Nutritious foods, combined with simplicity, versatility and ease of use.Where we get our roots truRoots grew out of our passion for discovering the wisdom and traditions of farmers around the world. We believe that genuine connections between farmers and what comes to our tables are essential, and travel the world to keep our connections strong.truRoots has grown from this vision into a global network of farms, communities, and cultures. It is the aim of all truRoots endeavors to nurture these connections and share not only traditions and timeless practices, but the results– good, wholesome foods.- Esha and Nimesh Ray, Founders.TruRoots products have been carefully selected and created to offer nutritious foods, combined with simplicity, versatility and ease of use. Our products offer a choice of including these highly nutritious, yet simple foods as part of their daily diet. Easily prepared by anyone, these delicious grains can provide any meal with a fresh zest. And in the hands of an expert cook they can add a gourmet sophistication to any culinary creation. Sprouted GrainsEasy. Delicious. Nutritious.The process of sprouting or germination creates various enzymatic changes in the foods. These enzymatic changes negate “anti-nutrients” in food that prevent digestibility in the food, and increase bio-availability of micro-nutrients. Sprouts are one of the most complete and nutritionally beneficial of all foods. Sprouting seeds, grains and legumes greatly increase the Vitamin content of these foods. Sprouting pre-digests the starches and proteins in the food to make it readily available for the body.Versatile enough to be incorporated into any recipes, these nutritional powerhouses are limited in its use only by your creativity. We encourage you to try our products and continue to explore the possibilities!

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