Our family’s commitment to stay true to our roots has never waivered. Now in our second generation of management, husband and wife team Cindy Rimer and Barry Firth continue Biokleen’s pioneering legacy and mission. Carrying the torch as Biokleen’s second generation of management, Cindy Rimer and Barry Firth work side by side to further the brand’s founding mission and innovative spirit. Working together for 10 years, the husband-and-wife team share top-level decision making through frequent consultation, deference to one another’s strengths, and by bringing their own family’s values to the business each day. Where most couples might cringe working so closely with their spouse, these two appreciate the support, creative tension and fun drawn from their partnership and mutually benefiting goals. An exemplary team, Cindy and Barry are a testament to the importance of an integrated, holistic, mission-based business that places family values—and value for families—above all. Many of Biokleen’s innovative products are conceived right in the Rimer-Firth home, taking inspiration from the needs of their two teenage children, two cats, and dog, Snickers. In his role as Chief Clean-Up Motivator, Snickers ensures that we continually test and improve our formulations through the strategically placed messes he leaves around the office.

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