Venison Sea Salt and Pepper Bar

Twelve 1.5 oz bars

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Twelve 1.5 oz bars

Why You’ll Love It

On the hunt for a wholesome, savory protein not often found in grocery stores? Look no further! EPIC’s venison (deer meat) bars with fruit and nuts are rich in protein (a whopping 12 grams to be exact), low in sugar, gluten- and grain-free, and absent of both soy and dairy. Made with free-range, grass-fed venison seasoned with sea salt and pepper, these satisfying, energy-fueling bars will take your taste buds on a wild carnivore adventure. 12-pack.
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About This Brand

EPIC products don’t just focus on good taste—they also want their foods to nourish the body and mind, while also being conscious of the land and of the animals that contribute to their line of products. The story behind the EPIC brand EPIC was founded by Taylor Collins and Katie Forrest after they both became vegetarians, oddly enough. They both assumed that a healthy diet was entirely plant-based and that the best sources of protein came from soy or other highly processed options. They ate a lot of carbs and very few fats, just like nutritional experts in the media advised, and they also tried going vegan and doing a raw food diet. It didn’t exactly work as hoped since their diets only made them sick with gastrointestinal distress and other inflammatory ailments. Taylor and Katie didn’t know how to maximize their wellness, so they looked for answers in the whole foods diets that our human ancestors consumed. This is also known as the Paleo diet, which focuses on foods that...
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Grass fed venison, lactic acid, sea salt, celery powder, cracked pepper, onion powder, garlic powder.

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Serving Size 1 bar (43g) Servings Per Container 12

Amount Per Serving

Calories 80 Calories from Fat 30

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 3g 4%
Saturated Fat 2.5g 13%
Cholesterol 40mg 14%
Sodium 390mg 16%
Total Carbohydrate 2g 1%
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 12g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 25%
Iron 10%

Reviews For Venison Sea Salt and Pepper Bar

Based on 28 Reviews


This was the best jerky ever, hands down.

- Aaron

Husband Loves these!

This is by far the favorite EPIC bar in our family. The only problem is that we have to ration them out or the will be gone in a couple of days.

- Nicole

Chewy.. takes a bit of getting used to

I like the idea of these.. perhaps I am too new to venison.. I get they are lean and all.. it's just a super peppery and super chewy meat bar.. so.. I'm not over the moon about them.. Personally, I found the wild boar to be better and super delicious.

- Marcia

Excellent Product

Many of this company's bars are too sweet for me. I called and told them. Later I saw this product and it's really good. Not sweet, full of protein, easy, delicious. I just might have one for Thanksgiving dinner*

- Shyama Blaise

Best Epic bar yet!

I've been purchasing Epic bars for the past year and while I've never had any complaint about the taste I've never loved the consistency/texture up until now. The venison bar is less slimy and a little tougher than the others which I greatly prefer. Like other reviewers mentioned, it is heavy on the pepper but if you enjoy pepper its not a problem - I didn't find that it completely overwhelmed the flavor of the meat. As someone who had previously moved on from Epic bars and started buying other brands instead, I'm pleased to find this and will continue to purchase them in the future.

- Taylor

Simply perfect!

Without a doubt, this is my favorite Epic bar. The meat is tender, but not overly so, and it's perfectly seasoned with the sea salt and pepper. Neither seasoning over powers the venison, and a perfect balance is struck with the ingredients. I keep at least 2 in my bag at all times. They're perfect for taking on a hiking trip, or as a snack during long car rides.

- Amanda

Love these!

I'm not a huge fan of many of the Epic bars but this one is GREAT! Tastes like a great "normal" jerky!

- Renee Zimmerman


My husband and I love these! They are very good and are very handy for on the go.

- Lauryn

Heavily spiced

Very heavy on salt & pepper. A bit intense to eat by itself but good if chopped up and sautéed with some greens. Very filling.

- JS

Good but can be stringy.

Well, these start at a solid 5 because I don't know where else you can get game meat (venison/deer) in such an easy to obtain and easy to eat form. The flavor is quite good. I'm docking it one star because the texture can be a little inconsistent, with stringy/rubbery parts. These are *considerably* tougher than the Epic chicken bars, just so you know what to expect. My favorite way to eat these bars is actually to chop them up and add them to soups or stews, which softens them up and adds a great almost "chorizo" sausage flavor. Without a doubt, unless you hunt or know someone who does, this has got to be the easiest way to add grass-fed venison to your diet.

- Anonymous


My favorite Epic bar so far. I'm back for more!

- Jeff

Easy snack

These are pretty good. They have been a great snack while on the Whole 30 with little fat in them. They are peppery and not sweet at all, so if you are looking for some sweet and savory.....this product isn't it.

- Amber Balogi


I use these as a protein bar before dance classes and they work perfectly.

I am very happy to be able to get some less common meats into my diet as well. We eat such a small variety of meats at home, but it is better for the diet to mix it up more. If I can get some different meats into my diet while solving the problem of meals between dance classes at the same time, I'm killing two birds with one stone and that's wonderful. (Not that I'd throw stones at birds ... just an expression.)

- Megan

No added sugar

Nice to find some convenient packaged meat that isn't loaded with sugar. This stuff is fantastic!

- Kyle


My fiance couldn't get enough of this jerky! It's second to making your the taste!

- Lisa K.

Tastes like a beef stick...

I'm always searching for alternative meats to include in my diet, as well as healthy quick snacks. These have a healthy ingredient list, are convenient, and taste good (though you can taste a slight amount of fat, like a beef stick). Each bar is individually wrapped and easy to carry to work, etc. They make a healthy replacement for sugar-filled breakfast bars...

- Tracy


Great protein snack! Lean with lots of flavor

- Jeffry

Great snack

These are a great snack. Great nutrition profile, with fewer calories than expected. The taste is a bit more peppery than salty, but quite enjoyable. Another great addition to the Epic lineup.

- Dan

Perfect snack!

I bought these for vacation. They're perfect for travelling since they don't have to be refrigerated. The flavor is great and not as dry as some of the other flavors.

- Heidi

Very filling, but salty as well

I bought these bars as a quick meal on the go on my busier days and they did just the trick. The only problem is that they are really salty. Remember to bring a bottle of water if you're going to eat one of these!

- Vivian

VERY peppery

I love Epic bars. And I really wanted to love the venison one. Great texture, but I find the peppery spice is too pungent. For me, it even covers up the natural flavor of the meat. I don't mind hot spice at all; this is simply way too much pepper specifically.

- Tracy

Venison Sea Salt and pepper bar

It it tasting and filling. Liked by my all of my family

- Susan


Just what I need to get me through trips away from home. Also find I like them with sauerkraut at home. Love that they've only got fewest possible additional ingredients.

- Linda

Thank you

Thank you for your nutritionally relevant and time saving product.
This product was my first exposure to having venison.
From most delicious, to least delicious.
I am currently following a (paleo-vegan) diet, also known as (pegan), with a focus on a higher ratio of plant based foods.

- Tammie


Epic's Venison Sea Salt & Pepper Bar reminds me of my Uncle Lotar's landyeager, the German's hunter sausage. It's so good to carry with you when you need a protein fix.

- Donna

Love these!

I LOVE these-but I do wish they had just a little less (black?) pepper in them. I will always buy these...and I like some of the others, too.

- Jeannette


Expensive but delicious

- hailey

EPIC has done it again

I'm a huge fan on EPIC products, and these bars are really delicious. If you like that rich flavor of venison, these capture it well! Yummy!

- Alexandria

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