Mighty Patch, Invisible +Mighty Patch, Invisible +864475000442Keep living your life when breakouts happen. The ultra-thin Mighty Patch Invisible+ is stealthier than the original Mighty Patch (but just as strong) so you can wear it during the day to heal your acne fast. Seamlessly tapered edges and a clear matte finish make it virtually undetectable. Bonus — it helps you keep your hands off the pimple, so you aren’t tempted to squeeze or pick. Let’s see old-school spot treatments do that.39 ct
Soooo trusty and reliable - by Love!!!
Amazing - by They work
lifesavers - by These work so well on pesky pimples that have come to a head/ popped pimples. They draw the moisture out of the pimple, so the inflammation goes down overnight. They really are a lifesaver.
great - by Works great
Great for white heads specifically - by I've heard great things about this brand - especially when using it with white heads. For me, I don't tend to get white heads (usually under the skin blemishes) so I didn't notice some crazy thing that it pulled out but the blemish stayed small so I'll call that a win!
Hero Cosmetics
Hero Cosmetics

Mighty Patch, Invisible +

39 ct$0.46/patch