Organic Millet & Brown Rice Ramen

10 oz bag

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10 oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

Lotus Foods Organic Millet & Brown Rice Ramen gives those with a gluten intolerance the opportunity to slurp up tasty and flavorful noodles without consuming any wheat. This product is made with organic, gluten-free millet and hearty brown rice, giving it a bold and nutty taste—in addition to a good dose of fiber and protein—and they cook quickly.
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About This Brand

Established in 1995, Lotus Foods is a specialty rice company that has pioneered the introduction of exotic rice handcrafted on small family farms in remote areas of the world such as Bhutan, Bangladesh, and China, into the US market. Each rice varietal is distinguished by its terroir and treasured for its distinctive cooking quality, taste, texture, aroma, color, and nutritional value. Lotus Foods was founded with the intent and vision to support sustainable global agriculture by promoting production of traditional heirloom rice varieties, many of which may otherwise have become extinct, while enabling the small family rice farmer to earn an honorable living. Lotus Foods is the only US-based company with the unique vision and commitment to seek out small family rice farmers in developing countries and provide them a means of economic support through access to a global and sustainable marketplace economy.
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Organic Brown Rice Flour, Organic Millet, Organic White Rice Flour.

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Serving Size 1/2 piece (35g) Servings Per Container 8

Amount Per Serving

Calories 130 Calories from Fat 10

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 1.5g 2%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 24g 8%
Dietary Fiber 2g 7%
Sugars 0g
Protein 4g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 2%
Iron 6%

Reviews For Organic Millet & Brown Rice Ramen

Based on 48 Reviews


Simple review: They are delicious!

- Krystal

Ramen Addiction

I have a ramen addiction. Only in the past year have I truly made the effort to stop feeding myself food with preservatives. This helps me keep my ramen addiction and keeps me free of preservatives.

College style ramen addiction steps: Make 2 sunny side eggs. Boil one square of ramen, drain the water. Season and mix with cayenne pepper, dried red pepper flakes, onion powder and coconut aminos (all to taste). Combine everything and enjoy. SOOO good, thanks Thrive!

- Victoria

Good Ramen

This one is yummy and you can use any broth you make or buy...this is just the ramen noodles.

- Grace

A dream come true

High quality, wheat-free ramen that tastes delicious and has the right texture and cooks up wonderfully? You've found it! Thanks Thrive for introducing me to this item. I'm not sure what i did before i had these noodles on my shelf!

- Bonny

My favorite!

These are by far my favorite of the Lotus Foods Ramen Noodles. They are the perfect texture and flavor.

- Kourtney

Nice lunch

These cook up so quickly and easily...make a great side dish or put a few shrimp in and have a great lunch.

- Barbara


Love these noodles. They are super quick to prepare, easy easy. I am gluten free, soy free, so I can prepare these the way I like.

- Wendy Whitney

delicious hot or cold!

We use these for homemade pho but also discovered they make a delicious chilled noodle dish. So good!

- Jen

Too Spicy For Me!

I love the texture and the flavor, but I was not prepared for the spice! I will not be ordering this again, just because it was too spicy for my taste buds! I will be ordering the other two flavors, though!

- michelle

So satisfying!

I buy these noodles again and again, because they have such a great, light texture. They cook quickly, too, so I can steam up vegetables, warm some broth, and have a complete meal in 15-20 minutes. (Duck broth is my favorite.) Last time I made them I had more than needed, and to my surprise the texture didn't lose much appeal even two days later, which usually isn't true for just brown rice pasta. A bonus is the portioning: 4 distinct servings per bag.

- Susan


I LOVE these noodles..they are easy to prepare and taste delicious!!!!

- Adinah


These noodles to me are guilt free and fantastic. Short cook time and delicious (I used for Pad Thai and they are awesome)!!!

- JoAnn

The Best ever Ramen noodle

These are the best I have ever had and suggest everyone try them, your going to love them. An easy 3 minutes!!

- Pauline

Rice Ramen

Love this product simmered slowly in broth! Have had it before

- Elaine

Better than the wheat kind

My son is a typical kid and doesn't always like the healthier food choices. He always wanted to eat the white wheat version of ramen, which I wasn't happy about because it wasn't whole grain. I was super excited when I found these! Not only does my son like it, my husband says it tastes better than the wheat one. I am happy that it's whole grain, and I can eat it too because I'm gluten free.

- Gayla Brasel

Amazingly good and versatile!

These GF ramen noodles are shocking good! Being a former pasta snob, I didn't have high hopes for this, but since my recent celiacs diagnosis I've been looking for gluten free alternatives. Literally everyone in the family loved these...I cooked ours in veggie broth then drained and tossed with steamed veggies and homemade peanut good and quick too. A few things to be aware of...these ramen do not come with those little seasoning packets. They tend to stick tight on the ends of the noodle blocks so you might need a fork to loosen them as they cook. Also be aware not to overcook them (as you do with typical ramen) or they get gummy. I will be ordering these in bulk! Great hot or cold, too.

- Melissa


It should state Ramen noodles only. I was under the impression it was a Ramen kit with the flavor pack and the whole nine yards. It was good and I did my own thing but I was disappointed that there was no flavor packet.

- Sue

Organic Millet & Brown Rice Ramen

First time I tried these. Added to vegetables and chicken - delicious. Will buy again.

- Dorene

Better than Top Ramen

Happy to have found these noodles! Add some tasty broth, vegetables, and meat for a comforting soup on a rainy day.

- Eunora


I have to admit, even after reading other reviews, I was very skeptical about this product. But it is AMAZING, and soothes my craving for ramen noodles, since I cannot (and should not) eat the Korean ramen noodle soup packages sold at my local Korean market. The texture and taste is perfect, and goes well with any type of soup base that I throw them into. I followed other people's advice and followed the cooking instructions to the letter. No sticking, no gooping...just perfect ramen noodles. Thank you!

- Kim

Wish Thrive carried more variteties

It's nice for us GF people to have Ramen options. I love the flavor of all of these, but wish you carried the Buckwheat Mushroom.

- Liz Aguilar

I love this stuff!

So you make or buy broth, steam a few vegetables in it, cook these light and satisfying noodles separately, and then serve both together. Adorn the ramen bowl with slivered spring onions, cilantro, sesame seeds, hot sesame oil, seaweed...or whatever else you have around, and voila! The dried noodles come 4 servings to a pack, so it's easy to know how much to cook, and they only take about 10 minutes to prepare. In my kitchen these are a staple; they help me make fast, easy, delicious, and nutritious meals.

- Susan

I love it !!!

I love it !!!

- Akvile

Yay for gluten free ramen!

Make my own ramen noodle soup with this. So yummy and I add low sodium broth, dehydrated vegetables, chicken, and seasoning to taste. A little extra work but so worth it!

- Marla


It's a challenge to find organic, gluten free pasta, this one's a winner! I was buying another brand on Amazon and this one is cheaper by far, without skimping on quality. Cooks just like the highly processed wheat based ramen and has a good texture. Add your own flavor, some veggies or protein and you've got a quick easy meal! This will be on my list every month!

- Mary Ellen

Healthy Ramen Noodles

Very healthy ramen noodles to add your own veggies and meat to along with whatever spices or sauce you want to make.

- Jean

Keeping these on hand ALWAYS!

It has been forever since I Have had ramen and let me tell you, while these are not exactly the same as the stuff you can buy at most grocery store, they get the job done. The noodles do break up easily if you over cook them but they are all going to end up in your belly anyways because they are so good. I cook mine in chicken stock to add some flavor and you can add just about anything to your ramen, leftovers work great. I usually have leftover chicken lying around from a previous nights dinner so I almost always add that, you can crack an egg into it and scramble that in, and I also like to add things like sauteed garlic and edamame to it. I also like to garnish with some green onion but the list goes on and on with what you can do to make this your own. I definitely recommend trying it, for the price you can't beat it and it comes with 4 compressed noodle packs so you technically have 4 easy meals for under $5!

- Samantha


I love,love,LOVE Ramen, and I was looking for a gluten free alternative. Eureka! I have found it. These are delicious, I highly recommend!

- Susan


Love these

- Malinda Smith

Noodles only!

If you read carefully, this item is noodles only. If you want to use it as a quick lunch option you will have to also prepare your own broth. I didnt think they were anything special. One serving is half a square of the four individual cakes.

- Tia

just ok

A bit bland, but what do you expect from ramen noodles without a flavor packet of chemicals? I added some veggies, egg, and coconut aminos and they were decent.

- Katie


I bought these for my kids who are gluten-free. They love them in a bowl of beef broth with scallions and tofu thrown in, plus a dash of tamari and sesame oil. It's a perfect after-school snack. I had some the other day and I'm totally hooked. These ramen noodles are REMARKABLY delicious and have an excellent texture.

- P Penny

Ramen Lovers Rejoice! Much Healthier Alternative.

I am so thankful to have discovered these! Before finding these I would still get cravings for the unhealthy original ramen noodles even though I know how unhealthy they are. Plus I really can't say what ingredients are in the old version I use to consume. I can now say goodbye unhealthy ramen noodle cravings I have found a MUCH BETTER alternative. There are TWO ingredients in these!! It's great. I know exactly what I am eating. I like to change the spices I add. Their are so many ways to flavor these.

- Jillian

Don't ever stop carrying these!

Hands down the closest to "real" ramen noodles I have ever found having to be wheat-free for over 20 yrs. Takes a little extra effort to make and you really do have to boil them in a pan of water (tried to microwave the first time. It was disastrous). Just use a fork to break it up little by little as it boils. I now make my own soup using dehydrated vegetables, chicken/turkey, no-salt bullion and a little season salt to taste or the juices from a rotisserie chicken if I have it. Much healthier and lots less sodium. Mmmmm!

- Marla


I cooked according to directions and it was perfect. Made my own soup with miso paste, onions, shiitakes, and wakame seaweed and it was just as good as anything I've had in a restaurant! So happy I won't have to go out for a good hot bowl of ramen this winter!

- Michaela


I love these noodle and buy them in the store. I was excited when I found them on Thrive. Unfortunately, there is no seasoning packet! What is the purpose of Ramen without the seasoning?

- Renee

Lotus Foods Organic Millet & Brown Rice Ramen

These are delicious...and so easy to cook. I wish Thrive
would sell the black noodles and Jade new favorite...

- Carleen


I love these noodles - quick, easy, versatile & nutritious. 4 minutes to cook.

- Ethan

Love them!

I love them in soup. I have not tried them any other way but I have used them many times in soup.

- Monica

I Can't Believe Ramen Is Healthy!

Not long ago I was in college and Ramen was my best friend. Now I'm all grown up, with a real job, and I don't eat that way any longer.

When I came across this Millet and Brown Rice Ramen on Thrive Market, I was very excited. I could use these noodles in soup, with stir fry and as a pasta dish.

So happy I stumbled upon my old friend with a great new taste and a better price! You are awesome Thrive!

- Virginia H

Takes a little work

Lotus makes great products, but the first time I tried these I though they were kind of gross. It was suggested that I try soaking them overnight in cold water and then rinse before frying or heating up.

This worked well and they tasted much better. They also seemed far more versatile this way too.

- Jacky Goe

Sodium-Free Ramen

I absolutely love the taste of ramen, but after my doctor told me I had high blood pressure, I had to cut down on my sodium, and have you seen the sodium levels on most cheap ramen? It's insane! I did a quick search on Thrive to see what healthier alternatives I could find, and this came up.

They have a really nice taste, but they definitely taste different than the cheap types of ramen. I'm not too fond of the Red Miso type of flavoring that's included, so I substitute one of the seasoning packets from the cheap ramen, and it's pretty much perfect. I've found that letting the noodles soak a bit longer in the pot after it finishes cooking seems to produce the best taste.

- Kassidy E.

Not your average ramen

I am used to the super cheap ramen, this is much different than that. I think it's good, but it takes some getting used to.

I am not much of a fan of the flavors they use and I find myself always adding something to it, whether it's meat, vegetables or some kind of seasoning.

- Kelly B

Yay Ramen!

I was sad when I had to go gluten-free and couldn't eat those cheap packets of ramen noodles anymore. But then I discovered these and I was happy as a clam! This ramen is so much healthier and I can add all my own goodies to the mix to make a tasty ramen meal.

My favorite additions? Coconut sauce, snow peas and chicken breast. Delicious!

- Vella Sheedy

Lots of clumps in mine

I followed the directions on these noodles, but they came out clumped and hard. I'm not sure if it's the water or maybe you have to take them out a minute early to avoid overcooking.

They weren't bad, and the miso was actually really good, but I have to figure out how to keep them from clumping.

- Hailey Firenze

Better than top ramen by far

Yes, they're more expensive than Top Ramen, but for the nutrition and taste, Lotus noodles are so much better.

The trick is to use the right amount of water, and stir the noodles so they don't clump up. You can use the red miso, or spice it up with your own choices. I like adding an organic peanut sauce and chicken breast to the noodles for an awesome Thai dish.

- Holly

Follow the instructions

Great, healthy noodles that taste moist and flavorful without the added fat. But you really need to read the instructions to get the best results. I tried to go my own way the first time, and ended up with clumpy, hard noodles.

You can leave them sitting for a few extra minutes before you eat, though, and the noodles still stay moist and delicious, especially with the red miso packet.

- Hubert Farmer

Almost as good as the real thing!

The noodles are springy and chewy and taste like a pretty decent quality eggy ramen noodle. No, they're not a 1 to 1 replacement for a traditional ramen noodle but they're very good and have a very good taste and texture.

- T. Bradt

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