Hatch Chile Company

Welcome to the True Flavor of New MexicoAt one time, Hatch chiles could only be purchased locally in parts of the southwest, but at Hatch Chile Company you can enjoy the true taste of New Mexico no matter where you are. We harvest our authentic Hatch chiles from New Mexico growers, and then package them fresh with no chemicals. This all natural process assures that you are getting the best tasting Hatch chiles for you and your family to enjoy!We don’t just believe in giving you the true taste of a fresh Hatch chile. We also believe in providing you with many different options to please your guests and every member of your family. Our chiles come in mild, medium, hot, and even fire roasted to give you that smoky flavor. For the person who likes their chiles whole, we grow and package them fresh, but if you want to cut down on your prep time our chiles also come diced or chopped.After successfully growing and selling our Hatch chiles for some time, our customers requested that we expand our product line. We decided that it was a great idea, so we kept our strict guidelines to deliver high-quality, all natural ingredients that go hand in hand with our Hatch chiles. The Hatch Chile Company product line has since grown to the best chiles, diced tomatoes, jalapenos, salsas, and enchilada sauces that you can buy on the shelf. So the next time you are in your local grocery store, try one of our new items out. We are confident that we will turn out to be your go-to brand.“Hatch is the true flavor of New Mexico. Flame-roasted mild green chiles have been a part of the New Mexican cuisine for over 400 years. Hatch has its own unique taste; not Tex-Mex, not Mexican. At Hatch, we only use the finest ingredients!”

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