Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack - Sea Salt

0.35 oz bag

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0.35 oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

Savory and delicious sheets of Gimme Seaweed Snack are roasted with sunflower oil to crispy perfection and then seasoned with just a pinch of sea salt. The result is a low-calorie treat that happens to be gluten-free, vegan, and organic, with a crunchy texture and salty flavor. It’s no wonder kids and adults alike love this snack.
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About This Brand

Roasted seaweed in delicious new flavors.We're a family company. In every sense. GimMe Health Foods is owned and operated by Annie Chun and her husband Steve Broad. We’re food lovers, parents, experienced entrepreneurs, and roasted seaweed fanatics.Our family is multi-cultural just like our products. Annie was born and raised in Korea, home to the best seaweed on the planet. Steve grew up in Northern California where he learned early how much better food tastes when it’s all natural and grown fresh. Annie’s knowledge of authentic Korean culture and expertise in Asian cooking feeds the soul of our company. Steve’s business experience, sales, and management skills keep it running smoothly. We both share a real passion for creating healthy Asian foods that taste great, especially to kids. Together, we’ve founded gimMe to share our passion and love of roasted seaweed with you and your family.After starting, growing, and ultimately selling our first natural food company—Annie Chun’s, one...
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Organic Seaweed, organic sunflower oil, sea salt

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Serving Size 1/2 package (5g) Servings Per Container 2

Amount Per Serving

Calories 25 Calories from Fat 20

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 2g 3%
Sodium 65mg 3%
Total Carbohydrate 1g 0%
Dietary Fiber 1g 4%
Protein 1g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 15%
Calcium 2%
Iron 2%

Reviews For Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack - Sea Salt

Based on 71 Reviews

Healthy alternative

I'm kind of new to this snack but I've enjoyed it over some rice. I read that it's a chip alternative and it definitely takes getting used to. But enjoy this super snack, There's no guilt.

- Brittany Williams

Gotta order more

I used to just order a couple and that was enough for me. But, then I gave some to my 2 year old grandson and now because he wants more I order 10 at a time.
Don't ya love it.

- Jerry sloan

Good value

This is a nice snack but not at crunchy or salty as I would like. Will order again.

- Bob

Not for us

I know it's oooooh so good for you, but we just couldn't do it. Must be an acquired taste. Will stick to roasted kale.

- mostlysunny07

Fresh and clean snack

interesting taste, dissolve in your mouth and good for you? How awesome!

- William F Willin

Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack - Sea Salt

When my husband feels like eating something with a bit of crunch, these are his go-to snack. Many of the seaweed chips have lot's of added ingredients that he can't tolerate, but these; simple, tasty and good for you! And, just the right serving size!

- Debbie

Yummy health

These are great but too small a pkg. this is just one serving, (after sharing with the dogs and cats) A family sized, affordable, priced and sized the same as chips to use as a chip replacement would be great.

- Linea

Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack-Sea Salt

So good. I love the way they taste.

- Helen

easy snack

My son and I love these. Easy to snack on and travel with!

- Courtney

Perfect Snack

First, understand that this is seaweed--it's not a seaweed-infused cracker. So it's the stuff that sushi comes wrapped in, only deliciously crispy and a little salty. I think it's a great substitute for chips or popcorn, with fewer calories, carbs, etc. And I love the taste! (My kids, I must say, do not love the taste of seaweed, in sushi or otherwise.)

This company also makes a teriyaki-flavored variety, that I wish Thrive would carry. It's my favorite!

- Vivian

Great snack

My 5-year-old LOVES these. She asks for them all the time. I don't particularly care for them, I'm not big on seaweed unless it's wrapping up sushi, but what a great healthy snack for my daughter!

- Heather

Good Tasting

These are paper thin, stacked on their sides in the container and good tasting...not over powering in taste nor too salty...They are addicting as you cannot just eat be careful they do not stick to the roof of your mouth and get stuck there

- Geralyn

Helpful Snacks

This snack is great to have on hand. Carry it in the car, afternoon snack to pick you up. It's great to share too. Taste is wonderful and it's healthy. Nice going Thrive! I'm hooked on your company because of products like this one.

- Penny

Excellent Snack

This snack has a slight fishy taste but still very enjoyable. They are very low in calories. Wonderful snack.


Seaweed snack

They're OK but not very satisfying.

- Sydne


These are very paper thin snacks. I really didn't like them, but I didn't know what to expect. My son loved them. He said they would be good for making sushi also.

- Vicky

Good quick snack

Super yummy

- Elizabeth

Roasted seaweed

Yuck not good at all no sea salt taste just s fishy taste and not a pleasant fish.

- Pam

Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack-Sea Salt

I do not care for this and won't be buying it again.

- Karen Groeneveld

Not my taste

I thought they were a cracker- too fishy for my taste.
No like.

- Lee

So good!!

My new favorite go-to snack!!!

- Mary

Not quite my taste

I'm always willing to try something new. The seaweed snack was just not my style. They are very light and airy but much to fishy for me. My 4 month old puppy loves them. I'm sure many people like these, but it's not my style

- Joyce

Seaweed snack

Good but unusual

- Karla

Not great.. at all

Fish food. It melted in my mouth and it tasted like straight up seaweed. No salt. Blehh!

- Brittany

Seaweed Snack

I did not like these at all. Tasted very fishy.

- Becky Mitchell


These are

- Holley

Organic Roasted Seaweed snack

Taste sort of grows on ya :-) --it's a bit strong, but hey, it's seaweed! Seriously, this product is much milder than other seaweed snacks I have tried. And it's a health alternative to high calorie, low nutrient snacks like traditional chips. also stops "the munchies" in its tracks. Thanks for stocking this product, Thrive Market!

- gl

Organic Roasted Seaweed

Horrible - not at all what packaging leads you to believe. Only thing this is good for is wrapping raw fish.

- Toni


Their so good!

- Rosana

Omw loved this!

This is officially my new fav snack. Ordering more today.

- Crystal

Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack

I love tearing these snacks into soups, or just eating them out of the package.

- Johanna

Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack

Good Tasty and so Healthy


Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack

Good Tasty and so Healthy


Avocado Oil Mayo

Delicious and Healthy.


Seawee Snacks

I make sushi balls out of these - both the sea salt and sesame ones. So much easier to use then the big sheets.

- Jean

Best snack

Delicious healthy & low calorie ! Great for a snack

- Emily

So Good!

These seaweed snacks are in the other room and I keep thinking about going to get more until they are all gone. I had never had seaweed snacks before trying these, and they are downright delicious. My only complaint is that there aren't more of them, but for $1.75 a pack, I'll be happy to buy more next time!

- Bethany


Favorite seaweed snack

- Denise


They're okay. Something you have to get used to tasting especially if you're not used to something crunchy and then kind of melting in your mouth type texture. I do like the saltiness.

- Candice

Gimme Organic Roasted Seaweed

Love this product. Have 2 slices almost everyday.

- Patricia

Great for adults and kids

First time we bought these. Great light flavor. Perfect school snack , even added to sauce for pasta

- Shawna

great salty snack

I really like these seaweed snacks. They are just the right amount and taste good.

- Bridget

These are weird....

Very thin sheets. For some reason I was thinking they'd be kinda like kale chips but they're not. Strong seaweed taste for sure, won't be ordering again.

- Christine

Great seaweed

That we can feel good about eating.

- Carlee


not too salty, just the way I like them

- Sasha

good snack

Great to eat with rice!

- Jacki

Seaweed snack

Very good

- Jo

Organic Roasted Seaweed Snack

This is a great swap for me from potato chips. They are a good portion size, easy to pack in my purse or lunchbox. Bonus, I am doing something positive for my thyroid when I eat them.

- Kelly

Weird but delicous

At first the taste they give off when you stick in your mouth is a little weird, but after they are a tasty little snack.

- Jessica

Healthy Snack

This is my teenage daughters go to for snack. She eats about one package/day, and I would rather see her eating seaweed, or weedseed, as she calls it, than a bag of chips.

- Kim

Very Tasty!

I used to buy the seaweed snack from Costco and they also have these in Ranch 99. It's been years since I've enjoyed roasted seaweed. This was yummy. For the price, do wish it came with more seaweed as others have said.

- Maria

I'm turned

I wasn't a big fan of seaweed, but now.. this is GREAT.

- Bhamini


I was a little unsure of eating seaweed by itself. The only time I'd ever eaten it before was at a Luau in wet form, and I wasn't a fan.

This is a different seaweed altogether! They have a crispy, crinkly texture that is really fun to eat! (Not something I thought I'd ever say about a food!) They're nice and salty, so they're perfect for when I want to eat those chips that ruin my diet! I was also happy to find out that aside from tasting great, they have a good amount of fiber and protein. Perfect simple snack!

- Maureen Stewart

Too small! I wanted more.

The taste and texture of this seaweed is quite exceptional. Lightly salted, which you can eat on their own. Usually, seaweed is very salted and requires you to pair it with rice. The perfect crisp in these just left me wanting more. I would like each package to carry more of them. They are way too small.

- Kayla Murray

Even my kids love these

I love these, I think they are perfectly salted and delicious! I was hoping my kids would like them because they always get hungry before dinner then eat various snacks and then are too full for dinner. I was so excited to see that they loved these because they were light but were able to do the trick to tide them over until dinner without ruining their appetite! I definitely recommend!

- Bernadette

Yummy, uses sunflower seed oil!

My family loves seaweed snacks and I've been looking around for affordable dried seaweed that doesn't use canola oil. My son brought a pack home from school and I saw that they were not only organic but used sunflower seed oil instead! I have a membership and was so pleased to find them on the site. They're more than the non-organic brands, but the flavor, texture, and healthier ingredients definitely make it worth it. These were crispier and less greasy than the ones I've been buying and had just the right amount of salt. They make a delicious alternative to junk food chips and go great crumbled over stir fry.

- J. Duncan

Flavor is Amazing!

Amazingly delicious! Great for car rides! I have tried a few different seaweed snacks and the flavor is a little different with these ones. Different in a good way though- distinct.

Negative is that the pack will go stale quick once opened. A solution to this, when you are done eating them, put them in a zip-lock. If you eat the entire package (easy to do) you will be consuming 4 grams of fat. That may not be an issue for some but, it is for me. They are so, so addicting! You should buy more than one pack! Flavor wise, I'd give these a 5 star rating.

- Rachel Ramsey

Not for me.

If you like seaweed, you will probably enjoy this. This was the first time I've tried it, after reading about it's great nutritional benefits. There are perhaps a dozen thin sheets of it in this package. I was not a fan of the flavor, it was overpowering to me, but that's just a matter of opinion.

- Steve

Good stuff!

Just like the sesame seaweed snacks by gimMe, these are super tasty. I love them, my toddler loves them, and they don't use canola oil. Can't really beat that.

- Brandi

Was unsure, but they are great

Ive never had dried seaweed before, but i enjoy sushi every now and then.. Great little snack to have, I have an open bag next to my desk at work. so now when im wanting a little snack, instead of going for chocolate, i grab some seaweed.. takes the temptation away from other stuff.

- Nicole

My son eats these like candy!

We're curious to know how seaweed can be organic, but we're sooo glad it is. This stuff is delicious and great for you!

- Carlee

5 star

We love these snacks. Warning they are super spicy and very delicious. Best brand, and great value. My kids are begging for these in their lunches.

- Amanda


I Love these, but Im already very fond of seaweed. They are a nice, light, little snack.

- Toni


Nope, sorry, can't get all the way there with this seaweed. It may be healthy, but so are beets, and I can't eat beets either. Eating this seaweed feels like I'm eating really thin pieces of cardboard that have a nice crunch. I can't recommend these at any higher than three stars.

- Constance

Just have to adjust to the taste

My doctor put me on a low fat, low sugar diet and that included eliminating all unhealthy snack, especially Pringles, my favorite.

So I joined Thrive because it had much better deals than Vitacost, and I gave this seaweed a try. I love the toasted crunch flavor, and I'm kind of surprised that it's as light as it is. You hardly feel as if you've eaten anything, even when you're consuming five or six at a time.

- Colton H.

All natural snack

Seaweed doesn't sound like the most appetizing snack, but it's very healthy, low in fat and sugar, and has a crunch and lightness that's surprising. This brand uses a fantastic oil that adds flavor to the mix. I eat these instead of crackers and salty chips, and I'm about ready to try the other flavors in the gimMe family as well.

- Christine Hansen

no bad ingredients

This is a delicious snack that is healthy for you. It has no canola or corn oil in it. If you have had a lot of seaweed snacks in your time, you know it is not easy to find them without one of these oils in the ingredients.

Now that I have found these I buy them all the time, and they are at a great price from Thrive Market.

- Tawny Red

Don't let the look fool you

First look at these and you just might be afraid to give them a try. Don't let their green exterior scare you. They really taste good.

Roasted seaweed has an interesting taste, but these make both a great cracker replacement and a great chip replacement. The sea salt makes them curb your craving for salty foods.

- Mo Conroy

Great for Munching

Dried seaweed is definitely an acquired taste. I hated it when I started eating it, but after experimenting with quite a few brands to find something I like, I've found that I've started to like it more and more. The GimMe brand has been the most palatable for me. I love that it gives me something that's crunchy to munch on while pretty much having no calories. I can eat an entire package of these for 50 calories. It lets me eat something mindlessly while watching TV, and I find that that's a must for me in order to keep up with my healthy eating.

I love the price that Thrive has on these. I've never been able to find them for less than $3 a bag. I feel so much better indulging on a regular basis now.

- Gentela

Great flavor

I wasn't sure about these before I bought them but I am a sucker for crunchy things with sea salt. I had tried some seaweed snacks in the past, both good and bad.

I really like these and the price is pretty reasonable. They were the perfect amount of crunchy and salty and you'd never know they were made with seaweed!

- Cris Sheahan


I wasn't sure about roasted seaweed, but decided to try it out for its health benefits. It turned out to be delightfully delicious! While I like the sesame flavored ones too, I keep these on hand for when I want something a bit more mellow that won't clash with other flavors. It's also very natural - organic Seaweed, organic sunflower oil, and salt - you can't go wrong with that.

- Beth Greer

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