Fettuccine Shirataki NoodlesFettuccine Shirataki Noodles853237003012Pasta with 5 calories and 3 grams of carbs? It's a miracle! Shirataki noodles are made with fiber-packed glucomannan starch, meaning you won't feel the dreaded post-pasta bloat and fatigue you may typically feel. Just add organic tomato sauce and some fresh, low-starch veggies, and buon appetito! Miracle Noodle's Fettuccine has a flat texture that deliciously teams up with tomato, meat, or creamy sauces alike.7 oz pouch
A waste of money - by Awful. No taste. Chewy like rubber. Had I known this was from china I wouldn’t have bought it.
love it - by doesn't smell. best taste of other brands. buying more
Great with sesame oil - by We’ve been watching our carbs. This is a great alternative!
Chewy? - by So, the flavor is nothing. The sauce sticks nicely. All and all these are good. My only thing is texture. The texture on these are a little chewy. Kind of like chewing on a rubber band. Now that I know what to expect we will cook them differently and possibly get rid of that texture.
Easy. - by These are good and easy to use.
Miracle Noodle
Miracle Noodle

Fettuccine Shirataki Noodles

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