Chopped Clams

6.5 oz can

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6.5 oz can

Why You’ll Love It

Located right in the thick of Downeast Maine near the coastal docks, Bar Harbor proudly carries on regional fishing traditions that go back hundreds of years. These chopped clams are pristine and are as close to fresh off the boat as you can get, without going out there yourself. Try them in a homemade seafood dishes, like New England clam chowder. See More
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About This Brand

Foods reflecting naturally delicious New England cuisine and authentic Maine traditions. Bar Harbor Foods sits on a picturesque wharf on a beautiful sheltered cove in Downeast Maine. The cries of gulls echo across the water; the tide laps against pilings as the tie lines of the fishing boats stretch and creak in the sun and fog. This is where we make our premium specialty seafood – fresh off the docks of Maine.Willard M. Look founded the original East Machias Canning Company (now Look's Gourmet Food Company) in 1917, on a wharf at the head of Holmes Bay. It was Willard Look who first developed the successful process for handling and canning crab meat and lobster, a process that we still use today.While the business has expanded and changed over the past 85 years, Downeast Maine still inspires all our products. Our premium foods reflect naturally delicious New England cuisine and authentic Maine traditions. We like to keep things simple, from original recipes and fresh natural...
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Premium, All-Natural Chopped Surf Clams.

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Serving Size 61g Servings Per Container 3

Amount Per Serving

Calories 50 Calories from Fat 0

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 20mg 7%
Sodium 210mg 9%
Total Carbohydrate 2g 1%
Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
Sugars 0g
Protein 8g

Vitamin A 4%
Vitamin C 10%
Calcium 4%

Why You’ll Love Chopped Clams

Since 1917, Bar Harbor has been synonymous with authenticity, creating small batches of premium handcrafted all-natural seafood delicacies. Located right in the thick of Downeast Maine near the coastal docks, they proudly carry on the grand traditions of Maine fishermen that goes back for hundreds of years.

“The taste of the wind, weather and clean, cold water—it’s not a flavor that needs improving. I believe that in order to move forward, we sometimes have to look back to simpler times.” That was Mike Cote, the current president of Bar Harbor, talking about their fantastic chopped clams. Bar Harbor embodies Maine seafood cuisine, sitting right on the breathtaking Atlantic coast, a mere stone’s throw away from the Canadian border.

These chopped clams are pristine and are as close to fresh off the boat you can get without actually being on the fishing boat. Bar Harbor Foods packages their chopped clams by hand in their oceanside factory in recyclable and environmentally friendly cans, all within hours of catching them.

The only thing used for Bar Harbor chopped clams are top-quality, all-natural surf clams that are sustainably caught from the Atlantic Ocean. That is it! No added sugar. No preservatives. No MSG. And no chemical additives. Just fresh water from the Atlantic Ocean, a pinch of sea salt and freshly caught and naturally juicy large-cut surf clams that are as pure and clean as the crisp Maine air.

These fresh clams are also stacked with nutrients and have large quantities of protein, calcium, healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, and have extraordinarily low amounts of mercury, if any at all.

Let’s examine a few other ways that Bar Harbor chopped clams may be the seafood choice for you:

  • Paleo-friendly: Good news! Bar Harbor chopped clams are devoid of any processed additives and are compatible with the paleo diet.

  • Made in the USA: Bar Harbor chopped clams are sustainably caught and packaged on the coast of Maine.

  • Full of Omegas: Omega-3 is a healthy fatty acid that is often found in seafood. Consuming seafood with Omega-3 can provide a sizable boost to overall health.

What are clams?

Bar Harbor chopped clams are hand-sorted and hand-packed from the cold North Atlantic, and capture fresh, ocean flavor that can transform your favorite recipes.

Clams are found resting underwater beneath the sand and sediment, unlike oysters and mussels that attach to a surface, or scallops that move and swim underwater. The outside of a clam consist of two shells and despite their sometimes small size, inside is a multitude of organs, from heart to kidneys.

There are numerous varieties of clams across the globe, many of which are edible and some that are not. In the United States a popular clam dish is known as New England clambakes, which contains a variety of shellfish alongside corn and potatoes, and is served steaming hot. Clams also show up in mixed seafood dishes across Asia, adding a hearty helping of molluscs to hot pots and curries. And in Italian cuisine, clams are often added to pasta dishes and baked in white wine or tomato sauce.

Health benefits of clams

Most seafood is considered to be health. Salmon, oysters, tuna—the list goes on and on. Bar Harbor chopped clams is no exception to this. Although they may be small in size, they are actually one of the healthiest seafoods in the world.

A single serving of Bar Harbor chopped clams is remarkably low in calories and contains large amounts of protein and other vital nutrients such as Omega-3, iron, vitamins B12, and vitamin C.

  • Iron dense: A three ounce serving of clams has around 24 milligrams of iron—that's more than a small steak.

  • Mineral heavy: Bar Harbor chopped clams are rich with critical nutrients such as potassium, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, and manganese.

  • Packed with Omega-3: Omega-3’s are a type of healthy fat often found in seafood. Research has shown that consuming food with Omega-3 can alleviate blood pressure and help with arthritis.

Bar Harbor chopped clams are paleo-friendly. What does paleo mean?

Paleo is a lifestyle built around the concept that modern humans should reject processed foods and return to a diet similar to the caveman. Paleo embraces vegetables, meat, fish, and fruit while rejecting dairy, grain, and processed foods.

Chopped clam recipes

You have your tin of Bar Harbor chopped clams, but what do you do with it? You can eat them by themselves, but maybe you want to take things to the next level:

Chopped clams temaki (Chopped clam hand rolls)

This one is similar to the seafood rolls you would get at your favorite sushi restaurant. All you need is a tin of Bar Harbor chopped clams, some paleo mayonnaise, and a few other ingredients.

Chopped clams nicoise salad with green olive vinaigrette

Update this french classic by placing a hearty serving of Bar Harbor chopped clams on top. Bon appetit!

Reviews For Chopped Clams

Based on 18 Reviews

Good but

Grateful to have clams in such a convenient format! I like that they're packed in water. But why so much water? The water content could easily be cut in half (and so could the can size).

- Beth

Like a Treasure Hunt

Lots of liquid, not much clams, although tasty when you can find them/

- Gale

Absolutely fabulous!

These are delicious with Linguine in a quick onion, garlic, red pepper saute. An absolute must for the pantry. In a pinch, I've used 3 cans for 4 people with two salads and garlic bread.

- Grace

Fresh and meaty

These rock. Sauteed them in ghee with garlic and popped on top of a pizza for a more balanced quick meal. Buying several more cans.

- Emily

tender. tender. tender.

Cooked just right. Very tender and sweet. Delicious.

- Phoebe


I use these in soup for added protein. Or on top of spaghetti squash.

- Deb

good quality

I used this in making a clam sauce and thought the taste, size and over all quality was good. I plan on getting them again to use in chowder and fish stew.

- Monica

Best clams ever

These are large-cut surf clams and they are perfect for homemade clam chowder. The folks at Bar Harbor hand-shell and hand-pack them. They are
made with all natural ingredients. They seriously taste fresh.

Best clams I have ever had!

- Kirk

Who needs the seafood counter

There's no need to visit the seafood counter for good clams. You don't need fresh clams when you have these from Bar Harbor. They taste great, are packed well, and always of the highest quality.

Thrive Market has all you need for a healthy life, and they even have clams. Who else can say that?

- G. Tran

Like fresh clams

These clams are practically straight out of the water. Bar Harbor ensures that they only package the best of the best and you can taste in in each can.

I am not a huge clam eater, but I love a good clam chowder and these are the only clams I will use. I like that they are free of additives. Delicious.

- Jen Hodel

First Rate Seafood

I'm always cautious when purchasing seafood. There have been some tragic natural and man-made disasters that affect the sea and its residents in recent years. I don't want to feed my family tainted seafood, as I'm sure others don't.

When my wife and I joined Thrive Market, we read all the reviews and did some outside research on several of their products. Bar Harbor has the best rating for clean and flavorful seafood products. After our purchase, we agree, Bar Harbor is a great seafood product. Thanks Thrive!

- Troy Phillips

Not My Favorite

I loved chopped clams, and I was happy to see a healthier alternative here on the Thrive Market website. However, I'm not too fond of this brand. There seems to be a lot of liquid in the container without too much clam. The clams themselves aren't too flavorful, but I barely notice much of the flavor once I put these clams on top of my usual lunch salad. They're okay, but I'll be looking around for a different chopped clam alternative.

- Ellie B

Clam chowder delight

I am not a big fan of clams, although I love me a good clam chowder. Since I went gluten-free I had to start making all of my soups from home, which caused me to learn how to make homemade clam chowder. After experimenting with different brands I settled on Bar Harbor as my favorite.

My only complaint is the same as the previous reviewer: they need more clams and less liquid!

- Marinda B

Packed with protein and yummy

I love seafood, and I'm also a healthy eater. Bar Harbor makes delicious canned clams that are loaded with protein, which I need for my workouts. It's also low in fat and calories, and great for eating right out of the can.

I think it's great as an occasional alternative to tuna and salmon, and my wife sometimes whips up a pasta and clam sauce recipe that is out of this world. With these clams, I can't even tell that she didn't buy them fresh from a butcher, they're that good. One thing, there's maybe a little too much liquid per can, so it can get messy when you open it.

- Adam Toll

Could be better

Well I got them delivered and everything looked good, and I opened the can, and had a bite. It wasn't bad, just not as good as I've been reading from other reviews. They don't taste as fresh as I hoped, maybe I'm spoiled having eaten a lot of fresh growing up.

I know these are canned, but I wanted the clams to be fresher than they were. They weren't spoiled or anything, just ok. I had a few shells pieces too, which wasn't great. Overall, three stars Tastes ok, but could be better.

- Amanda Trainor

Wow, tastes like fresh clams

I'm a big canned fish eater, and I've been crazy for Wild Planet's tuna and salmon for a long time. But I had a taste for clams and found Bar Harbor online. These are so tasty! They're not squishy and chewy, but moist, tender and smell fresh.

I make my own clam chowder, so these are perfect for a quick recipe I have, and they're also really good when I make my fish soup, which also has shrimp and chunks of cod. These are great tasting clams for a reasonable price.

- Angela T.

Bar none, finest clams in a can

I got these first at my local Whole Foods market, but then they stopped carrying them, so I went online I like the price here, less than I paid at Whole Foods for what I think are the best canned clams on the market.

Now look, don't get me wrong, you can't beat the real thing, fresh clams out of the sea, but these are darned close. They're great in red sauce with rice or pasta, which is how I usually cook them. They're not too fishy either, and they come in authentic clam juice.

- Anthony Terry

so good

I use this product for red or white clam sauce for pasta. Makes good clam cakes or clam fritters. Quick stir fry? Sure. Any extra clam juice gets saved in the freezer in the fish stock container... it is a nice addition to the stock. I would like this better if there were somewhat more clams and somewhat less liquid.

- Sherice

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