NuttZo is a gourmet 7 nut + seed butter. The healthiest, most unique super-butter on the planet actually. We’ve been told we’re the next big thing in nut butter. But we don’t really think of ourselves as just another nut butter. To us, we’re NuttZo. We are uniquely our own and we like it that way. Our commitment to you is simple. YOU matter to us. We think you’re freaken’ amazing, this life is short and your body deserves the best of the best. So that’s what you’ll get from us. We select the highest quality ingredients always. Here’s what you can expect: •100% organic •No added sugars or oils •A product high in healthy fats & protein •Flax in every flavor for your daily Omega 3 ALA’s •Gluten Free certified •Non-GMO certified •Kosher certified Why are we upside down? First and foremost, to remind you that you’re unique and it’s ok to do things a little different. But also, so those messy oils that naturally separate are on the bottom of the jar when you open it. If you’re not obsessed, you soon will be. We have a whole army of NuttZo fanatics to prove it. And those fanatics? We LOVE them. Not because they’re buying NuttZo but because they inspire us every day to be our best and live like we mean it. They’re professional athletes, dedicated runners, hard working moms, peace-loving yoginis, self-professed foodies, cute kiddos and health conscious mavens all over the world that choose NuttZo to fuel their workouts and their bodies so they can keep doing what they do best. That’s huge for us. Because at the heart of NuttZo isn’t a bunch of nuts and seeds… it’s a lot of hope and fire for a better world where everyone embraces their ‘unique’, does their part, and lives like they mean it. This is really why we make this goodness. Because it drives our real passion, helping orphaned children around the world. Our nonprofit of choice is Project Left Behind – a small, project based organization that helps orphans around the world. See More

  1. Food (4)
Certifications & Awards
  1. Certified Gluten-Free (4)
  2. Certified Organic (4)
  3. Non-GMO Project Verified (4)
  1. Gluten-Free (4)
  2. Organic (4)
  3. Paleo (2)
Environmental and Social
  1. Supports Charity (4)
Health & Ingredients
  1. Full Of Omegas (4)
  2. High in Protein (4)
  3. No Added Sugar or Sweeteners (4)
  4. Peanut Free (1)
  1. & Up (4)
  2. & Up (4)
  3. & Up (4)
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