Blender Bomb, Aloe & Irish Sea MossBlender Bomb, Aloe & Irish Sea Moss856990008003Each Blender Bomb is gluten-free and completely plant-based. The Aloe & Collagen Blender Bomb is packed with superfood ingredients, including: (1) aloe which can contribute to healthy digestion and (2) plant-based collagen (sea moss) promotes youthful skin, healthy hair, and stronger finger nails.10 bombs (31g each)
costly - by these are good but a little bit too expensive
A good step towards better eating - by These don't really add any flavor (good or bad) to my typical fruit and nut milk smoothies, but I feel virtuous adding aloe, sea moss, and other beneficial ingredients. Easy to use, shelf-stable, individually wrapped are all a plus, but these are a little pricey to rationalize everyday use.
The Best! - by Love these as an addition to any smoothie! Huge fan of all blender bomb flavors, but I love this one because it helps clear up my skin.
Good but prefer other flavors - by If you’re a big smoothie person, definitely recommend trying out blender bombs. Great to have on hand instead of adding in chia seeds, flax, etc. I prefer some of the other flavors more than this one.
my favorite - by this is the best flavor! truly enhances my smoothies and adds more sustenance. big fan of blender bombs.
Blender Bombs
Blender Bombs

Blender Bomb, Aloe & Irish Sea Moss

10 bombs (31g each)$2.20/each
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