100% Wool Dryer Balls100% Wool Dryer Balls852835006029Who needs toxic fabric softeners when there's Molly’s Suds 100% hand-felted Wool Dryer Balls? They naturally soften fabrics––up to 1,000 loads/ three years––in the dryer, and reduce drying time by 15-30%. Sourced from humanely sheared sheep, Molly's Suds Wool Dryer Balls are compostable and antimicrobial. Safe for all dryers and all laundry including towels, comforters, clothing, baby laundry, delicates and cloth diapers. Note: Because the wool doesn't coat the fibers of fabrics with toxins like conventional fabric softeners do, there may be static cling. To combat some of the static, try these tips: - Add 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar to your rinse cycle, in place of fabric softener in the cup - Add 2-3 extra large safety pins to old socks and keep them in the dryer; the metal helps break static bonds. - After about 3-5 minutes of dryer time, pull out fleece, sweat pants, and workout apparel to air dry, while continuing to dry the fabrics that do not create static. Almost 90% of the time, static is caused by fleece and other synthetic fibers, like rayon, microfiber, fleece, polyester, and “blends”.3 each
Dryer Balls - by Use all the time when doing laundry. Replaces dryer sheets
dryer balls - by makes thumping noise in dryer
These! - by First time using dryer balls and never go back, these are great!
dryer balls - by absolutely love these! pillows and blankets are fluffier and its so nice being able to add an essential oil I'm not sensitive to. I put a drop of ylang ylang on each ball and the laundry smells divine.
Bye Bye chemical dryer sheets! - by This are my fav a few drops of Dottera oil and pop in the dryer.
Molly's Suds
Molly's Suds

100% Wool Dryer Balls

3 each
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