to come. By making conscious choices, we believe the earth will return the favor and continue to care for us, too. All Seventh Generation products are not acutely toxic and are free of chronic toxicants; these and all other product benefits are clearly promoted to our consumers.
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Active ingredient: thymol (present as a component of thyme oil). Other ingredients: Aqua (water), sodium lauryl sulfate (palm kernel or coconut-derived cleaning agent), copper sulfate pentahydrate (bluestone) (mineral derived water mineralizer), citric acid and sodium citrate (cornstarch derived water softeners), essential oil fragrance† (origanum vulgare (oregano) oil, cymbopogon nardus (citronella) oil, cymbopogon schoenanthus (lemongrass)) oil. Wipe substrate: polyester, rayon. †Citral is a component of these essential oils.

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Reviews For Disinfectant Wipes

Based on 31 Reviews

good clean lovely smell

like these ... smell great.

- genevieve

Weird Scent

Overall I like these. I wish they were compostable, and the scent is a little weird, but I like that they're sanitizing while still being safe for my home and family.

- Sarah

Favorite Wipes

Love these disinfectant wipes. I have been using them for awhile, normally purchase from Target but hey we're slightly cheaper here on Thrive. They clean well, pick up small debris, and can even scrub some gunk from the stove. I use these to clean the kitchen (especially after handling raw meat) and the bathroom. I actually really like the smell, and it doesn't even really linger once everything dries. Plus, it doesn't smell like your typical "clean" smell, so if you do a quick wipe-down for unexpected visitors, they won't even know ;)

- Kristin Otto

Love these

I love these. & the smell others mention doesn't bother us at all. Knowing I am disinfecting but without the harsh chemicals is awesome for me & family

- Stephanie

Great stuff!

I love the smell, and the fact that its not a chemical. Makes the occasional sanitizing needs easy.

- Penelope

Odd Smell, but passable for the job

I bought this product as part of Thrive's Starter Pack. There are a lot of wipes in the canister, which is good because you're going to need them. Compared to other brand name cleaning wipes I found this one to have an almost peppery scent, and the towels were much moister. The moisture is good, because if you're like me you'll accidentally leave the can open overnight and with this brand they won't be dried up.

- Jace

Great wipes

When I first got these I could not stand the smell, but I looked passed it because it is a natural product and it works well, which is more important to me. The smell goes away after it dries anyway. I have gotten used to the scent and don't really mind it now, but I do think they should give more scent options or just no scent at all.

- Elizabeth

I can clean without gloves!

I tried these disinfecting wipes because that ones I had been using (a popular commercial disinfecting wipes) caused my fingertips to become dry,crack, and bleed. I started wearing gloves to guard my skin against the harsh chemicals in these products. However, when I switched to the Seventh Generation brand-I did not experience this problem again. Although I still like to wear gloves when I clean, I do not feel like I am destroying my skin or breathing in harsh fumes. Pleasant experience and effective cleaning; 5 stars.

- Brittney


While I'm sure they work well I just can't get past the smell. They smell absolutely awful. Maybe I got a bad batch? ;(


A staple in my home

These wipes are fantastic! Can use anywhere.

- Jennifer

Love these wipes

Wonderful scent, easy to use. Part of my nightly routine.

- Jennifer


I love these. They're super handy for quick clean-ups, and they smell absolutely amazing. They are also pet friendly, so I don't have to worry if my cat jumps onto the coffee table right after I wipe it off. These are great.

- Shelby

Good but wipes too small

love the scent, and feels gentle enough that i am comfortable using without gloves. cleans pretty well, only problem is each wipe is small, so end up using at least twice as much

- Lalena

Strongly scented

These clean pretty well but I couldn't get past the smell. It is a very strong scent. Some mentioned lemongrass and rosemary. I'm not sure exactly what the scent was but even after throwing them away it was all I could smell on the surface and on my hands. I cringed while cleaning with them.

- Jennifer

Rosemary Galore

Nice texture and super strong rosemary scent (which I like)

- Helene

safe to use, no odor

these are a must-have; effective against germs, yet safe for skin, nose, eyes, unlike chlorine wipes.

- marti

Wonderful Alternative to Lysol Wipes

I'm slowly convincing my live-in boyfriend that there are alternatives to our traditional cleansers that work just as well as those with harmful products. These wipes convinced him! They work wonderfully! And the smell isn't overbearing or headache-inducing like so many cleaners.

- Danielle


Threw out all of my toxic cleaning materials and replaced with this product. It does a great job cleaning and smells nice to.

- shawn

Perfect for the bathroom.

I love these wipes, I'm the only girl in a house of boys & we share the one & only bathroom. Let's just state that these handy dandy wipes are my best friend!

- Jackie

Awful smell

I love the idea of these wipes and I really like the smell of lemongrass. However, there is no smell of lemongrass and these have a terrible odor that lingers on everything and on your hands. I hate to throw products away, but the smell of these is so disgusting they will not be used.

- Kelly

Great product!

I love these wipes and use them almost every day to clean the kitchen, bathroom, etc. They smell fresh and I feel they do a good job cleaning up any type of mess. So much better than other chemical filled disinfecting wipes that have a harsh scent.

- Rachel

Great product

I definitely agree with the other reviews that the smell isn't great, however, it's an excellent product. It cleans really well. I'll be ordering again.

- Bri

Terrible Smell

I love the idea of less toxic wipes, but this product smells like bug spray. I'm looking for an alternative.

- Cathy

Horrible Smell

While they seem to work ok. I can't handle the smell. I wear gloves to keep the scent off my hands. I will not buy unless unscented or change the scent.

- Thrive User

Strong smell lingers on hands

I like the idea of these wipes, but the strong smell lingers on my skin through many handwashings. I even purchased gloves to wear while cleaning with these wipes.

- Nicole

Good price on great product

We use these every day at my mom's and my homes. Always have them on hand, especially for clean ups requiring a disposable product for sanitary reasons. Use washable cloth rags otherwise.

- Anna Marie


These wipes are absolutely essential in my home. I love the scent and how clean everything is after I use them. I use them on every surface imaginable and can't live without them!

- Laura

Works well to keep house disinfected

These are great wipes that are convenient to use at my apartment. I use them for just about every spill or cleaning job, counters, walls, kitchen sink and bathroom. Natural ingredients so I don't worry about exposing myself to alcohol or chemicals. The wipes are absorbent and I've actually cut down on paper towels since I started using them.

- Felipe Tyler

Cleans my kitchen

With this cleaner you no longer need bleach to clean your kitchen. No hives and burning skin. No worry about your dog licking the floor and getting sick.

This stuff cleans up even the stickiest messes on my kitchen counters. Lay one on a dried up spot for a few minutes and it will wipe right off!

- Betty W

Feel safe using these around my kids

These biodegradable,, chlorine free disinfecting wipes are great! I like that I can feel safe using them around my kids because they don't have chlorine or other harmful ingredients in them, but they are still effective at killing germs around the home. I have used these on my kids in a pinch, too.
I use them mostly in the kitchen on the counters and around the fridge and stove, but during cold and flu season, I like to keep them around and clean the door knobs and light switches around the house as well to avoid anyone getting ill or it being spread if someone already is ill. I have seen where they have really gone a long way to diminish the germs and illness in our home and we are getting sick less and less often the longer I use these multi-surface wipes. Great product!

- Sara Katherine

Good wipe

I try not to use a lot of disposable products, but these are great if you have pets. I use these for cat-related messes, and when there's sickness in the house. They're very moist, and I usually only need one. It's a good product from a great company.

- Claudia Medina

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