Choose Your Own Chocolate BarsChoose Your Own Chocolate Barschoose_goodsambarsTake your pick from these GoodSam sugar-free chocolate bars to create your perfect 6-pack: classic dark chocolate made with organic Colombian cacao, salt nibs (for extra crunch), and mint chocolate (for a refreshing treat).Choose 6 bars
Not-so-good ARTIFICIALLY SWEETENED chocolate - by Thanks, but No-thanks for the horrible free "gift" you sent. Didn't read the small print that mentioned an artificial sweetener of which I'd never heard. "No sugar" should have been a clue. Never use artificial sweeteners and can always detect them. Hateful experience.
Tasty - by I disagree with the other reviewer about the mint bar tasting artificial. It tasted great and the chocolate was very smooth. Good for putting one square in your mouth and letting it melt. I had a slight tummy ache after eating this. Mind you, I shouldn't have had as much chocolate as I did, but I typically don't get stomach aches. That's where I think the allulose comes in. Sugar alcohols do that to me and I didn't realize it was a sugar alcohol because the last 3 letters weren't "tol" which is typical of sugar alcohols.
Bad aftertaste - by I didn't love these. I've used and liked allulose in homemade ice cream since it doesn't have much of a taste to me, but the regular dark chocolate and salted dark chocolate have a very strong artificial aftertaste. My husband liked it, though. The mint was just okay and the most edible. The texture was great, though.

Choose Your Own Chocolate Bars

Choose 6 bars
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