Sex DustSex Dust815784020928Moon Juice Sex Dust is an adaptogenic blend of super-herbs and Shatavari believed to fuel creative energy and increase vitalityin and out of the bedroom. It may also support the body during times of stress and help increase resistance to fatigue. The formula contains organic extracts which may also help support male reproductive health. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.1.5 oz jar
Great quality - by This definitely impacts hormone balance! Good flavor, blends in really well with my coffee in the morning.
Doesn’t taste great - by I wanted to love this but I couldn’t get over the flavor. It was just off putting.
It works - by I had read some reviews before purchasing this. I didn’t see anything different at first but after few doses in my coffee I noticed some change to my body response. It did not change anything in my mood. It did not create desire. As far as taste, I prefer to add it to my morning shake as it tastes better cold then in my coffee.
A must-have! - by Tastes amazing and blends into a great hot cocoa
Surprisingly works, - by This taste reminds me of a reshi Rebel drink so I was already familiar with this kind of flavor. Not my favorite but it's ok if you like earthy, umami taste. I've had it in coffee and (black, strong herbal) tea, so far my best concoction is any strong drink with sweet creamer. Drink and sugar aren't enough to balance out the strong earthy taste. I will say, after two days with this in my morning drink, my libido has not been affected but I feel sharp as a tack at work! I have ADHD and I'm taking lower dosage of medicine than usual, this makes me feel like I am thinking "normal" again. This drink makes me feel alert and focused for most of my 8 hour shift, I couldn't believe it. I give it four stars because of how good I feel, despite the funky taste. I also haven't seen an increase in my drive but may change over time.
Moon Juice
Moon Juice

Sex Dust

1.5 oz jar