Shakshuka SauceShakshuka Sauce852955007005There are a dozen reasons to love Shakshuka Sauce but one of best ways is the traditional Moroccan dish that features poached eggs with a side of crispy bread. Mina makes it easy to make a home with this tomato mix that’s already prepared for you. Just heat up, add eggs, and enjoy. Also great for pasta, stew, or to use as the base of a pizza.16 oz jar
Spices Too Sweet - by I am just not a big fan of so much cinnamon/sweet flavor. I know that’s a distinction for this sauce, but still…cinnamon and eggs are not my thing. If you like this blend, then this sauce will be good for you. Others love it. I don’t.
Perfect! - by I use as an alternative to boring tomato sauce as well as for enjoying with healthy chips or pretzels.
Great shortcut - by I usually prefer to make my own Shakshuka sauce, but when I don't have energy, this is a good substitute. I like more onions in mine, so sometimes I'll add that, but otherwise this is delicious!
Not spicy, but yummy! - by Very good starter sauce for breakfast.
Very Good - by We ate this for breakfast yesterday. Heated it up with an extra can of diced tomatoes and put eggs on the top. Ate with Pita, very good. Will be buying again for a fast, delicious meal.

Shakshuka Sauce

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