Wakame & Brown Rice Ramen with Vegetable BrothWakame & Brown Rice Ramen with Vegetable Broth708953601052Slurp up your favorite Japanese-style noodles without having to worry about the gluten! Lotus Foods’ game-changing ramen is made from omega 3-rich wakame seaweed and whole grain brown rice instead of wheat. These quick-cook rice noodles soften up instantly and taste unbelievable when dunked in the savory Indian-style veggie broth. And here’s the best part: each bowl has 50% less sodium than regular ramen soup. Plus, it’s ready to eat in just 4 minutes!2.8 oz pouch
Not for me - by Didn’t like this flavor
Love this soup! - by My favorite part about this soup is all the noodles! Also good is knowing they are gluten free!
Odd taste - by These, for us, were not very good.
One of my favorites - by This and the mushroom one are my favorites. Great for a winter day.
Not for me - by Couldn’t get the noodles to Cook properly. Not for us. Flavor was off too
Lotus Foods
Lotus Foods

Wakame & Brown Rice Ramen with Vegetable Broth

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