Superfood Green PenneSuperfood Green Penne850406004122Cybele's Free to Eat delicious superfood veggie pasta is high in protein (up to 25 grams), has more than one full serving of veggies, twice the fiber of traditional pasta, and is packed full of plant-based nutrients. Easy to make and versatile for a variety of dishes, with your favorite sauce, or without, in pasta salad or casseroles - the options are endless!8 oz box
Awful - by I was hoping to like the flavor of this since I didn’t mind the vegetables in it and nope. By itself, it tastes like really bad matcha. Even after adding the tomato sauce, I could still taste the pasta through it. Threw my food out. The only decent thing about this was the texture.
Penne - by Good pasta
Weird - by Weird it’s green but good for the high veggie content
Packed with protein, tasty! - by This brand of pasta is my absolute favorite. Only ingredients are veggies and lentils. A pasta I feel good about eating, actually adds nutritional value to the meal without compromising on flavor!
Superfood Green Penne - by This has become my go to for pasta!
Cybele's Free to Eat
Cybele's Free to Eat

Superfood Green Penne

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